Ewen Chia of Autopilot Profits On Sunday Times!

April 30, 2007

Super affiliate Ewen Chia of the Autopilot Profits have been featured on Singapore’s most popular English daily, the Sunday times. The article was placed in the ‘Me & My Money’ Section, whereby wealthy people are being interviewed each week on their money, investment and financial planning habits. This is one of my favourite sections in the Sunday Times as I get to pick up several useful millionaires’ habits.


Ewen Chia On Sunday Times


Nonetheless, the people who have been featured are mostly CEOs, investors, real estate agents and financial planners. Hence, for an Internet Millionaire to be featured, its really a first of its kind. This just goes to show that people (especially Singaporeans) are slowly beginning to be exposed to internet marketing and how the Internet can be used a platform for any business or individuals to market their products and services in this new media age.

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World Internet Mega Summit from 26th-29th May In Singapore!

April 30, 2007

In case you haven’t heard of the World Internet Mega Summit that is going to take place in Singapore on the 26th-29th May, you are definitely missing out! The value that you will be receiving from this event certainly exceeds the price of a ticket many times over.


World Internet Summit



A ticket to last year’s World Internet Summit cost well over $1000. But this year, there’s a massive early bird discount due to the increase in attendees that they allow. But do not be mistaken by the low price they are offering.

Just check out the credentials and profile of the star-studded team of speakers lined up for this event. Super Affiliate Ewen Chia, Strategy and Product Creation Expert Stephen Pierce, Viral Marketing Expert Mike Filsaime & Google Adsense Expert Joel Comm.

That’s not all! How about Jay Abraham? Who’s undoubtedly the most renowned and sought after marketing genius, dubbed as the Godfather of Direct Marketing.

And there’s also…..

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Full Time Internet Marketer for 3 Months!

April 29, 2007

YiPeEeEe…. This blog is back and alive n kickin!!!! Cos my exams are over!! Phew… What a relief.. These two weeks have been really tough for me, as I tried my best to restrain from using my laptop too much due to exams. Hence, that explains the severe lack of posts on this blog.

But glad to announce that my exams are officially over! Which also means a lengthy summer hols of 3 and 1/2 months! WoOoHoo.. Up till now I’m still amazed at how long the Uni hols can be. The last summer hols I had in Year 1, there was the World Cup to occupy my time. Also worked as a tele-surveyor at a marketing research company and that was when I realized how much companies are willing to spend on market research.

I was paid $8.50 per survey done and earned $2300 in a month. (minus weekends and my Bangkok trip) My fellow colleague from my school earned $3500 within the same time frame! Unbelievable if you asked me. Nonetheless, that was certainly a humbling experience as I almost literally begged people to do surveys on the phone. And each survey lasted for around 15 mins. Not to mention there were countless rejects and several nasty respondents as well.

Hence, I learnt to deal with rejection and was soon immune to them. Trust me, you will learn to be immune to them as on average, I get rejected 20 plus times before getting a successful survey done. I also learnt how to deal with people with a foul temper and how to remain my cool regardless of how terrible the situation is. I’m not kidding when I say I developed a slight phobia even to answering normal phone calls back then.

Nonetheless, this summer hols, I don’t have to go through that ordeal again. It feels great to know that while most of my peers will be going on various internships, I will be embarking on something more exciting and rewarding. Yes, full time internet marketing! And this further strengthens my commitment to building a successful business even before I graduate.

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5 Reasons Why I Blog

April 21, 2007

Yet another long overdue blog meme I’ve been tagged on. After a week of mugging (supposedly), I’ve decided to de-stress by blogging! Haha.. guess I just revealed one of the reasons why I blog.

This time round, Ive been tagged by my friend Alex over at his Insights of Self Help & Personal Development Blog. The topic: 5 Reasons Why I Blog.

