An Invite to Will Barden’s Summer Boot Sale

June 24, 2007

Summer Boot Sale

Will Barden’s Summer Boot Sale is launching on July 1st, and it is being dubbed as the ‘Hottest Giveaway Internet Marketing Has Ever Seen’. And right now, it is seeking JV contributors and you can sign up as a JV partner before the site launches over here.

Now for the benefit of those who have never participated in an giveaway event, let me just briefly explain:

Basically it works this way. The host of the Give Away event invites JV partners, who are primarily list owners in the same niche, to contribute a gift. The gifts can be any form of digital products: eBooks, reports, audio/video products, membership passes, or software.

As a JV partner, you will prepare an opt-in page for visitors to sign up to your mailing list in order to download your gift. Hence, giveaway events are really good list building opportunities as anyone who wants to download your gift must opt into your mailing list first.

The host of the event then compiles all the contributed gifts inside the member’s area. This is where the visitors will go to download the gifts of their choice. When they click on a link of a gift, it will bring them to the individual partner’s opt in page.

As you can see, giveaways are certainly very useful towards an internet marketer’s list building efforts. It is responsible for contributing towards hundreds of subscribers to my list.

But of course, most people will tell you that people who opt in to your list through giveaways are merely freebie seekers. Hence, these people are unresponsive and will not earn you any benefits.

Now think again! Brian Edmondson, one of the top 20 JV partners for Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Launch even though he has a list of only 1,286 subscribers would tell you differently. Inside his interview ’15K in 7 Days’, he reveals some of his list building tactics and how he managed to convert his giveaway subscribers into hot paying customers.

Now, it’s really ultimately what you do with your subscribers when they first sign up and also how you maintain the relationship with them that matters.

With that being said, here are 3 simple tips to maximizing your giveaway marketing efforts: Read more

Download Your FREE ‘7 Killer Traffic Tactics’ eBook

June 18, 2007

I believe most people should be aware that my partners and I will be launching a new membership website soon – If you have not sign up as our beta tester and JV partner, we sincerely invite you to do so now! We honestly have great plans in stored for our members and not to mention our beta testers & JV partners. So once again, if you have not signed up, do head over to now.

Been really busy with the preparation of our new website. And the targeted launch of the closed beta phase should be 11th July. As part of the promotional efforts for the launch, I’ve written a new eBook called ‘7 Killer Traffic Tactics’.

I spent quite some time compilling these 7 Killer Traffic Tactics into an eBook. Basically, it details 7 step-by-step strategies you can use to send an avalanche of massive traffic to your website instantaneously.

And I’m going to give it away for absolutely no charge at all. And guess what? You don’t even have to opt-in!

To sweeten the deal, you are going to have full giveaway rights to the eBook as well. Feel free to give it away on your blog, to your list etc and use it as a list building tool if you would like.

My only request is for you to put the information detailed inside to good use and if you’ve found it beneficial, remember to sign up for my Kanggie JV Invite list!

Alright, shall leave you with the eBook. Be sure to read the first page as I explained what mistakes do most traffic seekers make and the importance of improving your conversion rate as well.

And pls leave a comment on what you think of it!


7 Killer Traffic Tactics

Right Click Here To Download Now!

Beta Testers & JV Partners Wanted For The Launch Of Kanggie!

June 10, 2007

If you have been visiting my blog recently, you should have seen a box at the top which says ‘You’re Invited To Participate As A Beta Tester & JV Partner In The Upcoming Launch Of!’

Not sure if you’ve visited the site.. If you have, you would see that it is basically a JV invite page for, the first big project being developed by IMovators.

But if you realized, the main website at looks like a normal squeeze page. Certainly not fitting for a JV invite page in my opinion. Hence, it was a mistake on my part.

Wonder what was I thinking about…
Hence, I’ve re-written the JV invite page and will be doing some changes to the main pre-launch website.

Anyway, we’re genuinely looking for beta-testers and JV partners. As this is a rather complex membership website, we really need as many beta testers as possible, so we really hope everyone can sign up and help test our website!

Do take note that the list will only be used for the purpose of contacting our JV partners and will never be used for any other promotions.
Now the next question is, what is all about?

Kanggie is a networking portal designed to give internet marketers a whole new experience of being able to build connections, promote their products and services, learn about the various online marketing strategies and also to have fun all at the same time.

