Art Of Influence Review

June 16, 2007

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Art of Influence Workshop conducted by Johnny Wimbrey of Success University. So would just like to share some comments regarding it.

Now it’s obvious how important mastering the art of persuasion is. The power of persuasion can be seen as the ultimate source of advantage in life and work. And it can be the critical separation factor between the successful and the rest.

Think about it. In life, we’re constantly trying to persuade or influence others. Be it during the job interview, presentation to your boss to accept your proposal, or during a marriage proposal, there are many instances where persuasion takes place. And for internet marketing, it’s manifested in your sales copy and email promotions. Frankly, copywriting is the art of persuasive writing.

Hence, by mastering the art of influence will help you to get others to agree with your ideas and take the actions you want them to take. Certainly, the advantages are limitless as it could mean anything from clinching the million dollar business deals or getting your dream girl.

With that being said, how does one master the Art of Influence?

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Are You Up For The Shutdown Day

March 6, 2007

With the proliferation of the Internet and the increasing advancement of technology, our lives are increasingly becoming highly dependent on Info-Communication Technologies(ICT). One of the modules I’m taking at the moment, New Media & Society, discusses this extensively. And the school project I’m working on also relates to this topic as we seek to find out ‘How Dependent Are We On The Internet’ nowadays.

I think the answers should be obvious even before we conclude our report. The Internet has changed the way we communicate, do work, source for information, conduct business, obtain education, make friends… and the list goes on… Relationships are being forged on the Internet today, many of which are even more solid than those being forged in the offline world.

Will there be a limit to the ever increasing dependence on the internet? I doubt so..

Interestingly, the guys over at Shutdown Day have declared March 24 Saturday, to be the official Shutdown Day. It’s aim? Read more

Matt Morris & Johnny Wimbrey In Town!

January 13, 2007

This weekend was absolutely phenomenal. The amount of knowledge that Patricia and I learnt was truly overwhelming. Well, due to a very unique & rare opportunity, we managed to catch Johnny Wimbrey & Matt Morris in Singapore and in person! And for free.. (the tickets cost $85 each by the way)

So who is Johnny Wimbrey?

Johnny’s inspirational story of overcoming life’s adversities has empowered masses for greatness. He tells his story and much more in his book Johnny grew up in a battered women’s shelter to growing up on the hard-core streets as a young drug dealer.

After several near death experiences Mr. Wimbrey decided it was time to flip the switch and refused to let his past determine his future. At the age of twenty, he became a temporary licensed insurance agent with no experience, and within six months of being in the insurance industry, Johnny received recognition as a top fifty producer in a national marketing agency.

In less than a two year period, moving from senior agent, to district manager, to regional manager, on to regional Vice-President overseeing the states of Texas and Oklahoma, Johnny found himself in the position of training experienced regional managers to recruit, to manage, and to teach sales development skills for well-known national agencies.

After recognizing the high demand for his services, Johnny decided to use his skills for a higher purpose. His passion is to create success stories by helping others experience financial, spiritual, and emotional wealth. Johnny Wimbrey has been interviewed on national radio talk shows and television networks as a young success story.

Today at 31, Johnny is financially free and ever more inspired to respond to his higher calling and bringing success in many others through Success University.

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How To Start Building Your Online Income Streams?

January 10, 2007

Many of those who have downloaded our ‘7 Ways To Earn Money Online’ eBook previously have emailed me saying that they are absolutely clueless regarding how they should start.

Now I understand that the most difficult step is the first. But I believe that in my eBook, I’ve clearly laid out the steps you should go about. The first thing you should do is to listen to the audio CD we’ve included in our package.

You’ve got to first establish your driving factor – that is know why do you want to earn money online. You may not be aware, but the reasons to doing something rates much stronger than the methods you use to get the job done.

When you have a strong enough motivating factor, you will naturally find ways to achieve your goals. You know when I asked some of my friends if they see the need to create passive streams of income for themselves, they would say thy do not see a need for that.

However, when I asked them if they would like to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones, their answer would be a resounding ‘Of course!’.

The truth is, everyone wants a better life, but yet how many are absolutely committed to achieving it? And with the changing world today, by relying on one source of income stream is simply placing your future and success under a huge risk.

Hence, start by establishing your driving factor!

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The Difference Between Linear & Residual Income

November 9, 2006

The secret of the wealthy is not that they have more money but that they have more time freedom. Because many of their streams are residual, they have more time to spend on anything they want.

So what’s all this comparison between linear and residual income?  Income that is paid once for every hour you work is linear. Hence, income from a salary is linear. You only get paid once for your effort.

However, with residual income, you work hard once and it unleashes a steady flow of income for months and even years. You get paid over and over again for the same effort. You get paid while you’re sleeping, while you’re watching a movie, 24 hours a day.

Now doesn’t that idea sound nice to you?

So what are the various forms of residual streams of income?

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