The Power Of Beliefs

October 31, 2006

There’s one book which really inspired me about 2 years ago and is still has its influence on me and is by our very own local writer and motivational speaker, Adam Khoo and that is “Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny”.

I was just browsing the book today to just refresh my mind about the tips that Adam Khoo offers and it really sets me thinking about the beliefs that I have about myself and others.

Well, beliefs can influence and empower people to achieve greater things and though these beliefs normally do motivate us towards our goals but there are limiting beliefs that hinder our success.

Limiting beliefs, for example “I’m stupid”, “I can’t score good results so why bother?”, cause us to belittle our strengths and ability. These limiting beliefs are created by our experiences and even by the people around us. Friends or parents who pass comments like, “Why can’t you be smarter?” or “Why can’t you be like your capable brother?” are what spark off the development of such limiting beliefs and there may be evidences such as poorer academic results that reinforce these comments

Beware my friend, if you are often thinking negative thoughts about yourself, or even your family because when it becomes worse, you may develop negative schemas or views of this world and this can result in depression in the long run.

Ever heard of self-fulfilling prophecies? Beliefs can cause us to live lives that we do not desire. Well, erroneous beliefs that we may have about ourselves can cause us to behave in a certain way and because we behave in a certain way, it results in a certain outcome which we may initially have feared of.

So don’t forget this, beliefs are what we think and feel about ourselves and the world we live in and they determine what we expect from ourselves and ultimately how we perform. If you wish to be someone great, successful, capable, smart and creative, think that you are and believe that you are! Once you start thinking that you are a successful, capable and smart man/woman, you will think and behave like one and before you know it, you are one!

So change the way you think and let it be your first step to becoming the person you truly desire!