Asia Internet Congress Early Bird Special

November 6, 2007

Just a quick blog post to inform everyone about the Asia Internet Congress which is taking place at Singapore Expo from 28 to 30 Nov 2007.

There’s an Asia Internet Congress Early Bird Special which will end this coming Friday 9th Nov. And there’s an insane discount…

The speakers include Ewen Chia, Jermaine Griggs (whom I’m sure would have plenty to share after his ultra successful Nitty Gritty launch), Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, the organizer himself Fabian Lim and also a few other established marketers.

Oh well, it’s during my exams though. Argh…

But I’m sure there are many others who could benefit from this.

One thing to bear in mind, that is always remember to network network and network!

Now pls do not do the usual ‘Hi, I’m who and who.. Then goes on to rant on your accomplishments… And then ask for the other party’s name card so that you could spam his email’

I’ve seen a ton of ppl do this. They just go on and on about how successful they are. Without caring a damn about who you are. And when they ask for your name card and you think ‘Wow, they are actually interested in me!’, you go back the next day to find they’e conveniently added u to their mailing list.

I have only these words for these losers ‘Get a life!’ There’s one particular Singaporean marketer (and a rather successful one) who does this at every single event and on his website he actually states blatantly that he believes in ethical marketing. I almost laughed my head off when I read that.

Ok what was intended for a short post has turned out to be a rather long one. The bottomline is, DON’T ever do that. It will only disgust ppl and reflect badly on you. True, there might be some newbies who might take u up on your offer and earn you some gains. But in the long run, your reputation will not score well (unless of cos all these do not matter to you)

Ok.. Happy networking during the Asia Internet Congress!

Here’s the link to grab your Early Bird Discount:



Stuart Tan’s Charity Telemarathon

September 1, 2007

Now the Internet has indeed opened up limitless possibilities and it can be used for countless purposes. Needless to say, we’ve just witnessed the first ever Internet reality show ‘The Next Internet Millionaire’ which is in my opinion comparable to Donald Trump’s ‘The Apprentice’.

Nonetheless, I’m not going to talk about this today, as I’ve blogged about this at Kanggie. And with all the hype and attention it’s been receiving, it really needs no further publicity. Rather, there’s one huge huge event that is taking place soon which certainly deserves more exposure as there’s a really worthy cause behind it.

And as mentioned earlier regarding the possibilities which the Internet has opened up, I hereby announce to you Stuart Tan’s Charity Telemarathon, which is taking place on the 12th September.

So what is this all about?

Stuart Tan will be interviewing a group of marketing and personal development experts from all over the world across a non-stop 36 Hour period without sleep and without solid food in a bid to generate awareness for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and raise funds for them.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly.. It’s 36 HOURS! Hence, I really do applaud Stuart for attempting such an awesome feat. Certainly, it’s not for personal glory but towards doing his bid for charity.

Anyway, the stellar class of speakers include Yanik Silver, Michael Cheney, Alex Mandossian, Shawn Casey and much much more…

I’m sure most of you prolly are aware of how the Internet can be used to help generate an income online. But likewise, it can be used to help bless and feed the underprivileged. And this huge project is precisely geared towards such a worthy cause.

I’m sure we all strive hard for our dreams not just for our own sake, but also to be able to make a positive difference in others’ lives. So let’s all show our support not only to Stuart and the group of speakers he’s invited, but rather to the noble cause behind this entire project.

So show your generosity and help spread the word about it! And help bless those who are in need and you’ll be blessed in return I’m sure! This might sound cliche but we can all honestly help make this world a better place to live in! :)

Head on down to

Stuart Tan's SuperTelethon 2007 Charity Telemarathon



An Invite to Will Barden’s Summer Boot Sale

June 24, 2007

Summer Boot Sale

Will Barden’s Summer Boot Sale is launching on July 1st, and it is being dubbed as the ‘Hottest Giveaway Internet Marketing Has Ever Seen’. And right now, it is seeking JV contributors and you can sign up as a JV partner before the site launches over here.

