The Power Of Beliefs

October 31, 2006

There’s one book which really inspired me about 2 years ago and is still has its influence on me and is by our very own local writer and motivational speaker, Adam Khoo and that is “Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny”.

I was just browsing the book today to just refresh my mind about the tips that Adam Khoo offers and it really sets me thinking about the beliefs that I have about myself and others.

Well, beliefs can influence and empower people to achieve greater things and though these beliefs normally do motivate us towards our goals but there are limiting beliefs that hinder our success.

Limiting beliefs, for example “I’m stupid”, “I can’t score good results so why bother?”, cause us to belittle our strengths and ability. These limiting beliefs are created by our experiences and even by the people around us. Friends or parents who pass comments like, “Why can’t you be smarter?” or “Why can’t you be like your capable brother?” are what spark off the development of such limiting beliefs and there may be evidences such as poorer academic results that reinforce these comments

Beware my friend, if you are often thinking negative thoughts about yourself, or even your family because when it becomes worse, you may develop negative schemas or views of this world and this can result in depression in the long run.

Ever heard of self-fulfilling prophecies? Beliefs can cause us to live lives that we do not desire. Well, erroneous beliefs that we may have about ourselves can cause us to behave in a certain way and because we behave in a certain way, it results in a certain outcome which we may initially have feared of.

So don’t forget this, beliefs are what we think and feel about ourselves and the world we live in and they determine what we expect from ourselves and ultimately how we perform. If you wish to be someone great, successful, capable, smart and creative, think that you are and believe that you are! Once you start thinking that you are a successful, capable and smart man/woman, you will think and behave like one and before you know it, you are one!

So change the way you think and let it be your first step to becoming the person you truly desire!

How To Stop Procrastinating

October 29, 2006

Have you ever had this guilty feeling when you are enjoying yourself and pushing back things you have to do? I have.

I think we are all guilty of procrastination. We keep finding other things to do and avoid completing things that are more important and urgent and leaving them to the very last minute.

I am always trying to complete my assignments on time and always seem to only do them 1 day before or just the night before. I’ll burn the midnight oil and complete them. The funny thing is, I was given the assignment 1 month ago? Why did I choose to leave it to the night before?

That’s the power of procrastination. The art of finding other more enjoyable things to do, rather than completing something we have to do as soon as possible. The human nature is like that, we like to do, eat, experience things that we like and try to avoid something we don’t like as quick as we can. And procrastination hinders our success because it prevents us from doing the things that may ensure or result in our success.

Hence, I began to think and decided to change my ways where I did those pressing and important assignments first before indulging in a night out with my friends. I realized that I’d rather enjoy my favorite activities guilt-free after completing those assignments that I have to do than to rush them the night before and surprisingly it’s more gratifying.

So I’d recommend that you try it too and change.

Here are some ways which motivated me:

  1. Writing a To Do list every morning and sticking it somewhere prominent.
  2. Getting friends to join me in completing the important assignment together. It’s more enjoyable!
  3. Writing a rewards list à compiling of things to do after completing the assignment
  4. Coming up with a day schedule of what to do, at what time.
  5. Try to get people around you to NAG at you to complete your assignment.

I bet you can come up with better ways to counter procrastination. Why don’t share it with me by leaving your comments in the blog? Hear from you!

Remember to stop procrastinating and get down to doing the things that you have to do! Because procrastination hinders your success!

10 Skills for Getting the SUCCESS YOU WANT! (Part 4)

October 27, 2006

Today is the final part of 10 Skills For Getting the Success You Want! And I hope that the past few blog posts have been good and you have started applying the skills already.

We’ll continue with skill 8.

# 8 Shielding Your Dream

Just like where we left off from skill 7 yesterday, you have to make sure that you remain committed to your outcome. You are bound to face cynics, criticism or even backlashes but no matter what, you have to shield your dream. You need to keep your dream alive and not be influenced by negative comments or even people around you.

Remember your co-dreamers or people you get to dream with you? You need to continually support each other and back each other. As you may likely shield them from other people’s criticisms and comments, your dream team will be shielded by your dream.

Your dream will keep you afloat and push you on to greater heights.

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10 Skills for Getting the SUCCESS YOU WANT! (Part 3)

October 23, 2006

We have learnt 4 skills so far and today, I’m going to share with you the 5th, 6th and 7th. Remember I talked about how to use different gears of learning? Well, the 5th skill is similar and that is:

#5 Using Other’s Expertise

It is often that we don’t know enough to call ourselves and expert and sometimes, we always waste time trying to find answers which we think, we’ll never be able to find. There are experts available around us, be them our professors, our bosses, teachers or even some guru over the internet. They are around us and we can always seek answers and help from these people around. These experts know their stuff and we have to learn from them in order to improve our knowledge and understanding.

We need to change to gear 1 and learn from the leader and ask them questions which we don’t know how to answer in order to learn.

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10 Skills for Getting the SUCCESS YOU WANT! (Part 2)

October 21, 2006

Being able to dream is important because it is through dreaming that you can create your goals and have an idea of what you want success to be like, to feel like.

That is the 3rd skill to achieving success.


What are your dreams now? What are your ambitions? If you don’t have any, you are not alone. Many have been forced to eradicate their dreams because of society and its expectations. However, I encourage you to create your dream and live it.

You need to be able to find out what your dreams are and what kind of success you want and be able to live the life that leads you to your dream. Let’s say you want to be the best basketball player in town, then you have to live like the greatest basketball player, train everyday, practice shooting hoops and run miles. Whatever your dream is, it’s important that you seek to achieve it and not let it just be an imagination.

