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July 11, 2007

Just finished writing the last of 3 rebrandable reports for preparation for the launch of Kanggie.

And it’s called ‘Internet Marketing Exposed – What The Gurus Do Not Want You To Know’

Basically it details what internet marketing is all about and what are the truths and myths about internet marketing. Most importantly, it states the essential ingredients that any internet marketer need to have in order to ensure success.

So go ahead and enjoy the eBook!

And do leave a comment if you felt you benefited from it!

Internet Marketing Exposed 

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The closed beta session of Kanggie is nearing.. Though it was slightly delayed as our main programmer was down with dengue fever. Stupid mozzies!

But it’s being scheduled for 24th July for now… 

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Grab Your Free Book At! 2 More Copies Left!

June 29, 2007

My friend JiaYu’s blog just turned 1 Year Old… And she’s giving away 4 copies of a book written by Mr. Lim Goh Tong – The man who came up with Genting Higlands Resort in Malaysia and Star Cruises.

Perhaps I shall share more about JiaYu…

Her blog was one of the first few I stumbled upon since my forray into internet marketing last August. Think I was searching for more info on Adam Khoo back then. And was extremely impressed to find a girl who was so motivated to have attended Adam’s Patterns of Excellence program at such a young age. She’s only 20 by the way (if I’m not wrong)…

Along the way, despite all the struggles and unfortunate incidents that have happened in her life, she still remains strong and motivated. Thus, it’s truly inspirational to others. So do go ahead and check out her blog and also her free book offer while there are still some copies available!

Go here & be blessed:



Claim $6,812 Worth of Free Stuffs With Your Simpleology Book!

May 4, 2007

As mentioned in my last post on Mark Joyner & Simpleology, I’m going to reveal on how you can claim your $6,812 worth of free stuffs delivered right to your doorstep. And you’ll be amazed on this unbelievable opportunity not to be missed.

Firstly, just to ensure that you have signed up for your free Simpleology account. If you have not, you’ve got to do so now! Just click here to sign up. Simpleology has impacted the lives of many and it will literally change your entire life once you know how to apply the ‘Simple Science of Getting What You Want’.

Not surprisingly, Mark Joyner has decided to release a physical copy of his new book, titled ‘Simpleology’. Not that he is new to having books ranked on the best-sellers list, but did you know his new book, Simpleology, debuted on the Wall Street Journal Best-Seller list a few weeks ago?

Well, I’m not surprised because I’ve been a member of Simpleology and I know it is that powerful! 

But that’s not the best part! Mark is giving away a few thousand bucks worth of stuffs shipped right to your door if you order his book online now!

No, this isn’t a bunch of digital downloads.  This is a wheelbarrow full of cool business-building, success-enhancing stuffs shipped right to your doorstep. And yes, he’s going to pay for the shipping too!

I just ordered my copy in fact… but you have to act fast.  The bonuses are going
away on May 7. So better go snag ‘em while they are there!

And be sure to bring the copy of your book to the World Internet Summit for him to autograph it.

Go view the movie trailer and find out more about how you can go about claiming your $6,812 worth of free stuffs by visiting this website!




Free Ebook On How To Avoid The Top 20 Traffic Disasters

March 30, 2007

Sorry ppl! My bad! I did not keep up to the promise of more posts this week.

But hopefully, this free eBook will benefit you. I understand that one of the most common problem most internet marketers face is not having a decent amount of traffic. Well, I’m certainly not saying I’m generating tons of traffic for myself.

But with an alexa ranking of 119,000 within 3 months of setting up my blog, I must say I’m pretty satsified. Despite the fact that I’ve not been doing much to drive traffic due to my school commitments, but I do know several proven and useful ways of driving traffic to a blog.

So back to the free eBook. Not sure if you’ve heard of Michael Cheney. But he’s a famous internet marketer well- known for his Google Adsense Videos and 11 Days To List Profits.

This time round, Michael has outdone himself by launching a new set of Traffic Videos.

If there’s one person who knows about generating traffic, it has to be Michael Cheney.

Though his Traffic Videos are not out yet, you can grab hold of his free eBook titled ‘How To Avoid The Top 20 Traffic Disasters’.

You don’t even have to opt in as he’s just giving away the eBook away. Be sure to check out an interesting video he has set up for everyone.

Click here to claim your free eBook while it’s still available!

And look out for my next post as I will share with you the 7 ways to drive massive traffic to your blog!

Free Report Revealing Secrets of A Self-Made Millionaire

February 22, 2007

I just managed to get my hands on a report of an exclusive interview done with Adam Khoo. Inside this interview, Adam reveals how he transformed from a lazy unmotivated underachiever to a self-made millionaire at just age 26!

I’m shocked that Adam even did this interview in the first place, but now you even get a chance to download the entire report for FREE!
Inside this report, Adam reveals some of the best secrets which has helped him attain the success he has achieved today.

Despite the vast amount of success that Adam Khoo has achieved, he continues to help others willingly and this spirit is really admirable.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get it while you can. Make sure you download and read this report because the information inside will reveal the secrets that will create financial success for you!


Another Free Report Which Pays You Just To Read It?

February 13, 2007

Just last year alone, there were a couple of free reports that were going around which pays people simply to read it..

Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm, and some others..

While if you look at the money which these Internet Marketers are willing to fork out just to generate awareness and build their list, you might be shocked..

But honestly, I’m sure they have reaped the rewards as I feel this is definitely one of the best ways to build one’s list..

Everyone likes free reports.. Furthermore an extra income opportunity..

No doubt, you have to set aside a huge capital to support such a campaign..

But if you compare it to PPC, or ezine advertising.. I feel it roughly works out to the same rate..

This time round,  Keith Wellman and Eric Rockefeller are the latest to launch such a campaign.

They were unknown last year.  They came from out of the blue and have become known quantities in the Internet marketing world.

And they started out like many of us do…

… frustrated

… overwhelmed

… burnt out

Yet, they have overcome their hurdles and are now succeeding online.

What made the difference?

Here’s where the free report comes in.

Go here NOW and download this…

Read it.

And once you have the report, you will receive a special link so you can share the report with others.

Give it away for FREE and Keith and Eric will pay you FIFTY CENTS for each free report that is downloaded!

Yes, they are handing out money!

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to take it from them.  :-)

So there you have it…

1) Free advice from those who know how to make money online


2) An instant income opportunity!
So don’t waste any time & Go download this report now,
read it, and then share it with others.

Also, pay attention to the entire process as you request
the report. It is a free marketing lesson all in itself.
If you watch closely, you will learn a lot!


This report is really filled with mind breaking information that is going to benefit anyone serious about succeeding online. And it comes with a mp3 version so that you can listen wherever you go.

Enough said.  Go grab “The Rockefeller Files” now.