Online Scams Identified!

January 27, 2007

I previously did a post on how to spot an online scam. To be frank, I got the inspiration from Adam Wong’s blog post. He’s a undergrad at SIM and is in charge of all Adam Khoo’s websites.

Anyway, I think he has done a good job in exposing online scams and does it in a really funny way.

Now, the website that Adam was referring in his blog post, I’ve visited it before and it was really pretty obvious that it smells scam all over. From his sales page design and testimonials, everything looks so ‘scammish’.
As mentioned, his clickbank stats looks heavily doctored. Anyone who resorts to doctoring their clickbank stats certainly is not one to be trusted.

Anyway, the product that the website is trying to recommend is called ‘Ultimate Wealth Package’. I’ve personally bought that product, and well, in my opinion it is seriously over rated.

Nonetheless, the ‘scammish’ website has been on google adwords for ages and the fact that it can continue to advertise for so long shows that it is continually generating income.

And it only shows one thing – People are actually being conned into buying it!

Now no disregard to ‘Ultimate Wealth Package’. It is one of the highest ranked clickbank products.

But however, the website mentioned inside Adam’s post is simply an affiliate trying to promote the Ultimate Wealth Package. Meaning to say, the website owner is not the original creator of the product. And he’s being untruthful by displaying those doctored cheques and clickbank stats.

Another shocking truth revealed: The website owner is an Australian! And not the person mentioned in the website – who is supposed to be an Sinaporean!

Haha… Stuart Tan did a search and found out that the website was registered under an Australian.

So it seems like it’s an Australian trying to con Singaporeans by hiding under the identity of Singaporeans. And I wonder where he managed to find those pictures and if the people involved are aware of it.

Hence, if you ever come across such similar pages, beware!!

Disclaimer: You might have seen the google ads of the websites mentioned on this very blog of mine. However, I must state that I do not control the google ads displayed on my blog. Google does. So even though the google ads are displayed, it does not mean I personally endorse those programs. The programs and resources that I personally recommend are listed under my resources page and recommendations section at the side.

Alright, I shall direct you to Adam’s and Stuart’s post for you to gain a clearer picture.

How To Spot An Online Scam

November 17, 2006

Now I must state that these are merely my own suggestions. So do not think that all websites that fulfil the following criteria are scams. This is when your sixth sense comes in handy.

1. No Contact Info

This is probably the most important factor in helping you decide if it’s a scam. A real business or marketer would list their contact details because it creates trust. Also they know that some potential customers may have some questions answered before they buy and they would want to help answer those queries.

2. No Opt-in box

By this, I’m referring to the box which asks for your name and contact details. Most people are reluctant to part with their email addresses. They think that if a website asks for their email address, they will get spammed. However, do not fret as I’ve personally signed up for tons of mailing lists and have never gotten spammed once. Nowadays, it’s easy to complain against spam so anyone serious about their online business will not dare to spam.

All real marketers will have an opt-in box. It’s a must. If there’s no opt-in box, it shows that he doesn’t plan to follow up. All he wants is you to buy his stuff and then never to contact him again.

Hence, instead of getting suspicious when a website asks for your email address, be thankful that business owner bothers to follow up.

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