7 Dollar Killer Templates

July 24, 2007

Recently, I’ve spent quite a large sum of money on creating web graphics for my websites and that’s when I realized that these graphics designers certainly charge a high price. Just a simple eBook cover will easily cost you at least $47.

And if you were to design an entire mini site, it will cost you at least $97.

Hence, many marketers (especially beginners) are being turned off by such high costs and resort to either spending huge amount of time attempting to design their own graphics (which usually ain’t appealing) or not creating any graphics altogether.

It’s a pity as having web graphics which look appealing can indeed help to boost your conversion rates.

However, my friend John Tan has recently came up with a very attractive package of his own in order to give all internet marketers an extremely affordable and quality solution.

For just a couple of dollars, you now not only get 1 mini site design, but 3 full mini sites graphics!

And each mini site includes a header, footer, background image, order button and also an E-cover.

As if that’s not enough, he even provides the videos to teach you how to customize and edit the graphics to suit your own websites needs.

Creating your own sales pages and mini sites will now become a breeze with his ‘7 Dollar Killer Templates’!

I leave you to explore on your own… And don’t forget to check out the bonuses he’s offering!



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