It is also designed to help current marketers get themselves known to the entire Internet community and is also a platform for complete beginners to pick up the ropes of internet marketing and expose themselves to the potential of earning money online.

We’re still busy working on the various features and the closed beta stage should be conducted in the first week of July. The benefits to our JV partners and more details on Kanggie can be found on the website too…

So do visit the new JV invite page at and we’ll keep you informed when the closed beta session starts!

Meanwhile, shall leave you with the video which can be viewed at the JV invite page as well.

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Dylan Loh’s Secret Article Profits

June 4, 2007

As mentioned in my previous post, I managed to steal a quick chat with a young brilliant marketer by the name of Dylan Loh at the World Internet Summit. Have been communicating with him online recently, so I was certainly pleased to finally meet him in person.

As usual, he was really friendly and humble about his achievements on the Internet. And while most people are falling asleep inside the hall due to the lenghty presentations, there he was lurking outside seeking out JV partners and busy networking.

Did I mention he’s only 21 years old and still serving his national service? Though he will be receiving his freedom soon.. Nonetheless, he has been marketing online since 2003, so unsurprisingly, he has managed to accumulate a ton of experience and expertise.

Hence, when I had a chance to preview his latest product – Secret Article Profits – I was really excited.

Read more

World Internet Summit Review

June 1, 2007

The past few days had been really hectic… Firstly, the World Internet Summit was held from 26th-29th May. However, something unfortunate happened before the first day of WIS as my grandma’s battle with her heart problems finally ended as she left us early in the morning at 3am.

Noone managed to catch her just before her last breath though. As it was too late when we all rushed to the hospital upon receiving the doc’s call that her condition was pessimistic. I guess she just could not bear the sight of seeing her loved ones in sadness. As mentioned earlier, she was really a woman with a big heart, and she always will be regardless of where she is right now.

Life and death is part of life, and I’ve come to terms with that. But the one thing I’m most thankful for is I’ve had many memories with my beloved granny while she was alive and these memories will remain firmly etched in my mind forever.

As such, I missed most of the World Internet Summit. Nonetheless, I’m really not complaining. It happens once every year anyway. Still, just like to share some thoughts on the summit.

The few days before the summit was really hectic as together with my partners of IMovators, we were rushing our various promotional materials for our company and our new membership site

Overall, I must say our promotional campaign was rather successful. As I felt that our brochures was certainly more impressive than most of the competition out there. And we did manage to secure quite a number of JV partners.

Nonetheless, everything was really rushed as the demand certainly exceeded the supply. But with the benefit of hindsight, our future promotional campaigns will definitely be more smooth and effectively executed.

Did not get to network much though as I wasn’t present for most of the summit. And for the time I was there, I really did not have the mood. So just hung around with the usual friends.

Went there expecting huge sales pitches, and I wasn’t disappointed. Interesting to see how the speakers lead up to their sales pitch and was really an eye opener. But still, I did manage to pick up some useful insights that can be applied instantly.

I guess I will be sharing more in time to come.

Oh, I also did manage to steal a quick chat with a young brilliant Singaporean marketer. Shall share more in my next post so stay tuned!

World Internet Mega Summit from 26th-29th May In Singapore!

April 30, 2007

In case you haven’t heard of the World Internet Mega Summit that is going to take place in Singapore on the 26th-29th May, you are definitely missing out! The value that you will be receiving from this event certainly exceeds the price of a ticket many times over.


World Internet Summit



A ticket to last year’s World Internet Summit cost well over $1000. But this year, there’s a massive early bird discount due to the increase in attendees that they allow. But do not be mistaken by the low price they are offering.

Just check out the credentials and profile of the star-studded team of speakers lined up for this event. Super Affiliate Ewen Chia, Strategy and Product Creation Expert Stephen Pierce, Viral Marketing Expert Mike Filsaime & Google Adsense Expert Joel Comm.

That’s not all! How about Jay Abraham? Who’s undoubtedly the most renowned and sought after marketing genius, dubbed as the Godfather of Direct Marketing.

And there’s also…..

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Michael Cheney’s Traffic Videos Review

April 3, 2007

Yes Michael’s Traffic Videos are finally launched! I’ve been a fan of Michael Cheney ever since his 11 Days To List Profits launch. His last traffic videos were fabulous, but he certainly has outdone himself this time round.

