IM Buzz Software Membership Launch!

February 2, 2008

IM Buzz Software Membership!

IM Buzz Software

Okie this is slightly overdue..

The reason why I haven’t been blogging much is because I’ve been working hard on my first membership site (actually not exactly the first as I’ve got a social network Kanggie)

But it’s my first big-scale launch, so naturally had tons of things to prepare.

Shan’t talk too much here…

But I really DO urge you to check it out here:

At such a low investment, you get a brand new software which you can rebrand completely unique to your own.

And on top of that, you get a TON of other bonuses.

Sales are coming in real quickly…

So join these people and unleash the power of S-Buzz marketing as well!

Keyword Buzz is Launched!

November 25, 2007

Just a quick post as I’ve been really busy with exams and doing a few viral launches..

And the first of the series of viral software that I’ll be launching with Jonathan Teng (a marketer from Mauritius)  – Keyword Buzz is officially launched! If you’ve received a rebranded version of the tool in your inbox, here’s where it originated from. =)

Keyword Buzz

First let me tell you more about the functions of this keyword research tool.

It helps you research keywords with a click of the button and extracts the daily amount of searches from wordtracker. Next up, it can show you the amount of competing results on the three big search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Hence, you’re able to analyze the demand and suppy of any niche market within a few minutes. And you can easily uncover untapped niches as well.

Alright, but that’s not the best part of Keyword Buzz. If you were to purchase the rebranding rights, it can get extremely viral for you as you get to rebrand one banner and two text links directing to up to 3 websites of your choice inside the software.

Talk about driving exposure and traffic to your sites and business! You can now freely give away this tool to your list or put in on your website/blog and promote your business at the same time.. This is certainly viral marketing at it’s best!

This is certainly one awesome tool you cannot live without.

And I’ll like to present you with a free version of the tool (w/o rebranding rights) as well..

Just download the FREE demo below:


And after you’ve checked out how handy the tool can be, check out how you can purchase the rebranding rights and unleash the full power of this viral tool:


P.S. Keyword Buzz also has an affiliate program which pays out 100% commissions instantly to your Paypal account. So do not miss out!

Asia Internet Congress Early Bird Special

November 6, 2007

Just a quick blog post to inform everyone about the Asia Internet Congress which is taking place at Singapore Expo from 28 to 30 Nov 2007.

There’s an Asia Internet Congress Early Bird Special which will end this coming Friday 9th Nov. And there’s an insane discount…

The speakers include Ewen Chia, Jermaine Griggs (whom I’m sure would have plenty to share after his ultra successful Nitty Gritty launch), Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, the organizer himself Fabian Lim and also a few other established marketers.

Oh well, it’s during my exams though. Argh…

But I’m sure there are many others who could benefit from this.

One thing to bear in mind, that is always remember to network network and network!

Now pls do not do the usual ‘Hi, I’m who and who.. Then goes on to rant on your accomplishments… And then ask for the other party’s name card so that you could spam his email’

I’ve seen a ton of ppl do this. They just go on and on about how successful they are. Without caring a damn about who you are. And when they ask for your name card and you think ‘Wow, they are actually interested in me!’, you go back the next day to find they’e conveniently added u to their mailing list.

I have only these words for these losers ‘Get a life!’ There’s one particular Singaporean marketer (and a rather successful one) who does this at every single event and on his website he actually states blatantly that he believes in ethical marketing. I almost laughed my head off when I read that.

Ok what was intended for a short post has turned out to be a rather long one. The bottomline is, DON’T ever do that. It will only disgust ppl and reflect badly on you. True, there might be some newbies who might take u up on your offer and earn you some gains. But in the long run, your reputation will not score well (unless of cos all these do not matter to you)

Ok.. Happy networking during the Asia Internet Congress!

Here’s the link to grab your Early Bird Discount:



How We Made $860.50 and Got 2061 Subscribers Part #2

October 27, 2007

Ok first up, I know I’ve mentioned this numerous times, but sorry for the lack of posts. I hate myself for the procrastination too. But this time, there was a genuine reason. Not like I don’t always come up with a makeshift excuse every time. but anw, my laptop was down! And I had to send it for repair…. but it came back with the same prob.. So I had to send it back again!

Argh! But thankfully, it’s back to normal now.. But anw, it’s time to buy a new one! So shall wait for one of the IT Show or PC Fair in Dec.

Ok shall just post a quick follow up to my previous post here.

Some people have been asking me how exactly we promoted the IM Myth and how did we generate our own subscribers from promoting it.

