MyPaper Headline – NUS Couple Finds Goldmine in Affiliate Marketing

July 17, 2007

Lolz.. Yup that is really the headline in today’s MyPaper issue (or what I gather from my desperate translation of the Chinese paper).. And the NUS couple who is reported to have supposedly found a goldmine in affiliate marketing is yours truly and Patricia Lin (the other half of the couple obviously).

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MyPaper - Affiliate Marketing

Firstly, a big thanks to Yiting! The ultra nice and friendly journalist who chanced upon our blog amongst the million blogs out there and decided to do an interview on us. Perhaps Patricia was too stunning (or perhaps it was me? I’m just teasing…)

She’s a MyPaper journalist and was doing her research on affiliate marketing. Really enjoyed the interview and also photo shoot. Was really worried that my hair would turn out to be cartoon-ish as people commented that my hair resembles the esplanade (or durain) earlier in the day. (yes, i admit I’m vain).

The funiest thing was when I received quite a few smses from my friend, the first question I asked them was ‘How was my hair in the photo?’.

Just in case if you’re wondering if our chinese is really that powerful, the interview was actually conducted in 100% English. The only time we conversed in Chinese was when Yiting wanted my Chinese name. And we took like 3 mins before she could get it right.

I also had an equally hard time trying to read the article out loud to my mother. Lolz.. Who was really amused but yet saddened by the recent unfortunate events that has happened in my family. But shall share more on that some other day.

For now, let’s talk more about that article!

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