Patricia’s New Blog!

February 22, 2007

Yeahz.. My girlfriend’s long awaited blog is finally up! She used to host one on, but she has registered her own wordpress blog hosted at her own domain name.
As an avid writer and blogger, I’m sure her blog will provide many useful insights to those seeking information on how to enhance relationships across all areas.

Enjoyed myself as I guided her through the setting up of her blog.

And now, it looks excellent!

So do not hesitate and just head over to to check out Patricia’s New Blog!

Patricia's New Blog

New Clothes For My Blog!

February 15, 2007

Weee… Yipeee.. I love the new look of my blog!

Just like how we Chinese love to buy new clothes for ourselves during Chinese New Year… I’ve decided to give my blog a makeover..

Changed the theme to the current one..

Honestly speaking, I’ve been contemplating doing that for a long time.. The old one was rather dull.. But the new one is more lively and colorful.. Which depicts what life should be..

Nonetheless, changing the theme also involves changing lotsa html codes… and it was really rather tedious.. But I guess it was well worth it..

And Patricia loves it too!

Certainly hope my readers like it too as well..

Chinese New Year is coming already.. Which is equivalent to ang paos, chinese new year goodies, and catching up with relatives and friends.

I’m so looking forward to it..

How about you?

Wish everyone have a prosperous and meaningful Chinese New Year Ahead!

Life is Unpredictable.. So cherish it…

February 3, 2007

Yesterday was a gloomy day at the NUS Biz School.. One of our fellow friends departed the night before.. It was so sudden..
It’s scary to know how fragile and unpredictable life is..

He was a a really dedicated and outgoing individual who has contributed vastly to the school.. A kind hearted soul, loved by many…
Although I’m not particularly close to him, I felt so much pain.. Last saw him on last friday.. Nv expected that to be the last time..

I still remember we were attending one tutorial class tog last sem.. And we had a presentation that was video taped.. Our tutor was just telling us a few years back, one of the students in her class committed suicide.. And the mother then asked her for the video as she wanted to keep it as a memory..

Our tutor then told us she wanted to keep all video tapes since then.. She even joked that for what reason she don’t know.. But just in case..

Can’t believe it happened…

My heart really really ached.. Coudn’t hold back my tears as I watched his memorial video…

It really changed my perspective on life.. For all the little details that we fuss about, all the dreams that we pursue, all the things that we fight so hard for, what is most important to cherish is our life..
Be thankful for what you have… Instead of complaining of what you don’t have..

Cherish the people around you.. Do not wait till it’s too late and regret..

For those who are faced with difficulties.. Be thankful that you’re given the life and chance to continue living…

You will be remembered my dear friend…. By the many people whom you have touched..

May God Bless You…

Patricia Turns 21!

January 7, 2007

Today marks a singnificant turning point in Patricia’s life. She turns 21!

Turning 21 has often been associated with the entering of adulthood and holding the key to freedom. Hence, it certainly opens up a new chapter in one’s life.

Had a BBQ celebration yesterday at Pasir Ris Downtown East and the people who turned up were amazing! But we really thank God for the good weather as it was actually drizzling when we were starting the fire. If it rained, we certainly would be helpless as to where to host the 80 over guests that came.
I’m so happy for her and also glad that I’m able to celebrate this significant moment together with her. Certainly looking forward to many more happy moments to come!

Now that we’re both officially adults (I turned 21 on Nov 20th 2005) , it’s time to look ahead for more challenges and to pursue our dreams and passions. No more living under the comfort zone that we’ve created for yourselves.

As for now, I’m extremely zonked after the late nights at the chalet and hence shall just leave you guys with some photos at the chalet.

Patricia with my present for her (so pretty!) Read more

Why I Made The Huge Decision To Major In Marketing Instead Of Finance

January 6, 2007

I’ve always been hugely interested in investing since a very young age. I can still remember when i was a little boy, I will always follow my mum when she observed the stock prices on the tv. I will always ask her about how investing is done and since then, I’ve generated a huge interest in investing.

However, after the Asian Economic crisis which saw the entire stock market crashed and my mum incur heavy losses, she totally washed her hands off the stock market.

Nonetheless, the intense passion in me towards investing did not subside. I always believed that my mum did not master the right techniques and I often hoped that I could find a way to help her recoup her losses.

Hence, my ambition was to become a stock broker. And after being exposed to the investment banking industry, I was even more determined to become an investment banker.

I enrolled in the NUS Busines School intending to major in finance, and I never had second thoughts. Until recently, whereby I chanced upon the field of internet marketing did I harbour second thoughts.

Now do not get me wrong as I will still continue to pursue my passion in investing. However, I realised that I do not have to be an investment banker or major in finance to do so.

Read more

I Passed My Driving!

December 13, 2006

Yeah.. I know.. It’s no big deal.. But my close frens will know that I’ve passed it on my Xth attempt. Thus, this means a lot to me.

Thus, with my driving license, I shall be more motivated to work towards buying my first car.

The best thing was, Patricia was there to wait for the good news. The moment I stepped out of the car, I saw her. Thank God I passed the test. Well, I was exceptionally nervous this time round. Cos I know if I were to fail again, all of frens are really going to have a good laugh.

But once again, God answered my prayers and I’m so thankful for that.

Will definitely be looking forward to driving my dad’s car for the time being. But as I said, my driving license shall be one of my motivation for me to work towards my goals and dreams.

I’m Back!

December 4, 2006

Hey ppl, I’m back! Exams are finally over. And I’m back to blogging as usual. Will be focusing on my internet marketing adventures and will be concentrating on finishing my book these few days. Am really excited about its launch. And I sincerely hope it will be able to benefit many others.

Well, the exams were pretty alright I guess. Am not hoping for much. Just want to pull up my cap score. For today, I shall be relaxing and give myself a well-deserved break so stay tuned for updates!

What Are My Plans Now?

November 21, 2006

Now, my exams are drawing near. But I’m also in the midst of writing a book on how ppl can make money online. You see, over the last 2 months, I’ve went through a huge amount of research and spent quite a huge sum on materials. Thus I really hope to share my knowledge (not a lot, but growing nonetheless) on how ppl can make money online. I’m currently juggling my studies and my research and also my book writing. Of course, I won’t be writing it alone though. Patricia, my girlfriend will be helping me with it. Thus, I many not blog so often for the next two weeks. But once exams are over, I’ll be back! So stay tuned! And my eBook will be free to download for all!

Meanwhile, hope you all have a blessed day ahead!

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