Success Tip #6 for 2007: Do What You Love

January 5, 2007

Now for the last success tip for 2007: Do What You Love!

This is probably the most valuable success tip I can give to anyone.

I believe all of us have our own interests and passions, and it’s a waste not to pursue them.

In life, we’re often told to do this and told to do that by our parents or elders. As a result, we’re often shaped according to other’s beliefs and expectations. So many people are forced to give up their passions because of other external factors and I feel that it is very saddening.

People who have dreams to pursue non-academic interests will definitely face discouragement since young. And I think that it’s truly a pity that they simply allow their talents to go to waste.

In fact, careers are often chosen not based on interests but rather based on the salary. If you were to ask around, many will tell you that they have absolute no interest in the industry they are in. Rather, many are simply lured by the money.

It’s sad to know that so many people are wasting 40-50 hours of their time per week doing things that they do not love. No doubt, you may be able to reap some rewards from the income you earn. However, if you were to waste 40-50 hours in suffering, then wouldn’t the time lost more than cancel out the benefits gained from the high salary?

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