#4 Find Support

Don’t think that your dream is impossible or that it is ridiculous. Nothing is. This is where you have to find people who share the same goal/dream as you do. This is because they will be the ones who will be supporting you when you lose sight of your dream and they will motivate you to achieving your dream. Your success will be influenced by them because remember that I said, you’re bound to face failures at times? Well, these people will encourage you and it’s important for you to make sure that they dream together with you and seek to achieve together with you.

Let them be your loved ones, your best friends, your business partners or even your neighbour. Whoever is willing to listen, share your dream with them and see if they can co-dream with you.

Now that you know the importance of dreams, don’t be afraid to daydream in class, at work or even while you’re busy preparing dinner.

Continually dream and make them come true. Well, when a person wishes you at an occasion such as your birthday, ” I hope all your dreams will come true”, tell them confidently, “I know they will” and be encouraged to make them your co-dreamer as well.

The next 2 skills will be posted tomorrow again. In the meantime, do remember to apply what you have learnt to ensure your success in whatever you do.

10 Skills for Getting the SUCCESS YOU WANT! (Part 1)

October 19, 2006

Everyone wants to be successful in whatever they do. Students want to be successful in their academics where they obtain the best grades, working professionals want to achieve success which are determined by promotions and pay raises, even parents want to be successful in parenting where they want to educate their children and hopefully see them grow up to be conscientious, good and well, successful individuals.

But there are skills which you need in order for you to continuously achieve the success you want. These skills do not ensure that you do not encounter failures but at least, they guarantee that you are on the path of success.

In this 4 part series, I’m going to share with you what these 10 skills are and as I reveal them to you through the next few blog posts, I hope that you’ll learn to apply them as soon as possible in order for you to start you off on your journey of success.


Just like how the name states, it is to file your success. If you’re wondering what I mean by that, well, that is to remember, to note down or to file the incidents where you enjoyed success. It’s often when I ask people, “what are your achievements?” or “what are you good at?” and they get stumped when I ask them to list 20 incidents where they were successful or they achieved something. Most are able to provide me with at most 5 items.

It is important that you remember the occasions where you are successful. Be it to successfully take a scary rollercoaster ride even though you are scared of heights or to successfully finish a course of medication over a month. Little successes when remembered actually help you to go a long way because you realize that you are capable of success or achieving something for yourself or even for others.

Remembering success boosts our confidence which is the key element needed to ensure our success. And having a confidence ensures a good start to our success. As the saying goes, a good start is half the battle won.

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What Is Your Definition Of Success

October 18, 2006

People have differing opinions about success. How about you? Some define success as accumulating for themselves abundance of wealth. Some define it as marrying a pretty wife. Some define it as being happy with what you do.

With so many definitions, how do we know which is the most accurate indicator to measure our very own success. And with so many differing opinions, how can we adjust our path towards achieving success?

My conclusion is that success has just as many faces as any other possible theme, depending on the society in which it is measured, and the character of the person who measures it.

Wrongfully, many people equate success with wealth. Very often, people are judged to be “successful” just because they drive luxurious cars and live in big houses .They envy those who live their lives in abundance of wealth. And they forget to just do the simplest thing in the world: turn inside and analyze what it is that they really like.

There’s really no universal measure of success I feel as it really up to the individual. However, I do have my own indicators of my very own success. Its not necessarily right, and you may disagree. But its my own measure.

Firstly, I deem having the ability to make a positive difference as an indicator of one’s success. To me, nothing beats being able to add value in others and changing other’s lives for the better. The immense satisfaction I derive from that gratitude earned from others is overwhelming and rewarding.

Success is also in line with happiness. I feel that its only when you are able to find satisfaction with what you’re doing and don’t dread facing every new day that you are really successful.

Lastly, I equate success to being able to discover our purpose and mission on earth and having the ability to follow it. It has got to do with making full use of the talents and skills God has presented us with and letting God work through us.

So what is your definition of success? And what are you doing to achieve it? And if you’re not doing anything, what’s stopping you?

I certainly hope you uncover your definition of success soon and may you achieve the success that you desire.

What? Calvin, you’re 22 and starting a blog? Get a life pls..

October 17, 2006

Yeah.. That’s what I intend to do.. Get A Life.. And in the process.. I’ve decided to share with you more about my life. You can click on the ‘about me’ button above to find out more about me.

Well firstly, welcome to my blog! And thanks for bothering to read my first post! As this is a welcome message, it is constantly updated.

So what is this blog abt and what can my readers expect? If you’re expecting pictures of beautiful woman.. sorry but this might not be the right place for you (though I’m not ruling out the possibility) haha.. ok maybe on a more serious note..

I’ve decided to start this blog so as to share with ppl abt various life and wealth philosophies that I’ve come across.. Hence, I hope that through this blog I’ll be able to share my insights on personal development, wealth building, entrepreneurship and marketing.

As the tagline says, it is hoped that you’ll be able to achieve your dreams, success, goals and create online income streams at The Insights Of Calvin Woon.

If you happen to come to my site after reading my eBook “7 Ways to Earn Money Online”, this blog will also help you build up on your knowledge in the area of internet marketing. And pls leave a comment after u read my eBook! I’ll love to listen to your comments.

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Remember, if you want to provide a better life for not only yourself, but your loved ones, you’ve got to take action right now! Every minute that you procrastinate is effectively delaying the time that you get to achieve your goals and dreams..

Learning is indeed a lifelong learning experience. Thus I hope to shall with you my learning experiences and I hope I am able to make a difference in your life.

Yes, this blog is about dreams and goals.. Not about unrealized ones.. but about how to go about realizing them.. Not about my dreams. But YOUR dreams.

I would love to hear your comments. So feel free to leave them before you go & Be sure to check back for updates!

God Bless,