Ewen Chia of Autopilot Profits On Sunday Times!

April 30, 2007

Super affiliate Ewen Chia of the Autopilot Profits have been featured on Singapore’s most popular English daily, the Sunday times. The article was placed in the ‘Me & My Money’ Section, whereby wealthy people are being interviewed each week on their money, investment and financial planning habits. This is one of my favourite sections in the Sunday Times as I get to pick up several useful millionaires’ habits.


Ewen Chia On Sunday Times


Nonetheless, the people who have been featured are mostly CEOs, investors, real estate agents and financial planners. Hence, for an Internet Millionaire to be featured, its really a first of its kind. This just goes to show that people (especially Singaporeans) are slowly beginning to be exposed to internet marketing and how the Internet can be used a platform for any business or individuals to market their products and services in this new media age.

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Who Is Rich Schefren?

February 10, 2007

I just read the ‘Internet Business Manifesto’ written by Rich Schefren, who is the ‘secret business consultant’ working behind the scenes with Internet Marketing Gurus and multi million dollar Internet businesses.

It was an extremely insightful read indeed. Rich revealed strategies and perspectives which are different from all the hype that many so called gurus like to emphasize on. He focuses on the business aspects and ways to leverage and scale a business online, which is really what the essence of Internet Marketing should be based on.

Anyway, just to share some interesting points that I picked up from the Internet Business Manifesto.

Firstly, one of the first things he addressed was: The Reason Why Internet Marketers Struggle.

Rich attributes it to the lack of fundamental business building knowledge.

He believes that is the reason why the overwhelming majority of people new to the Internet will fail in achieving their dreams even if they buy lots of products, study them religiuosly and work extremely hard.

Opportunity seekers think opportunistically while entrepreneurs think strategically.

Well said indeed….

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Ewen Chia & Stuart Tan in Person

January 14, 2007

I finally had a chance to meet Ewen Chia & Stuart Tan in person at the Millionaires Profits Secrets Seminar on Saturday.

Ewen Chia and Me

I think I’ve mentioned about him a few times in my blog and my ebooks. He’s regarded as the no.1 affiliate marketer in the world and he’s only in his early thirties. And so friendly and down to earth.

Well, I must say for a Singaporean to be able to emerge as the no.1 in such a competitve industry, it’s really quite a feat. His Secret Affiliate Weapon is really one program I highly recommend to anyone interested in starting an online income stream, and in a highly profitable industry – affiliate marketing.

So do not hesitate and check his ‘Secret Weapon’ out at http://calvinwoon.com/resources/saw

Stuart Tan and Us

Stuart Tan is the man responsible for spreading the Internet Marketing industry in Singapore. He is also a partner of Adam Khoo’s Learning Technologies Group and his ‘Internet Marketing Singapore’ website has breached the Alexa 10,000 mark. Very impressive I must say. He has rubbed shoulders with many top internet marketers in the world and is highly regarded in this industry as well.

It really felt good to meet two of Singapore’s most successful internet marketers at the same time and place. I truly see the potenial of this industry, and hope to help others succeed in this industry too.

I’ll be sharing more on what I’ve learnt at the two seminars so stay tuned!

To find out more about the program that super affiliate Ewen Chia is promoting too, check out http://calvinwoon.com/resources/successuniversity