Frankly, there’s no secret.

This method is called Ezine (electronic magazine) advertising.

Basically, you pay for advertising for emails to be sent out to subscribers of a particular ezine. There are a ton of ezines for the various niches, so you just have to search for ‘your niche + ezine’ to get a list of ezines you can advertise in.

Of course, not every ezine will have the same conversion rate, and not neccessarily every ezine ad you purchase will bring in profits.

So what does your success depend on? There are numerous factors, but shall just touch on the main ones.

1. Quality of your email: If you’re purchasing a solo ad (one entire email ad), obviously the quality of the way your email is crafted will affect your success. Just observe how the top marketers write their emails and learn some techniques they use.

2. Quality of your squeeze page: When paying for advertising, it’s best to direct your visitors to a squeeze page. As people may not purchase, if you manage to capture the leads and build your list, at least you won’t lose out. So make sure you design a squeeze page which converts well. In the IM Myth instance, my squeeze page converted at a MASSIVE 30% for one of the ads I did. So that explains why…

3. Quality of the ezine: Yes this affects your conversion and profits and ROI very much. There are a ton of ezines out there, but some are simply trash or not targeted. So you need to find an ezine which has targeted subscribers to your niche and also one which does not bombard their subscribers with ads every single day. Else, the chances of your ad converting well will simply be too low.

4. Quality of the product you’re promoting: Ok, this has got to do with the product you use to monetize your ad. as mentioned, you direct your visitors to a squeeze page. Of course, you will hope to make an instant profit so as to cover back the cost of your advertising. Hence, the product that you promote instantaneously should convert well in order for you to profit. And in the case of IM Myth, it being free and having a two tier affiliate program is lucrative enough. So that explains it’s success.

Alright… That’s all for this post! All that has been mentioned is being covered in greater detail in Kanggie. So check out the tutorials in there!


How We Made $860.50 and Got 2061 Subscribers By Giving Away A Free Report

October 14, 2007

Ok I know this is slightly overdue.. But just wantd to share how Patricia and I made over US$860.50 and generated over 2061 subscribers to our own lists recently by giving away Russell Brunson’s IM Myth Report.

IM Myth


IM Myth



By the way, Patricia was in the top 10 referrer’s list, just slightly losing out to Mike Filsaime but managed to edge out Gary Ambrose. Lolz! And we actually did that without even blogging about it on our personal blogs, though I did make a post on it at Kanggie here. Hence, this should really broaden some people’s mentality that a blog is the only platform to make your promotions.

Well basically, the IM Myth Report was a report which Russell talks about how he integrates offline marketing with his online marketing efforts. It was an awesome report really as a ton of ideas flooded my mind instantly and I can’t wait to execute them.

Nonetheless, the crazy thing about it was Russell was paying $1 for everyone you refer to download his report and $0.50 for everyone your referrals refer. Hence, it was a two tier pay per lead campaign.

Not surprisingly, skeptics were abound as many of my subscribers even doubted the authencity of the promotion and hence missed out. Now, it isn’t alot of money, but from what I observe, most ppl ain’t even making a single cent online. Hence, that indeed served as a good opportunity for many. At least there was one other person who benefited from it, who was Alvin.

Now do I blame the skeptics? Not really. Many of those who emailed me say they refused to believe it as they have tried out many other programs and have failed to succeed in them. Hence this explains their skeptical mentality.

After being labelled politely as a skeptic by me, one of my subscribers even got angry and said he was not interested in all my bullshit strategies! Lolz! I think he did not know the definition of a ‘skeptic’. And I do pity him. As he was obviously interested in learning how to make money online as he opted in my list to learn how to do so, but just that he did not know how to.

Oh well.. From a layman’s point of view, such pay per lead campaigns frankly do look incredulous. Although it is not new, as marketers like Joel Comm, Mike Filsaime have attempted it previously with huge success, it is still rather uncommon. So the question is, why would they do that? Russell paid out over $20,000 in commissions I think. And Mike Filsaime paid out much more.

So who benefits the most ultimately? Of course the mastermind himself – Russell Brunson! In the short 1 week, he’s generated over tens of thousands of subscribers. And he’s certainly one who understands the lifetime value of a subscriber/customer. You see, the true value does not lie in the front end but in the back end profits. Hence, he’s willing to pay out $1 just to capture a lead and make a loss on the front end(known as a loss leader). Simply because he’s able to earn back his investment many times in the future!

