10 Essential WordPress Plugins Everyone Ought To Have

March 5, 2007

Now we all know that the WordPress blogging platform has numerous advantages, and one of the main ones would be the sheer amount of wordpress plugins it has. Be it for search engine optimization(SEO), monetization, interaction, list building, multimedia purposes etc, it has plugins which serve all kinds of purposes. The question is, are you fully utilizing them?

If you’re not, fret not! As I’ve compiled some of the most essential plugins which I use personally and have benefited me greatly. While it took me some time to figure out which are the useful ones, this is going to cut short your learning curve. Hope it helps!

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Viral Marketing GiveAway 4? What’s Up With All These Give Aways?

March 2, 2007

NO.. Not another give away please…

Ever since I started on internet marketing roughly in August last year, I’ve witnessed at least five such massive giveaways. For those who are still unaware of such giveaways, they are basically a huge collection of free internet marketing tools, eBooks and software which are given away by various internet marketers in a bid to build their list.

This is an excellent chance for beginners who are seeking free information on the various aspects of internet marketing. I still remember how excited I was when I encountered my first such large scale giveaway.

Without thinking, I opted in to countless internet marketers’ lists so as to receive the free gifts. However, as more giveaways popped up, my enthusiasm level died down. Firstly, the free internet marketing stuffs dished out seemed repetitive. Furthermore, there was simply no time to dig through all the stuffs included inside these giveaways.

I soon realized the best way to get a head start in Internet Marketing was simply to invest in a good guide. Or a few good guides. I myself have invested in a couple of such guides, the best of which is Derek Gehl’s ‘Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business On The Internet’. No doubt, it is slightly costly. But the value you derive is worth so much more.

All my doubts about internet marketing were cleared once and for all and I’ve managed to build a solid foudation I dare say. And this guide is really about building a business, and not just some hyped up ‘get rich quick’ methods which so many eBooks out there position themselves to be.

As for affiliate marketing, Ewen Chia’s Secret Affiliate Weapon and Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook remains to be my most valued investments.

Coming back to my discussion on the giveaways, hence this time round, when I gotten wind of the Viral Marketing GiveAway 4 by Brett Ingram, I frankly wasn’t moved at all. ‘It’s just one of those giveaways once again’, I though to myself.

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First the SideBar, And Now the Comments Too?

March 1, 2007

Time to destress! After days of studying and rushing project deadlines, pls allow me to depict the battle I had with WordPress!

A few days ago, I ranted about the problem I had with my sidebar. After an epic battle withWordpress, I finally solved the problem. Turns out not only did my oversized pics contributed to it, the ‘Brian Threaded Comments’ plugin which I was using was the main contribution factor.

Previously I was using the Regulus theme, which is largely common among bloggers. However, as I wanted a new look, I switched to the current theme I was using. Didn’t face any problems with Regulus. However, apparently the  Brian Threaded Comments’ plugin would make the comments section  oversized in the new theme and hence cause my sidebar to go to the bottom.

Funny thing is, only IE posed the problem. And as mentioned, as I was using Mozilla all along, I never knew the problem existed.
How did I find out it was the plugin that was the culprit?

Well, I was certainly bewildered when I realized that my sidebar appeared at the bottom only at those pages of individual posts which had comments. Hence, I decided to de-activate that plugin and Voila! My sidebar resumed it’s normal position!

However, determined not to be undone by a small little plugin, I decided to solve the mystery.

Looked through the CSS of the plugin and tried to resize the comments box size. And TADA! I won the battle over the plugin!

Woohoo.. Spent a huge amount of time on it and man, was I satisfied with myself!

Thereafter, I decided to use IE and went around blogs to see if anyone faced the same probs as me..

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RSS Simplified And Explained

February 27, 2007

Honestly, it took me some time for me to understand and realize the importance of RSS. I’ve came across several websites and eBooks stressing the importance of RSS but I’ve never really took notice.

I have to admit I’m not exactly a IT savvy person. I started out knowing nothing about HTML code. Nonetheless, the passion for what I’m doing has pushed me to learn. So looking back, I must say I’m rather proud of my achievements so far. One thing for sure, I’ve managed to step out of my comfort zone to constantly learn and upgrade myself.

Now back to the main topic, I will like to share of the little knowledge I have about RSS.

Previously, the mention of RSS scares me. It sounds like really something hard to understand and master.

If you take a look at the definition over at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS_(file_format), you may still not get the idea.

Hence, allow me to try my best to explain it in my layman’s term.

Well, RSS actually stands for Really Simple Syndication. And the purpose of website owners publishing RSS feeds is to enable their readers/visitors to view the content on their websites conveniently.

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Earn Money From Sharing Videos?

February 24, 2007

Recently, there have been a couple of video sharing sites which rewards people for sharing their videos. Most of these sites allow people to earn money from the Google Adsense clicks accumulated from the ads being displayed on the same page as one’s video.

