‘7 Ways To Earn Money Online’ eBook That I’m Writing

December 14, 2006

In this post, i shall discuss more about what the eBook “7 Ways To Earn Money Online” which my gf and I are in the midst of writing is about.
Now if you ppl have not watch the video, you can do so at http://calvinwoon.com/7ways. More than 500 ppl have watched the video and I have received several favourable comments.

So what inspired me to write the book in the first place? Well, around 3 months back, i stumbled upon this book written by Adam Khoo, ‘Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires’, whereby he detailed several money making strategies. That was when i learnt the importance of creating multiple streams of income and also the potential of making money online.

Inspired by what i’ve learnt, i went on a massive 3 months of research, at the same time juggling my studies. I was shocked at what I discovered: Ppl are creating online businesses based on simply their passions and earning money from the comfort of their own home. They are no IT experts, mind you. Even grandmothers are making money from their online businesses.

I slowly uncovered several more possible income streams you could create online and thus decided to share this information to ppl from all walks of life. Now i understand most ppl are skeptical abt making money online and have several doubts abt their own IT skills.

Not to worry, as in my eBook, I will attempt to dispel some of your doubts and provide tons of resources that you one wil require on building for themselves passive streams of income online.

Hence, stay tuned for my book launch! Do not worry, its completely free!


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