Furthermore, the pay per lead campaign culminates in his launch of the 12 Month Internet Millionaire, an interview he did with Vince James, who made $100 million in 12 months. You can still grab it before the price rises here. Not surprisingly, that product ended as a Clickbank best seller. So just from that product alone, he prolly made back his investment. Not to mention the list is there for him to keep.

Of course, you obviously need a hefty capital before attempting such a daring move. Certainly not something many people can execute.

Alright so back to how we accomplish such a huge feat. Well, apart from promoting to our own lists, we also did some advertising on some ezines. Of course, we did not advertise the IM Myth website directly. We advertise our squeeze page first before directing others to the IM Myth site. Hence, we not only generated over 2061 subscribers but also generated US$874 in revenue, making close to a 300% return on investment. Not bad for giving away something free.

Hence, the bottomline is, always find a way to monetize your ad, even if it is just a squeeze page. You see, normally when you advertise, you tend to be afraid of making a loss on that ad. In this case, our ad did not even sell others anything as it was a merely a squeeze page giving out a free report which I wrote. However, in this case, we found a way to monetize it, which was the redirect to the IM Myth site. That ensured we not only recouped back our advertising costs but also made a cool 300% ROI. Plus we got 2061 subscribers.

True, such campaigns do not occur frequently. But you can either offer a one time offer, or just redirect to an affiliate product which does not cost much and which people might be more inclined to buy, like Michael Worthington’s Quick Cash Secrets over here.

Alright shall share more strategies in time to come. Have been busy implementing many new strategies recently and inching closer to my $100 a day!

And Kanggie is doing pretty well too! Do check it out here.


Stuart Tan’s Charity Telemarathon

September 1, 2007

Now the Internet has indeed opened up limitless possibilities and it can be used for countless purposes. Needless to say, we’ve just witnessed the first ever Internet reality show ‘The Next Internet Millionaire’ which is in my opinion comparable to Donald Trump’s ‘The Apprentice’.

Nonetheless, I’m not going to talk about this today, as I’ve blogged about this at Kanggie. And with all the hype and attention it’s been receiving, it really needs no further publicity. Rather, there’s one huge huge event that is taking place soon which certainly deserves more exposure as there’s a really worthy cause behind it.

And as mentioned earlier regarding the possibilities which the Internet has opened up, I hereby announce to you Stuart Tan’s Charity Telemarathon, which is taking place on the 12th September.

So what is this all about?

Stuart Tan will be interviewing a group of marketing and personal development experts from all over the world across a non-stop 36 Hour period without sleep and without solid food in a bid to generate awareness for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and raise funds for them.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly.. It’s 36 HOURS! Hence, I really do applaud Stuart for attempting such an awesome feat. Certainly, it’s not for personal glory but towards doing his bid for charity.

Anyway, the stellar class of speakers include Yanik Silver, Michael Cheney, Alex Mandossian, Shawn Casey and much much more…

I’m sure most of you prolly are aware of how the Internet can be used to help generate an income online. But likewise, it can be used to help bless and feed the underprivileged. And this huge project is precisely geared towards such a worthy cause.

I’m sure we all strive hard for our dreams not just for our own sake, but also to be able to make a positive difference in others’ lives. So let’s all show our support not only to Stuart and the group of speakers he’s invited, but rather to the noble cause behind this entire project.

So show your generosity and help spread the word about it! And help bless those who are in need and you’ll be blessed in return I’m sure! This might sound cliche but we can all honestly help make this world a better place to live in! :)

Head on down to

Stuart Tan's SuperTelethon 2007 Charity Telemarathon



Social Networking Sites Growing Up?

August 25, 2007

In the previous issue of Digital Life (a Singapore’s weekly publication dedicated to technological issues), a full 8 pages were dedicated to the rising popularity of social networking sites like Myspace, Friendster and Facebook. In particular, the attention was on corporations and companies using them as a springboard for the promotion of their products and services. 

Social networking sites are no longer virtual cafes for Generation Y. Older people are there, too. 

And as indicated by the article, on some of the big social networking sites, commercial zones are popping up.

Some companies have also jumped onto the social networking bandwagon to generate business and awareness and companies such as Victoria’s Secret and Adidas have also set up their own profile in MySpace.

Certainly, with the vast amount of members in the big social networking sites, it certainly forms a huge hunting ground for these companies. It certainly would be foolish not to tap into this huge hungry market.

