Asia Internet Congress Early Bird Special

November 6, 2007

Just a quick blog post to inform everyone about the Asia Internet Congress which is taking place at Singapore Expo from 28 to 30 Nov 2007.

There’s an Asia Internet Congress Early Bird Special which will end this coming Friday 9th Nov. And there’s an insane discount…

The speakers include Ewen Chia, Jermaine Griggs (whom I’m sure would have plenty to share after his ultra successful Nitty Gritty launch), Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, the organizer himself Fabian Lim and also a few other established marketers.

Oh well, it’s during my exams though. Argh…

But I’m sure there are many others who could benefit from this.

One thing to bear in mind, that is always remember to network network and network!

Now pls do not do the usual ‘Hi, I’m who and who.. Then goes on to rant on your accomplishments… And then ask for the other party’s name card so that you could spam his email’

I’ve seen a ton of ppl do this. They just go on and on about how successful they are. Without caring a damn about who you are. And when they ask for your name card and you think ‘Wow, they are actually interested in me!’, you go back the next day to find they’e conveniently added u to their mailing list.

I have only these words for these losers ‘Get a life!’ There’s one particular Singaporean marketer (and a rather successful one) who does this at every single event and on his website he actually states blatantly that he believes in ethical marketing. I almost laughed my head off when I read that.

Ok what was intended for a short post has turned out to be a rather long one. The bottomline is, DON’T ever do that. It will only disgust ppl and reflect badly on you. True, there might be some newbies who might take u up on your offer and earn you some gains. But in the long run, your reputation will not score well (unless of cos all these do not matter to you)

Ok.. Happy networking during the Asia Internet Congress!

Here’s the link to grab your Early Bird Discount:




2 Responses to “Asia Internet Congress Early Bird Special”

  1. Philip Chan on November 15th, 2007 11:05 am

    Great advice Calvin. I’m sure a lot of newbies/intermediate marketers don’t know how to go about networking the proper way. Your timely advice is priceless. A famous evangelist once said: People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!

  2. Calvin on November 30th, 2007 5:14 pm

    No prob!

    Glad you found it useful Philip.. :)

    It’s funny to see how people network at IM seminars. They are so desparate to let the whole world know about their business that it simply irks ppl.

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