Users get to earn a percentage of their referrals’ Google Adsense earnings as well. Hence, it functions as a referral program as well.

I also came across a script selling at around US$197 which enables people to set up such video uploading websites.

Now we all know that Google Adsense earnings are quite low and with the gaining awareness of Adsense, it makes it extremely difficult for people to generate a stable income from Google Adsense.

Coupled by the fact that with so many such similar sites springing up, to be able to command a reasonable traffic flow to one such site would be extremely challenging. Furthermore, everyone who sign up as a member knows for a fact that they will earn money through the Google Adsense clicks accumulated. Hence, it provides little incentive or reason for them to click on others’ ads.

Hence, personally I feel that the business model of such websites is rather weak.

Nonetheless, as video sites look for ways to attact higher-quality content, they are dangling cash, usually offering to cut creators in on the advertising revenue their work generates.

I recently came across one video sharing website – http://www.metacafe.com. It pays creators US$100 when their video has been viewed 20,000 times, and US$5 for every 1,000 additional views.

Hence, it pays video creators based on how many viewers their work attracts. This, as compared to the above mentioned websites which pays video creators based on how many adsense clicks it generates, is certainly more viable and practical.

It also promotes creativity and innovation of videos, which will in the long run generate a constant flow of traffic to the website.

Not surprisingly, the website’s alexa ranking is 136 when I last check. Very impressive I must say.

Other sites like TurnHere and ExpertVillage.com, offer upfront payments for videos on assigned topics, like a tour of Golden Gate Park in San Fransisco, or an instructional video about skydiving.

And in January, Mr Chad Hurley, a YouTube co-founder, announced at the World Economic Forum that his site, now owned by Google was exploring similar ways to ‘reward creativity’.

Web opportunites certainly promise to be more exciting and lucrative as avenues open up for ordinary individuals to showcase their talent and creativity and get rewarded at the same time.

If you have an interesting video to share, why not head on to http://www.metacafe.com now?

And if you become famous one day, do remember to treat me to a cup of coffee one day if you heard of it first here.

Have a great weekend folks!

Online Scams Identified!

January 27, 2007

I previously did a post on how to spot an online scam. To be frank, I got the inspiration from Adam Wong’s blog post. He’s a undergrad at SIM and is in charge of all Adam Khoo’s websites.

Anyway, I think he has done a good job in exposing online scams and does it in a really funny way.

Now, the website that Adam was referring in his blog post, I’ve visited it before and it was really pretty obvious that it smells scam all over. From his sales page design and testimonials, everything looks so ‘scammish’.
As mentioned, his clickbank stats looks heavily doctored. Anyone who resorts to doctoring their clickbank stats certainly is not one to be trusted.

Anyway, the product that the website is trying to recommend is called ‘Ultimate Wealth Package’. I’ve personally bought that product, and well, in my opinion it is seriously over rated.

Nonetheless, the ‘scammish’ website has been on google adwords for ages and the fact that it can continue to advertise for so long shows that it is continually generating income.

And it only shows one thing – People are actually being conned into buying it!

Now no disregard to ‘Ultimate Wealth Package’. It is one of the highest ranked clickbank products.

But however, the website mentioned inside Adam’s post is simply an affiliate trying to promote the Ultimate Wealth Package. Meaning to say, the website owner is not the original creator of the product. And he’s being untruthful by displaying those doctored cheques and clickbank stats.

Another shocking truth revealed: The website owner is an Australian! And not the person mentioned in the website – who is supposed to be an Sinaporean!

Haha… Stuart Tan did a search and found out that the website was registered under an Australian.

So it seems like it’s an Australian trying to con Singaporeans by hiding under the identity of Singaporeans. And I wonder where he managed to find those pictures and if the people involved are aware of it.

Hence, if you ever come across such similar pages, beware!!

Disclaimer: You might have seen the google ads of the websites mentioned on this very blog of mine. However, I must state that I do not control the google ads displayed on my blog. Google does. So even though the google ads are displayed, it does not mean I personally endorse those programs. The programs and resources that I personally recommend are listed under my resources page and recommendations section at the side.

Alright, I shall direct you to Adam’s and Stuart’s post for you to gain a clearer picture.



We’re setting up a booth in NUS!

January 26, 2007

Well I haven’t been blogging for the past few days as Patricia and I have been busy preparing for our booth at the National Universit of Singapore (NUS) USC bazaar. We’ve stopped giving away free access to our ‘7 Ways to Earn Money Online’ and we’ll be launching it online officially next week! Gonna retail it at US$19.97.
Just registered it on clickbank and we’ll be also setting up our affiliate program. So stay tuned!

Anyway, as mentioned, we’ll be setting up a booth at NUS to sell our eBooks and to build awareness among undergraduates the idea of internet marketing and instil in them the importance of a passive stream of income.

We’ll be offering a one time discount at the bazaar!

