5 Reasons Why I Blog

April 21, 2007

Yet another long overdue blog meme I’ve been tagged on. After a week of mugging (supposedly), I’ve decided to de-stress by blogging! Haha.. guess I just revealed one of the reasons why I blog.

This time round, Ive been tagged by my friend Alex over at his Insights of Self Help & Personal Development Blog. The topic: 5 Reasons Why I Blog.

Honestly, I’ve never given much thought about this. Though in the past, when blogs were fast gaining popularity, I could easily produce 10 reasons why I didn’t blog. I’ve always thought that I sucked at writing, noone would bother to read my blog, my life was too boring.. etc etc..

But now, ever since I’ve started blogging in late last year, I simply can’t stop. (dun be mistaken by the lack of sincerity due to the lack of posts.) I’ve grown to love blogging. in fact, even if noone is reading my blog, I don’t mind! And I will still blog on as I enjoy reading my blog posts personally.

So having to think of the 5 reasons of why I blog shouldn’t be too big a problem. So here goes!

1. Internet Marketing

Well, I must admit the reason why I started a blog was for internet marketing purposes. I first got to know of internet marketing after reading Adam Khoo’s Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires back in August last year. Thereafter, researched rather intensively on that topic and got myself really involved and enthusiastic about it.

Coincidentally, blogs were being mentioned by many of the gurus as one of the best traffic generation techniques. In fact, blogs are slowly taking over the normal websites and its not surprising. A blog has its advantages in terms of SEO and the level of interactivity it allows. In terms of layout and structure, its also much easier to manage as compared to a normal website.

Hence, after reading Gobala Krishnan’s WordPress Adsense System and witnessing the potential of blogging, I decided to start my own blog in a bid to further enhance my internet marketing efforts.

2. Sharing of my Insights, Learnings & Knowledge.

However, after blogging for awhile, I realized that it was this reason that really drives me. I honestly feel a sense of satisfaction at being able to share my insights, learnings and knowledge. Though I certainly not claiming to be an extremely knowledgeable person, but I do take pride at being able to share whatever little knowledge I may seem to have.

And it feels good to know when people enjoy what I’m blogging. Hence, I truly strive to provide the best value to my readers. Most importantly, my blog provides a platform for me to record my learnings as I grow. Hence, its really vital for me personally as well as I get to track my learning process and I’m able to revisit them constantly.

3. Network and make friends

Blogging also allows me to network and make friends. As people from all over the world visit my blog, I get to make friends with them. Though this kind of ‘friendship’ may seem superficial to some, I truly believe that meaningful friendships can indeed be forged in this manner. The high level of interaction of blogs also helps in this aspect.

I sincerely hope to make more friends through blogging and also reading other blogs. I feel its a great platform for me to know people of similar interests. So feel free to email me or leave a comment somewhere!

As blogging also kinda displays one’s character through his/her thoughts, it also allow people to understand one another better. Hence, its also able to strengthen friendships due to this increased understanding.

4. Stimulates my mind and encourages thinking

Whenever I sit down and decide on what to blog, it forces my mind to really think and reflect on various issues. As I do not wish to be someone who simply replicates others’ content (which many bloggers do), I try to be as opinionated as possible.

Hence, this truly stimulates my brain and encourages thinking on my part. And whenever there are comments and opinons raised by readers, it also exposes my mind to new & fresh perspectives and adds a whole new dimension to my thinking.

Blogging also enables me to more effectively communicate my thoughts which can be quite challenging at times.

5. I simply love it. And I’m proud to be a blogger!

Yes simple as that! I actually find huge enjoyment in blogging, likewise for this post. Though I’ve not been blogging often, I will definitely do so after my exams! Which ends on 28th April. Can’t wait!
So for those of you who do not own a blog or have not been updating often, start blogging now! Just sit down and start typing. Just let your thoughts flow. It can be addictive and you might get carried away sometimes. But the key thing is you’ve got to learn to enjoy it – and this applies to everything you do!

Alright. That’s all for now.

