How To Stop Procrastinating

October 29, 2006

Have you ever had this guilty feeling when you are enjoying yourself and pushing back things you have to do? I have.

I think we are all guilty of procrastination. We keep finding other things to do and avoid completing things that are more important and urgent and leaving them to the very last minute.

I am always trying to complete my assignments on time and always seem to only do them 1 day before or just the night before. I’ll burn the midnight oil and complete them. The funny thing is, I was given the assignment 1 month ago? Why did I choose to leave it to the night before?

That’s the power of procrastination. The art of finding other more enjoyable things to do, rather than completing something we have to do as soon as possible. The human nature is like that, we like to do, eat, experience things that we like and try to avoid something we don’t like as quick as we can. And procrastination hinders our success because it prevents us from doing the things that may ensure or result in our success.

Hence, I began to think and decided to change my ways where I did those pressing and important assignments first before indulging in a night out with my friends. I realized that I’d rather enjoy my favorite activities guilt-free after completing those assignments that I have to do than to rush them the night before and surprisingly it’s more gratifying.

So I’d recommend that you try it too and change.

Here are some ways which motivated me:

  1. Writing a To Do list every morning and sticking it somewhere prominent.
  2. Getting friends to join me in completing the important assignment together. It’s more enjoyable!
  3. Writing a rewards list à compiling of things to do after completing the assignment
  4. Coming up with a day schedule of what to do, at what time.
  5. Try to get people around you to NAG at you to complete your assignment.

I bet you can come up with better ways to counter procrastination. Why don’t share it with me by leaving your comments in the blog? Hear from you!

Remember to stop procrastinating and get down to doing the things that you have to do! Because procrastination hinders your success!