We’ve created banners, posters and flyers to be used for our booth. And also designed a huge board full of testimonials… Everything looks exciting and we’re extremely excited!

Have a look at our designs!

Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

January 11, 2007

I shall continue from my previous post on how you should go about creating the income streams mentioned in my ebook.

I’ve talked about the potential of setting up an online business. Now many people posted me this question ‘What should I sell?’. From that I can gather that most people are absolutely clueless on what to sell.

Now if you’ve read my book carefully, I actually listed down several types of products you can sell. You can easily sell information products such as ebooks, software, audio clips and video clips. Or you can also purchase resell rights products. These are products created by others but you just need to buy the rights to sell them.

And the best part is, you can also sell other people’s products! This was elaborated in income stream #6. I guess many are still abit unsure of what affiliate marketing is about. I’ve already gave quite a clear explanation of what is it about in my eBook, but I guess I shall elaborate further for the benefit of those who didn’t quite catch it.

Affiliate marketing is: the promotion of products by third parties in exchange for a commission/ cut of the sale.

Simple as that.

To give you an example, lets say now instead of allowing people to download my ‘7 Ways To Earn Money Online’ program, I’ve decided to sell it. But instead of just marketing it based on purely my own efforts, I’ve decided I want to increase my sales by getting others to market my product. Hence, I decided to list my product on an affiliate network, and allow anyone to sign up as my affiliate for free. So whenever an affiliate refers a customer to my website and that person purchases my product, I pay my affiliate a commission of say 50%.

That’s affiliate marketing for you.

Now I’ve gave a further elaboration of affiliate marketing in my eBook so pls go read it.

So the next question now is, why would any company be so foolish to pay commissions as high as 75%? Wouldn’t they make a loss? I’m sure some of you find it hard to accept that.
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‘7 Ways To Earn Money Online’ System Is Out!

January 9, 2007



Yes it’s finally out! After reviewing our ‘7 Ways To Earn Money Online’ eBook and listening to some comments, we’ve decided to add in more content to make it more beneficial and useful to our members. Hence, from just an eBook, it is upgraded to a massive system consisting of 5 eBooks and an audio CD. All of these are designed to introduce people to the potential of creating online income streams. 

The first eBook consists of success stories of ordinary individuals who have managed to convert their passions into highly successful online businesses. The second ‘Introduction To Creating Online Income Streams’ gives a brief overview of why we feel that online income streams are highly lucrative and how you should establish your driving factor. The third ‘How to Generate Income Streams From Programs Online’ lists 3 income streams which are manily determined by other companies. 

The next two eBooks ‘How to Create A Lucrative eBay Business’ and ‘Create Multiple Income Streams With An Online Business’ lists the other 4 income streams which gives you a chance to fully own and control our earnings.  These 4 income streams hold the key to our financial freedom and thus should be concentrated on the most. 

On top of that, we’ve added in 7 bonuses to those who act fast. And these are not ordinary bonuses but resources that are going to help you achieve your dreams of owning a successful online business.  Alright, so if you have not downloaded your free ‘7 Ways to Earn Money Online’ system, be sure to do it so. You just have to enter your name and email on the right hand side bar. Or if you would like to take a peek at the entire package and watch the video we have recorded for you, go to http://calvinwoon.com/7ways. 

 For those who have downloaded just the eBook previously, do not worry as you will be receiving an email from us on how you can download the new package.  Lastly, do leave a comment to tell us what you think! 

And stay tuned for many more free goodies and good stuffs from us!  Thanks & God Bless! Calvin & Patricia

Review Of Our ‘7 Ways To Earn Money Online’ eBook Launch

January 8, 2007

We’ve received several favourable comments regarding our ‘7 Ways to Earn Money Online’ eBook launch ever since we lauched it around 3 weeks ago. As of today, close to 200 people have downloaded our eBook.

Nonetheless, some have commented that the eBook is abit lengthy, especially the intro. Patricia and I have spent a considerable amount of time going through the comments and brainstormed over how we can improve and add value to our members.

We’ve added fresh content to our eBook and separated the 7 online income streams into a total of 4 eBooks plus a bonus ‘success stories’ eBook. We’ve also recorded an audio CD in mp3 format containing an introduction and a special important message we have for you. So it’s now a massive system designed to help people get started to building up to 7 income streams online.

In order to ensure our members find it easy to earn money online, we also decided to add in 7 bonuses to those who signed up to receive their free system. Do not worry if you’ve previously signed up as these will be made available for you to download for free as well.

The new ‘7 Ways to Earn Money Online’ System should be available to download in around 2 days time. So stay tuned for my email!

Meanwhile, for those who have yet to email me your comments, kindly do so at calvin@calvinwoon.com as your comments are greatly appreciated!

If you think your friends will benefit from this system too, kindly refer them to http://calvinwoon.com/7ways to download their free system too!

Do not hesitate to email me if you face any problems or have any enquiries.

I wish you all the best!

God Bless!

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