Boost Traffic To Your Blog Through Blog Reviews

March 11, 2007

Recently I’ve witnessed a spike in blog reviews started by various bloggers. The concept is simple: Blogger A invites other bloggers to post a review of blogger A’s blog on their respective blogs. In return, blogger A offers a backlink and sometimes a prize for the best entry.

In my opinion, this is a good way of driving traffic and increasing publicity for one’s blog, other than the honest feedback that one actually receives. As a review of your own blog is being placed at potentially many other blogs, your link is being exposed to hundreds or even thousands of pairs of eyes.

Recently, I chanced upon Alvin’s blog which offered a similar review campaign. And it really caught my eye as he was offering a Digital Video Creator to whoever who posted the best review of his blog. Though I’m not sure how is he going to judge these entries, the Digital Video Creator is simply too attractive to miss out. (the typical ‘kiasu’ Singaporean mentality). So kudos to Alvin for making me come up with a review of his blog:

What I Like About His Blog:

1. Attractive theme and colour

Firstly, the theme and the colour used for the blog is attractive. I especially like the refreshing orange colour used for most parts of the blog. From the header, to the navigation bar, to the opt in list, the colour is synchronized throughout and blends in nicely with each other. It breaks the monotony of a regular blog that is usually filled with only information and nothing else.

2. Easy Navigation

The table right at the top of the blog which lists the announcements and recommended articles is useful as it helps in navigating around the blog. Overall, the layout is clear and simple. And there aren’t many banner ads. I don’t get the idea that he is hard-selling anything to me, and can freely explore the blog with ease. Hence, it’s rather pleasing to the eye.

3. Useful Information

Overall, the blog does indeed provide useful content, especially for internet marketing newbies. It also recommends tools which I was unaware of previously. Most of the entries are aimed towards educating these newbies, which I feel is a relatively good outreach. And the theme of the content is focused, concentrating on well, Internet Marketing.

What I Dislike About This Blog:

1. Poor Usage of English

Ok, I must admit I might be biased in this aspect. I believe not everyone may be as particular as me, but I often pay close attention to the usage of English as it allows smooth transition of ideas when reading. No offence intended really, as I understand everyone’s command of English varies (I won’t say mine is perfect either). I do cringe when I notice poor grammar and sentence structure, and also obvious spelling errors. I admit that content is still the main priority, but blog entries should be kept free from grammatical and spelling errors as far as possible. One does not have to write in fluent or bombastic English. But in order to reach out and appeal to a wider audience, it would certainly help if the level of English is reasonable at least.

2. Inactive Forum

I felt that it was nice of Alvin to set up a forum, however I think it is very under utilized. I believe that if an interactive and vibrant forum is to be created, the owner has to take the first step to create the reason why people should participate in the forum and thereby encourage them to do so. As the forum is now relatively ‘dead’ without any activity, attempts to direct people to join the forum would probably end up futile.

Suggestions For Improvement:

1. Correct the spelling and grammatical errors

As mentioned above, a blogger should strive towards keeping his/her blog free from spelling and grammatical errors. He can get someone to proof read his entries. Furthermore, the titles of blog posts can be made more catchy and free from spelling errors To Alvin, if you find it troublesome or tedious, well, do at the very least proof read your recommended articles and perhaps, the ‘about me’ section. Anyway, I will willingly do it if I win the best review (*hint hint*). (Note: Change ‘Alvin’s personnel Story’ to ‘Personal Story’. )

2. Turn the Forum Alive

I understand it takes both time & effort to maintain an interactive forum, as I personally manage one as well. Nonetheless, if you are serious in using the forum to benefit others, you have to take the first step, for example by starting a controversial topic and getting others to feedback and participate actively.

I guess that’s about it. Having said so much, I must applaud Alvin for starting this campaign. Though he should benefit from the spike in traffic and the increased publicity, I feel it still takes a certain amount of courage to put your blog up for review, which is tantamount to having to face with criticisms. Though I do not expect him to face any backlash, as I guess most people will try to appear nice in the hope of winning the prize he has put up.

Nonetheless, as the saying goes, ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’. Good luck to Alvin. And for those of you who are interested in winning the Digital Video Creator, head on down to Alvin’s blog. I would love to have some competition.

Lastly, to those who are thinking of setting up a similar blog review campaign, do remember to include attractive prizes! It helps, well, look at what I’ve just spent my Sunday afternoon doing!


3 Responses to “Boost Traffic To Your Blog Through Blog Reviews”

  1. Alvin Phang on March 12th, 2007 7:25 pm

    Hey Calvin… thanks for the review.. have noted your comments! Keep it up your blog looks great!

  2. Calvin on March 12th, 2007 11:26 pm

    Hey Alvin,

    thanks! Happy blogging yeah! ;)

  3. Buck Bailey on June 4th, 2007 3:27 pm

    I think you bring up a good point about the forum being under utalized, i will be writing some guest post on Alvin’s blog over the next week or so and i will make sure to add a reason to visit the forum, hopefully gaining some life.

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