Would You Rather Be Rich Or Happy (Pt 2)

March 18, 2007

So happy to see all the comments pouring in.. Nv knew so many people actually bothered to read my blog posts.. Haha.. So b4 I proceed, jus wanna say thanks to all who have voiced out their opinions. Appreciated it. Had a wonderful time reading thru every single comment and really pondering and reflecting over many stuffs.

For those who have not read my previous blog post, do read it over here.

Now, the blog post was intended to clear some misconception about money and people who strives hard to be wealthy.

Though the title of my blog post could have been misleading. Just in case some people misunderstand that I actually would rather choose to be rich than happy, just let me clarify. Firstly, I must state that I would definitely choose to be happy rather than rich. Period.

I know money is NOT equivalent to happiness. I’ve seen so many examples of families who live an extremely simple life but yet experience the warmth and happiness which so many wealthy families are deprived of.

That is something which no amount of money in the world can buy. On the other hand, there are numerous examples of wealthy families which are broken apart. While many people admire those who are being born with a silver spoon, I’ve seen cases of wealthy friends who feel extremely depressed and empty inside due to the lack of warmth and happiness in their families. As a result, they resort to crimes and other bad behaviours so as to seek excitement in order to fill the empty space created by their wealthy parents.

Hence, this has led to the belief that being wealthy actually creates more problems. And some people really do believe that wealth and happiness are mutually exclusive.

But is that really the case?

Having read through the comments in my previous post, just would like to bring up some interesting points:

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Would You Rather Be Rich Or Happy?

March 15, 2007

Today, I was chatting with some of my friends in school when a comment by one of my friends sent me into some serious thinking. We were just chit-chatting casually when one of my friends asked me how’s my online business doing. As usual, I was pretty excited about my online business plans and also the workshop that is currently ongoing.

I went on to talk about how we must really live out of our comfort zone in order to become successful and wealthy in life. Then one of my friend commented:

‘I do not want to be rich. I just want to be happy.’

For one instant, I was stunned. For some reason, I did not know how to answer her. Not because I agreed with her mindset. But because I was rather astounded by that comment. I mean, since when wealth and happiness are mutually exclusive??

Then another quote came to my mind,


‘Money will not buy you happiness’.


 Ahh… Now I’m starting to see the link.

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7 Critical Distinctions Between Producers and Procrastinators

January 16, 2007

Heyz everyone! As mentioned, the last weekend’s seminar by Johnny Wimbrey and Matt Morris was absolutely motivational and informative. The first thing I would like to share with you is the 7 Critical Distinctions Between Produces & Procrastinators mentioned by Johnny Wimbrey, the Vice President of Success University


  • Winning Mindset
  • Eat, Sleep, Breathe Winning Possibilities
  • Attract winners
  • Mentored
  • Established Accountability
  • Student for Life
  • Tell your problems about you
  • Victor
  • Responsive

  • Stinking Thinking
  • Focuses on personal/external limitations
  • Attract other whiners
  • Lacks the value for advisors
  • Has no accountability
  • Questions life
  • Talks about problems
  • Victim
  • Reactive
Control Circumstances

  • Sets the sail
  • Responsible, Ability to respond
  • Thinks before action
  • Proactive
  • Owns their reliability
Controlled by Circumstances

  • Moved by current/wind
  • Emtional response
  • Action without thought
  • Rash
  • Blames others for their reality

  • Entertains success
  • Addresses a challenge
  • Positively effective
  • Stands under strong pressure
  • Cheerful

  • Entertains failure
  • Runs from a challenge
  • Stressed and negative
  • Cracks at the slightest pressure
  • Fearful
Takes a risk

  • Risk taker
  • Creates moment of possibility
  • Invests time and money in their dreams and passion
  • Sacrificial(Give up and get up)
  • Steps out of comfort zone and faces unknown
Makes a Wish

  • Wish maker
  • Hopes of moments of possibility
  • Wishes
  • refuss to et go and lacks the manpower to get started
  • Content, comfortable and fears the unknown

  • Insight and discernment
  • Creates moments based on faith
  • Writes the vision and makes it plain
  • Sees past and through life apparent obstacles
  • Imagine and visualize experiences the end result
  • Goal setter and goal getter

  • Acts on eyesight
  • Waits for moments based on sight
  • Entertainment by happy and prosperous thoughts
  • Invent apparent obstacles
  • Have imagination without expectation
  • Habitual goal setter

  • Plan ahead
  • Inspect what you expect
  • Move after impartation
  • Prepared
  • Mentally prepared for increase
  • Say what you want and what you expect
  • Not intimidated by others

  • Failure to plan – change with the world
  • Take whatever fails to their lap
  • Move after information and emotion
  • No idea why mental preparation is important


  • Implementation – put things into action
  • Manifestation
  • Must be successful
  • Participator
  • Sense of urgency
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • You start to finish

  • Justification
  • Imagination
  • Want to be successful
  • Spectator
  • Sense of slothfulness
  • You postphone because of a dead end mind
  • You finish before you start

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Success Tip #4 For 2007 – Stay Positive Always

January 2, 2007

Happy New Yr to Everyone!

Feels so good to make the first post of the new yr.. Anyway, I shall continue with my success tips series.

Success Tip #4: Stay Positive Always

I believe many people would argue that it is difficult to stay positive always. As we encounter various setbacks in life, I fully understand that it’s normal to feel down and even self-pitying, However, I strongly feel that it by being negative to all that happens to you is definitely not going to help things.

‘It’s not what happens to you that determine how far you will go in life; it is how you handle what happens to you.’ – Zig Ziglar.

Hence, if you want positive things to happen to you, you’ve simply got to think positive all the time.

To illustrate this, i shall use the scenario of two soccer players preparing to take a penalty kick.

Now just imagine if before player A kicks the ball, he keeps thinking that he’s going to miss it. In his mind, images of him not scoring keep flashing and he actually feels the disappointment mentally.

Now what are the chances of him really missing?

On the other hand, what if player B actually visualizes himself scoring and all his team mates embracing him. He actually could feel the happiness mentally even before the kick.

Which player do you think stands a higher chance of scoring a goal?

If you were to ask me, I would say that player A has already missed the goal even before he has even attempted the kick. The battle was already half lost.

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