Review of Nuffnang On Sunday Times

July 22, 2007

Nuffnang is on Sunday Times! Recently, online making opportunities seem to have attracted quite a bit of attention in the Singapore’s offline print media. Earlier on, Email Cash Pro was featured on Sunday Times (Singapore’s most popular English Daily) . Ewen Chia followed suit and later was also featured in a Chinese newspaper.  And just earlier this week, a journalist for My Paper wanted to find out more about affiliate marketing and that’s how Patricia and I ended up being on the headlines. Read it here.

And in today’s edition of the Sunday Times, the headlines of an article read:

Thanks to Singapore firm
Nuffnang, bloggers can turn
their popularity into ad dollars.

I shall quote an excerpt of the first two paragraphs:

BLOGS were once the domain of daily musings, inconsequential chatter and random rantings.

But now, a local company wants to change that by bringing in advertising money for bloggers.

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Boost Traffic To Your Blog Through Blog Reviews

March 11, 2007

Recently I’ve witnessed a spike in blog reviews started by various bloggers. The concept is simple: Blogger A invites other bloggers to post a review of blogger A’s blog on their respective blogs. In return, blogger A offers a backlink and sometimes a prize for the best entry.

In my opinion, this is a good way of driving traffic and increasing publicity for one’s blog, other than the honest feedback that one actually receives. As a review of your own blog is being placed at potentially many other blogs, your link is being exposed to hundreds or even thousands of pairs of eyes.

Recently, I chanced upon Alvin’s blog which offered a similar review campaign. And it really caught my eye as he was offering a Digital Video Creator to whoever who posted the best review of his blog. Though I’m not sure how is he going to judge these entries, the Digital Video Creator is simply too attractive to miss out. (the typical ‘kiasu’ Singaporean mentality). So kudos to Alvin for making me come up with a review of his blog:

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10 Essential WordPress Plugins Everyone Ought To Have

March 5, 2007

Now we all know that the WordPress blogging platform has numerous advantages, and one of the main ones would be the sheer amount of wordpress plugins it has. Be it for search engine optimization(SEO), monetization, interaction, list building, multimedia purposes etc, it has plugins which serve all kinds of purposes. The question is, are you fully utilizing them?

If you’re not, fret not! As I’ve compiled some of the most essential plugins which I use personally and have benefited me greatly. While it took me some time to figure out which are the useful ones, this is going to cut short your learning curve. Hope it helps!

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First the SideBar, And Now the Comments Too?

March 1, 2007

Time to destress! After days of studying and rushing project deadlines, pls allow me to depict the battle I had with WordPress!

A few days ago, I ranted about the problem I had with my sidebar. After an epic battle withWordpress, I finally solved the problem. Turns out not only did my oversized pics contributed to it, the ‘Brian Threaded Comments’ plugin which I was using was the main contribution factor.

Previously I was using the Regulus theme, which is largely common among bloggers. However, as I wanted a new look, I switched to the current theme I was using. Didn’t face any problems with Regulus. However, apparently the  Brian Threaded Comments’ plugin would make the comments section  oversized in the new theme and hence cause my sidebar to go to the bottom.

Funny thing is, only IE posed the problem. And as mentioned, as I was using Mozilla all along, I never knew the problem existed.
How did I find out it was the plugin that was the culprit?

Well, I was certainly bewildered when I realized that my sidebar appeared at the bottom only at those pages of individual posts which had comments. Hence, I decided to de-activate that plugin and Voila! My sidebar resumed it’s normal position!

However, determined not to be undone by a small little plugin, I decided to solve the mystery.

Looked through the CSS of the plugin and tried to resize the comments box size. And TADA! I won the battle over the plugin!

Woohoo.. Spent a huge amount of time on it and man, was I satisfied with myself!

Thereafter, I decided to use IE and went around blogs to see if anyone faced the same probs as me..

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RSS Simplified And Explained

February 27, 2007

Honestly, it took me some time for me to understand and realize the importance of RSS. I’ve came across several websites and eBooks stressing the importance of RSS but I’ve never really took notice.

I have to admit I’m not exactly a IT savvy person. I started out knowing nothing about HTML code. Nonetheless, the passion for what I’m doing has pushed me to learn. So looking back, I must say I’m rather proud of my achievements so far. One thing for sure, I’ve managed to step out of my comfort zone to constantly learn and upgrade myself.

Now back to the main topic, I will like to share of the little knowledge I have about RSS.

Previously, the mention of RSS scares me. It sounds like really something hard to understand and master.

If you take a look at the definition over at Wikipedia:, you may still not get the idea.

Hence, allow me to try my best to explain it in my layman’s term.

Well, RSS actually stands for Really Simple Syndication. And the purpose of website owners publishing RSS feeds is to enable their readers/visitors to view the content on their websites conveniently.

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