Now for the benefit of those who have never participated in an giveaway event, let me just briefly explain:

Basically it works this way. The host of the Give Away event invites JV partners, who are primarily list owners in the same niche, to contribute a gift. The gifts can be any form of digital products: eBooks, reports, audio/video products, membership passes, or software.

As a JV partner, you will prepare an opt-in page for visitors to sign up to your mailing list in order to download your gift. Hence, giveaway events are really good list building opportunities as anyone who wants to download your gift must opt into your mailing list first.

The host of the event then compiles all the contributed gifts inside the member’s area. This is where the visitors will go to download the gifts of their choice. When they click on a link of a gift, it will bring them to the individual partner’s opt in page.

As you can see, giveaways are certainly very useful towards an internet marketer’s list building efforts. It is responsible for contributing towards hundreds of subscribers to my list.

But of course, most people will tell you that people who opt in to your list through giveaways are merely freebie seekers. Hence, these people are unresponsive and will not earn you any benefits.

Now think again! Brian Edmondson, one of the top 20 JV partners for Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Launch even though he has a list of only 1,286 subscribers would tell you differently. Inside his interview ’15K in 7 Days’, he reveals some of his list building tactics and how he managed to convert his giveaway subscribers into hot paying customers.

Now, it’s really ultimately what you do with your subscribers when they first sign up and also how you maintain the relationship with them that matters.

With that being said, here are 3 simple tips to maximizing your giveaway marketing efforts: Read more

World Internet Summit Review

June 1, 2007

The past few days had been really hectic… Firstly, the World Internet Summit was held from 26th-29th May. However, something unfortunate happened before the first day of WIS as my grandma’s battle with her heart problems finally ended as she left us early in the morning at 3am.

Noone managed to catch her just before her last breath though. As it was too late when we all rushed to the hospital upon receiving the doc’s call that her condition was pessimistic. I guess she just could not bear the sight of seeing her loved ones in sadness. As mentioned earlier, she was really a woman with a big heart, and she always will be regardless of where she is right now.

Life and death is part of life, and I’ve come to terms with that. But the one thing I’m most thankful for is I’ve had many memories with my beloved granny while she was alive and these memories will remain firmly etched in my mind forever.

As such, I missed most of the World Internet Summit. Nonetheless, I’m really not complaining. It happens once every year anyway. Still, just like to share some thoughts on the summit.

The few days before the summit was really hectic as together with my partners of IMovators, we were rushing our various promotional materials for our company and our new membership site

Overall, I must say our promotional campaign was rather successful. As I felt that our brochures was certainly more impressive than most of the competition out there. And we did manage to secure quite a number of JV partners.

Nonetheless, everything was really rushed as the demand certainly exceeded the supply. But with the benefit of hindsight, our future promotional campaigns will definitely be more smooth and effectively executed.

Did not get to network much though as I wasn’t present for most of the summit. And for the time I was there, I really did not have the mood. So just hung around with the usual friends.

Went there expecting huge sales pitches, and I wasn’t disappointed. Interesting to see how the speakers lead up to their sales pitch and was really an eye opener. But still, I did manage to pick up some useful insights that can be applied instantly.

I guess I will be sharing more in time to come.

Oh, I also did manage to steal a quick chat with a young brilliant Singaporean marketer. Shall share more in my next post so stay tuned!

World Internet Mega Summit from 26th-29th May In Singapore!

April 30, 2007

In case you haven’t heard of the World Internet Mega Summit that is going to take place in Singapore on the 26th-29th May, you are definitely missing out! The value that you will be receiving from this event certainly exceeds the price of a ticket many times over.


World Internet Summit



A ticket to last year’s World Internet Summit cost well over $1000. But this year, there’s a massive early bird discount due to the increase in attendees that they allow. But do not be mistaken by the low price they are offering.

Just check out the credentials and profile of the star-studded team of speakers lined up for this event. Super Affiliate Ewen Chia, Strategy and Product Creation Expert Stephen Pierce, Viral Marketing Expert Mike Filsaime & Google Adsense Expert Joel Comm.

That’s not all! How about Jay Abraham? Who’s undoubtedly the most renowned and sought after marketing genius, dubbed as the Godfather of Direct Marketing.

And there’s also…..

Read more