About Me


Hi Everyone! First of all, a big welcome to my website!

I’m from the sunny island Singapore and I’ve recently graudated from the National University of Singapore with a BBA (Marketing) degree.

After a 18 long years (oops.. have to minus 2 yrs of NS) of full time studying, I’ve finally emerged out of the student status and march into a whole new chapter of my life.

So have I found a job? The answer is a big NO. And it’s my dream to inspire and equip those who wish to get out of the rat race to follow their dreams and make use of the Internet to work towards financial freedom.

I’m currently a joint-partner in three companies and spend most of my time managing my businesses full-time. And yes, for those who’re in the IM industry, I’m an internet marketer as well (and I thank God for exposing me to internet marketing).

Why am I thankful for IM? Because it has allowed me to be my own boss and start a business even when I was studying. And while most of my peers who’ve graduated are slogging their time in an average paying job, I have the luxury of determining my own working hours. Most importantly, I have the opportunity to challenge my limits and really stretch my potential, while being able to add value and make an impact to a large group.

I’m currently involved in several HUGE projects and I’m really excited.

Of course, I’m also thankful for a beautiful lady by the name of Patricia Lin, who forms an essential part of my life as she’s my girlfriend, business partner, confidante, best friend, advisor etc…

Be sure to check back as I share more of my learnings towards attaining your dreams and goals and also to be updated of my future projects!

I look forward to hearing your comments!

Feel free to share your views and thoughts by leaving your comments or simply email me here. You can really email me regarding any questions you have!

Regards & God Bless!