7 Effective Techniques For Time Management

April 13, 2007

Today marks the last day of lessons for this sch sem! Finally all my project deadlines and presentations are over.. Really a sigh of relief for me.. But not time to enjoy and relax though.. As it also signals the start of the study week.. Meaning to say my exams start in one week’s time! Time to panic for some.. But for me, I don’t have the habit of panicking b4 exams..

Nonetheless, this calls for effective management of my time so as to maximize my study week in preparation for my exams.

Have been listening to Dan Lok from Outsource & Delegate and he happens to talk about the 9 time management techniques that he uses. Dan is one of the most highly sought after business consultants on the Internet. Patricia also posted a time management post over at her blog too.. Hence, shall share some of the time management techniques that I learnt.

7 Effective Techniques For Time Management

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