Honestly, I’ve never given much thought about this. Though in the past, when blogs were fast gaining popularity, I could easily produce 10 reasons why I didn’t blog. I’ve always thought that I sucked at writing, noone would bother to read my blog, my life was too boring.. etc etc..

But now, ever since I’ve started blogging in late last year, I simply can’t stop. (dun be mistaken by the lack of sincerity due to the lack of posts.) I’ve grown to love blogging. in fact, even if noone is reading my blog, I don’t mind! And I will still blog on as I enjoy reading my blog posts personally.

So having to think of the 5 reasons of why I blog shouldn’t be too big a problem. So here goes!

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7 Effective Techniques For Time Management

April 13, 2007

Today marks the last day of lessons for this sch sem! Finally all my project deadlines and presentations are over.. Really a sigh of relief for me.. But not time to enjoy and relax though.. As it also signals the start of the study week.. Meaning to say my exams start in one week’s time! Time to panic for some.. But for me, I don’t have the habit of panicking b4 exams..

Nonetheless, this calls for effective management of my time so as to maximize my study week in preparation for my exams.

Have been listening to Dan Lok from Outsource & Delegate and he happens to talk about the 9 time management techniques that he uses. Dan is one of the most highly sought after business consultants on the Internet. Patricia also posted a time management post over at her blog too.. Hence, shall share some of the time management techniques that I learnt.

7 Effective Techniques For Time Management

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Simply Successful Secrets

April 8, 2007

I was tagged by my friend Kian Ann at Blogopreneur (a really informative blog focusing on blog marketing) a few weeks ago.. This was part of a meme started at Today is That Day. Haha.. as you can see, I’m long overdue.. Oops.. Hope this wun discourage people from tagging me.. My bad!

Wanted to blog this post long ago, but kept procrastinating. Also partly due to the two marketing test I had in school which just ended today! But this also signals the start of the study break soon in preparation for the final exams for the semester. Just three more weeks and it’ll be over! Thereafter, three months of holidays!

I’m so looking forward to that. Lotsa exciting plans lined up. It’s going to be a massive breakthrough for myself and some of my friends whom I’ve gotten to know recently. Can’t wait for that.

Now that I’ve battled two of my exams and have some time to take a breather, shall go ahead and post my long overdue post.



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Michael Cheney’s Traffic Videos Review

April 3, 2007

Yes Michael’s Traffic Videos are finally launched! I’ve been a fan of Michael Cheney ever since his 11 Days To List Profits launch. His last traffic videos were fabulous, but he certainly has outdone himself this time round.

One of the biggest problems faced by internet marketers is the lack of traffic. Bloggers complain about not having enough traffic to their blogs. Affiliate marketers complain about not having a big enough list to promote to. And product owners also face the problem about not generating enough sales due to the lack of traffic.

What if all these problems could cease to exist?

Most people would surf around aimlessly in a bid to find the one traffic generation technique that would bring them the most amount of traffic to their website.

Ask yourself this question, have you ever stumbled upon a traffic generation technique that was claimed to bring a certain internet marketing guru tons of traffic? But before you were able to master it effectively, another traffic generation technique pops up which is supposedly better than the previous. Hence, you get distracted and follow blindly whichever traffic generation technique that comes along and seems more attractive than the previous.

Do you think by this way you will be able to generate a decent amount of traffic to your website? The answer is NO!

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Interview With Traffic Expert Michael Cheney

April 1, 2007

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve managed to get hold of an interview done with traffic expert Michael Cheney. I’ve just briefly looked through the “Michael’s Traffic Videos” and left him a testimonial. All I can say the videos are simply awesome. 49 videos on traffic generation and a couple of unbelievable bonuses included. Just applying one traffic strategy inside is enough to increase huge traffic to my websites greatly. Will be doing a more detailed review of the “Michael’s Traffic Videos” which is due to launch in around 2 days time once I’ve finished viewing them.

Meanwhile, just enjoy the interview that was conducted with him.


Michael Cheney Talks Traffic – Interview With A Traffic Expert

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