7 Dollar Killer Templates

July 24, 2007

Recently, I’ve spent quite a large sum of money on creating web graphics for my websites and that’s when I realized that these graphics designers certainly charge a high price. Just a simple eBook cover will easily cost you at least $47.

And if you were to design an entire mini site, it will cost you at least $97.

Hence, many marketers (especially beginners) are being turned off by such high costs and resort to either spending huge amount of time attempting to design their own graphics (which usually ain’t appealing) or not creating any graphics altogether.

It’s a pity as having web graphics which look appealing can indeed help to boost your conversion rates.

However, my friend John Tan has recently came up with a very attractive package of his own in order to give all internet marketers an extremely affordable and quality solution.

For just a couple of dollars, you now not only get 1 mini site design, but 3 full mini sites graphics!

And each mini site includes a header, footer, background image, order button and also an E-cover.

As if that’s not enough, he even provides the videos to teach you how to customize and edit the graphics to suit your own websites needs.

Creating your own sales pages and mini sites will now become a breeze with his ‘7 Dollar Killer Templates’!

I leave you to explore on your own… And don’t forget to check out the bonuses he’s offering!


Review of Nuffnang On Sunday Times

July 22, 2007

Nuffnang is on Sunday Times! Recently, online making opportunities seem to have attracted quite a bit of attention in the Singapore’s offline print media. Earlier on, Email Cash Pro was featured on Sunday Times (Singapore’s most popular English Daily) . Ewen Chia followed suit and later was also featured in a Chinese newspaper.  And just earlier this week, a journalist for My Paper wanted to find out more about affiliate marketing and that’s how Patricia and I ended up being on the headlines. Read it here.

And in today’s edition of the Sunday Times, the headlines of an article read:

Thanks to Singapore firm
Nuffnang, bloggers can turn
their popularity into ad dollars.

I shall quote an excerpt of the first two paragraphs:

BLOGS were once the domain of daily musings, inconsequential chatter and random rantings.

But now, a local company wants to change that by bringing in advertising money for bloggers.

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MyPaper Headline – NUS Couple Finds Goldmine in Affiliate Marketing

July 17, 2007

Lolz.. Yup that is really the headline in today’s MyPaper issue (or what I gather from my desperate translation of the Chinese paper).. And the NUS couple who is reported to have supposedly found a goldmine in affiliate marketing is yours truly and Patricia Lin (the other half of the couple obviously).

Click Here To View The Full Article

MyPaper - Affiliate Marketing

Firstly, a big thanks to Yiting! The ultra nice and friendly journalist who chanced upon our blog amongst the million blogs out there and decided to do an interview on us. Perhaps Patricia was too stunning (or perhaps it was me? I’m just teasing…)

She’s a MyPaper journalist and was doing her research on affiliate marketing. Really enjoyed the interview and also photo shoot. Was really worried that my hair would turn out to be cartoon-ish as people commented that my hair resembles the esplanade (or durain) earlier in the day. (yes, i admit I’m vain).

The funiest thing was when I received quite a few smses from my friend, the first question I asked them was ‘How was my hair in the photo?’.

Just in case if you’re wondering if our chinese is really that powerful, the interview was actually conducted in 100% English. The only time we conversed in Chinese was when Yiting wanted my Chinese name. And we took like 3 mins before she could get it right.

I also had an equally hard time trying to read the article out loud to my mother. Lolz.. Who was really amused but yet saddened by the recent unfortunate events that has happened in my family. But shall share more on that some other day.

For now, let’s talk more about that article!

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Your Free Download – ‘Internet Marketing Exposed’

July 11, 2007

Just finished writing the last of 3 rebrandable reports for preparation for the launch of Kanggie.

And it’s called ‘Internet Marketing Exposed – What The Gurus Do Not Want You To Know’

Basically it details what internet marketing is all about and what are the truths and myths about internet marketing. Most importantly, it states the essential ingredients that any internet marketer need to have in order to ensure success.

So go ahead and enjoy the eBook!

And do leave a comment if you felt you benefited from it!

Internet Marketing Exposed 

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The closed beta session of Kanggie is nearing.. Though it was slightly delayed as our main programmer was down with dengue fever. Stupid mozzies!

But it’s being scheduled for 24th July for now… 

Have You Hop Into The Fun Yet?

Kanggie Banner 

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Find Your Why And Help Raise $1 Million For Charity!

July 1, 2007

Today marks the start of something very big.

And it’s been building up for months…

The biggest book launch to date has just began and it’s really for a very good cause indeed.

And it’s none other than John Di Lemme’s ‘Find Your Why And Fly’ book launch. He aims to raise no less than $1 Million Dollars for charity within 10 days..

Here’s Where The Money Goes

To Impacting Faith, based in South Florida with a global reach of historic proportions.
Through key partnerships with organizations such as:

  • Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Global Pastors Network
  • Places of Hope International
  • India Gospel League
  • EQUIP Ministries
  • Children’s Evangelism and Life Outreach International

John Di Lemme’s story is truly inspirational as he overcame his challenges to shock the world and to become a legendary speaker and a giant in his field, changing thousands of lives with his amazing message of strength, persistence and personal power. 

How did he do it?

By finding out his W-H-Y! And what is finding out your why all about? It’s what we commonly term as your ‘driving factor’. I blogged about it previously and you can read it here.

And in a bid to make this launch historical and also raise his targeted amount for charity, he’s going to give you $9,200 in bonus gifts when you order his book, Find Your Why and Fly.

There are 58 bonus items in all contributed by really big names such as Yanik Silver, Dr. Joe Vitale, Willie Crawford, Ken McArthur, Mike Litman & also Stuart Tan..

Hence, when I was given a chance to contribute a bonus gift item too, I was absolutely delighted at such an honour to do my bid for charity and make this book launch a mega success.

You’ll be able to see my gift listed as Bonus #39 on the main page…

So go ahead and join me in this meaningful mission and help raise one million dollars in charity!

Find out more about the book launch:

>> Click Here To Find Out More! <<