What are your reasons? Passing it on to my friends…

1. Desmond (alex tagged you too!)

2. Ivan (desmond’s gay partner)
3. Patricia Darling (who’s also having exams)

4. And anyone else who’s reading my blog. Just leave a link to this post to let me know you’ve been tagged! ;)

God bless and have a great weekend while I continue mugging!


9 Responses to “5 Reasons Why I Blog”

  1. Alex Yeo on April 21st, 2007 2:12 am

    Hey Calvin,

    I used to have 101 reasons not to blog too! Haha.

    In fact, I started blogging relatively late when all my friends were already blogging.

    As you mentioned, one of the reasons for blogging is due to Internet Marketing.

    Yeah. I think once you have your “WHY” for blogging, you will have 101 reasons to continue blogging instead :)

    Thanks for continuing the meme!

  2. Kian Ann on April 21st, 2007 12:15 pm

    hey Calvin,

    Great reasons to blog! Actually I think my writing sucks too. :) But blogging helps me to improve it. I was reading a book on copywriting, and there was quote by Stephen King:

    “On writing – a matter of exercise. If you work out with weights fifteen minutes a day over a course of ten years, you’re gonna get muscles. If you write for an hour and a half a day for ten years, you’re gonna be a good writer”

    Keep writing! You are building an asset. It might not be apparant to you now, but if you compare youself now to where you were when you initially started blogging 6 months ago (go read those posts you made 6 months ago) you will realise how much more thought you have put in today.

  3. Calvin on April 21st, 2007 2:58 pm

    Hi Alex,

    thanks for tagging!

    Glad to find like-minded bloggers like you too! ;)

  4. Calvin on April 21st, 2007 3:03 pm

    Hi Kian Ann,

    anyway I think you write pretty well as I honestly enjoyed reading your posts!

    Agree with you on writing as a form of exercise. Practice makes perfect and it applies to writing as well!

    Hence, for those who are discouraged at first due to their mentality that their writing sucks, don’t be. Just have to start writing and keep trying. But must try to be as original as possible.

    Anyway its really fun to read the old posts as you will realize how your thinking has matured and also how your writing has improved. ;)

  5. Ivan on April 21st, 2007 9:24 pm

    Hi Calvin,

    Thanks for the tag but i think the bracket beside my name seems to be a little reduntant don’t you think so?

    I have never evered managed a blog also and for the same reason, i started a blog all because i’m into internet marketing and the basics to IM i guess is to start with a blog. So here i am.

    Actually i’m really excited when i see new faces coming to my blog and leaving comments or i get new backlinks from other people’s blog. It gets me really excited.

    1 more thing that never fails to excite me is actually the Alexa ranking. Its feels good when you wake up one fine day and you realised that your Alexa ranking go up by another 100,000! Woohoo. Though i’m still like 300,000 away from you, I believe that if i continue to maintain and work hard at all the traffic generation strategies that you have taught me in the IM course, i’ll be able reach the same level as you! hee..

  6. Calvin on April 22nd, 2007 12:00 pm

    Hey Ivan,

    haha.. its there just for fun! I’m sure everyone will know its not true! ;)

    haha.. the way u say it makes it seem very funny. Now we all know what ‘excites’ Ivan eh?

    congrats on ur improving alexa ranking! as mentioned in your blog, muz also concentrate on your conversion and content ya!

    To Our Success!

  7. -:-queen_pat-:- on April 23rd, 2007 11:01 pm

    Hi dear! Well, thanks for tagging me.. hehe.. I’m so overdue with a lot of memes lor! Anyway, I’m certainly glad that you took up blogging. Well, for me it all started back in Secondary school days. Blogging was considered ‘in’ and i got hooked on it. And for me, it’s especially rewarding as I witness my own growth and maturation from secondary school to Uni.. ;) It’s great! So never stop bloggin’! hee..

  8. Calvin on April 25th, 2007 12:41 pm

    Hi dear,

    yeah glad that I’ve joined the blogging community! Its fun to be able to share my insights and also read up on others’ blogs as well! ;)

  9. 5 Reasons Why I Blog! at Journals of Patricia Lin on May 5th, 2007 1:48 am

    [...] Calvin [...]

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