A study on Internet users released this year by research company Ipsos Insight, found one in five adults around the world use social networking sites. Hence, the previous misconception that such sites are only frequented by teenagers certainly does not hold.

So what about you? Have you jumped into the social networking bandwagon or are you letting this opportunity slip past you?

Nonetheless, much caution has to be exercised when using such sites. Definitely, blatantly advertising your products/services is frowned upon and should not be condoned.

Alright, now that the potential of social networking sites has been reinforced, it brings me to my next point.

Most of you should have noticed I’ve not blogged for an entire month. And I deeply apologized. Have been caught up with the preparation of our latest project and school has also started. Nonethelss, I will certainly blog much mor frequently in the future.

And most of you prolly know what this latest project my 2 other partners, Patricia and Munir have been working on. That is a social networking site designed for internet marketers – KANGGIE!

And yes, it has officially launched!

And I hereby invite you to hop into Kanggie, a social network whereby you can learn, make friends, have fun and earn money. There are so much more features that I shan’t mention too much over here but rather leave you to check it out on your own.

So just click on the banner below to join now and you’ll be added as my friend automatically!



7 Dollar Killer Templates

July 24, 2007

Recently, I’ve spent quite a large sum of money on creating web graphics for my websites and that’s when I realized that these graphics designers certainly charge a high price. Just a simple eBook cover will easily cost you at least $47.

And if you were to design an entire mini site, it will cost you at least $97.

Hence, many marketers (especially beginners) are being turned off by such high costs and resort to either spending huge amount of time attempting to design their own graphics (which usually ain’t appealing) or not creating any graphics altogether.

It’s a pity as having web graphics which look appealing can indeed help to boost your conversion rates.

However, my friend John Tan has recently came up with a very attractive package of his own in order to give all internet marketers an extremely affordable and quality solution.

For just a couple of dollars, you now not only get 1 mini site design, but 3 full mini sites graphics!

And each mini site includes a header, footer, background image, order button and also an E-cover.

As if that’s not enough, he even provides the videos to teach you how to customize and edit the graphics to suit your own websites needs.

Creating your own sales pages and mini sites will now become a breeze with his ‘7 Dollar Killer Templates’!

I leave you to explore on your own… And don’t forget to check out the bonuses he’s offering!


Review of Nuffnang On Sunday Times

July 22, 2007

Nuffnang is on Sunday Times! Recently, online making opportunities seem to have attracted quite a bit of attention in the Singapore’s offline print media. Earlier on, Email Cash Pro was featured on Sunday Times (Singapore’s most popular English Daily) . Ewen Chia followed suit and later was also featured in a Chinese newspaper.  And just earlier this week, a journalist for My Paper wanted to find out more about affiliate marketing and that’s how Patricia and I ended up being on the headlines. Read it here.

And in today’s edition of the Sunday Times, the headlines of an article read:

Thanks to Singapore firm
Nuffnang, bloggers can turn
their popularity into ad dollars.

I shall quote an excerpt of the first two paragraphs:

BLOGS were once the domain of daily musings, inconsequential chatter and random rantings.

But now, a local company wants to change that by bringing in advertising money for bloggers.

Read more

How To Unleash The Power of Social Networking Sites

June 28, 2007

We all know the power of social networking websites. I’m sure all would have heard of the more popular ones such as Myspace, Facebook, Friendster… These websites are so popular that one by one, they are being bought over by the big Internet players like Google, Yahoo etc..

Are you aware that social networking websites can also help in one’s internet business?

Hence I hereby announce & unleash to you for the very first time…

‘How To Unleash The Power of Social Networking Sites’

 How To Unleash The Power Of Social Networking Sites

Written By Patricia Lin

>> Click Here To Download <<

You don’t even have to opt in… And you have full giveaway rights to it.. 

Woohoo!! I’m so proud of Patricia Lin aka my GF aka my biz partner! I just read through the book and it’s really good! :)

If you have not caught on the wave of social networking site, be sure to learn ‘How To Unleash The Power of Social Networking Sites’ and also how social networking websites can not only turbo charge your life but also your income.

Oh yah, not sure if you’re aware, but Kanggie is also a social networking website but built in with many more features designed for internet marketers to promote their businesses and to build vital connections. There are many instant income opportunities provided as well.

And I’ve finally drafted out the final JV proposal which contain more details about what’s in store for Kanggie members and the benefits for our JV Partners/Beta Testers.

The closed beta session is scheduled to start on 11th July. We’re still taking in JV Partners/Beta Testers so do check it out the detailed JV Proposal:


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