First the SideBar, And Now the Comments Too?

March 1, 2007

Time to destress! After days of studying and rushing project deadlines, pls allow me to depict the battle I had with WordPress!

A few days ago, I ranted about the problem I had with my sidebar. After an epic battle withWordpress, I finally solved the problem. Turns out not only did my oversized pics contributed to it, the ‘Brian Threaded Comments’ plugin which I was using was the main contribution factor.

Previously I was using the Regulus theme, which is largely common among bloggers. However, as I wanted a new look, I switched to the current theme I was using. Didn’t face any problems with Regulus. However, apparently the¬† Brian Threaded Comments’ plugin would make the comments section¬† oversized in the new theme and hence cause my sidebar to go to the bottom.

Funny thing is, only IE posed the problem. And as mentioned, as I was using Mozilla all along, I never knew the problem existed.
How did I find out it was the plugin that was the culprit?

Well, I was certainly bewildered when I realized that my sidebar appeared at the bottom only at those pages of individual posts which had comments. Hence, I decided to de-activate that plugin and Voila! My sidebar resumed it’s normal position!

However, determined not to be undone by a small little plugin, I decided to solve the mystery.

Looked through the CSS of the plugin and tried to resize the comments box size. And TADA! I won the battle over the plugin!

Woohoo.. Spent a huge amount of time on it and man, was I satisfied with myself!

Thereafter, I decided to use IE and went around blogs to see if anyone faced the same probs as me..

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