One of the biggest problems faced by internet marketers is the lack of traffic. Bloggers complain about not having enough traffic to their blogs. Affiliate marketers complain about not having a big enough list to promote to. And product owners also face the problem about not generating enough sales due to the lack of traffic.

What if all these problems could cease to exist?

Most people would surf around aimlessly in a bid to find the one traffic generation technique that would bring them the most amount of traffic to their website.

Ask yourself this question, have you ever stumbled upon a traffic generation technique that was claimed to bring a certain internet marketing guru tons of traffic? But before you were able to master it effectively, another traffic generation technique pops up which is supposedly better than the previous. Hence, you get distracted and follow blindly whichever traffic generation technique that comes along and seems more attractive than the previous.

Do you think by this way you will be able to generate a decent amount of traffic to your website? The answer is NO!

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Interview With Traffic Expert Michael Cheney

April 1, 2007

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve managed to get hold of an interview done with traffic expert Michael Cheney. I’ve just briefly looked through the “Michael’s Traffic Videos” and left him a testimonial. All I can say the videos are simply awesome. 49 videos on traffic generation and a couple of unbelievable bonuses included. Just applying one traffic strategy inside is enough to increase huge traffic to my websites greatly. Will be doing a more detailed review of the “Michael’s Traffic Videos” which is due to launch in around 2 days time once I’ve finished viewing them.

Meanwhile, just enjoy the interview that was conducted with him.


Michael Cheney Talks Traffic – Interview With A Traffic Expert

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7 Ways To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog

March 31, 2007

As mentioned in my last post, traffic remains one of the biggest problems of many internet marketers. Truth is, many of the traffic generation techniques are already made known. But people are just not taking action to put those techniques into good use. So instead of complaining that there’s no traffic to your blog, stop and reflect if you have been doing enough to consistently drive traffic .

Nonetheless, I’ve compiled some of the traffic techniques which have worked for me. Hope it will benefit you!

7 Ways To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog

1. Submit your blog to blog directories – There are two main benefits of joining blog directories. Firstly, the more listings you have for your blog, the more exposure your blog has. Hence, naturally it acts as a form of traffic. Secondly, you generate backlinks for your blog which will help to raise your page rank in the long run. Some of the blog directories you should submit your blog to include Blog Explosion, Blog Elites, Blog Catalog and BloggerSG (for singaporean’s blogs). There are tons of blog directories around and you just need to do a google search for it. Dedicate a portion of your time to submit your blog to at least twenty of the most popular directories, and traffic will come your way in due time.

2. Visit other blogs and leave comments – Now you should never shut yourself out from the rest of the blogosphere. You need to visit other blogs related to your interests and leave genuine comments. I’m not encouraging you to spam others with your comments for the purpose of getting traffic back. It’s easy to spot such comments and most people simply ignore them or even delete them. Hence, strive to engage in discussions going around in others’ blogs and give your honest opinions. Make friends in the blogosphere. And this will help improve your traffic tremendously.

3. Create an account with Technorati – Technorati is a must join for all bloggers. Basically, it’s like a search engine and massive directory for all blogging related activities. If you use it well, it can help to build a superb linking campaign and increase your traffic substantially. Head on down to and claim your blog. Thereafter, install the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin and include tags inside your blog posts. Hence, when people search for tags on Technorati, your blog will be listed for the tags you’ve inserted inside your posts. To find out more about the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin and other essential plugins you ought to install for your blog, check out this previous post of mine.

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Boost Traffic To Your Blog Through Blog Reviews

March 11, 2007

Recently I’ve witnessed a spike in blog reviews started by various bloggers. The concept is simple: Blogger A invites other bloggers to post a review of blogger A’s blog on their respective blogs. In return, blogger A offers a backlink and sometimes a prize for the best entry.

In my opinion, this is a good way of driving traffic and increasing publicity for one’s blog, other than the honest feedback that one actually receives. As a review of your own blog is being placed at potentially many other blogs, your link is being exposed to hundreds or even thousands of pairs of eyes.

Recently, I chanced upon Alvin’s blog which offered a similar review campaign. And it really caught my eye as he was offering a Digital Video Creator to whoever who posted the best review of his blog. Though I’m not sure how is he going to judge these entries, the Digital Video Creator is simply too attractive to miss out. (the typical ‘kiasu’ Singaporean mentality). So kudos to Alvin for making me come up with a review of his blog:

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