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June 18, 2007

I believe most people should be aware that my partners and I will be launching a new membership website soon – If you have not sign up as our beta tester and JV partner, we sincerely invite you to do so now! We honestly have great plans in stored for our members and not to mention our beta testers & JV partners. So once again, if you have not signed up, do head over to now.

Been really busy with the preparation of our new website. And the targeted launch of the closed beta phase should be 11th July. As part of the promotional efforts for the launch, I’ve written a new eBook called ‘7 Killer Traffic Tactics’.

I spent quite some time compilling these 7 Killer Traffic Tactics into an eBook. Basically, it details 7 step-by-step strategies you can use to send an avalanche of massive traffic to your website instantaneously.

And I’m going to give it away for absolutely no charge at all. And guess what? You don’t even have to opt-in!

To sweeten the deal, you are going to have full giveaway rights to the eBook as well. Feel free to give it away on your blog, to your list etc and use it as a list building tool if you would like.

My only request is for you to put the information detailed inside to good use and if you’ve found it beneficial, remember to sign up for my Kanggie JV Invite list!

Alright, shall leave you with the eBook. Be sure to read the first page as I explained what mistakes do most traffic seekers make and the importance of improving your conversion rate as well.

And pls leave a comment on what you think of it!


7 Killer Traffic Tactics

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2 Responses to “Download Your FREE ‘7 Killer Traffic Tactics’ eBook”

  1. Alex Yeo on June 20th, 2007 3:13 pm

    Hey Calvin,

    Thanks for the free ebook that you are giving.
    Its simple and proven methods to generate traffic.

    There are 7 methods inside your book. For those who are trying to get more traffic. Focus on one method 1st and do it well before moving on to next. We can’t do all in one shot. Right? :)

  2. Calvin on June 21st, 2007 12:42 am

    Hi Alex,

    Yup that’s right.. As mentioned in my eBook, you don’t have to master ALL the traffic techniques that you know.. Frankly, if you were to ask me to compile a list of traffic generation techniques, the list will prolly exceed 50..

    However, most ppl are constantly searching for new techniques when they have not even mastered any..

    So the key is to master a few and be damn good at it!

    And always test and track your efforts! And then concentrate on those that work best for you.. Remember, never listen to others as to which traffic methods are the best. Different methods work differently for each, and you’ll only find out when you test it out. :)

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