Stuart Tan’s Charity Telemarathon

September 1, 2007

Now the Internet has indeed opened up limitless possibilities and it can be used for countless purposes. Needless to say, we’ve just witnessed the first ever Internet reality show ‘The Next Internet Millionaire’ which is in my opinion comparable to Donald Trump’s ‘The Apprentice’.

Nonetheless, I’m not going to talk about this today, as I’ve blogged about this at Kanggie. And with all the hype and attention it’s been receiving, it really needs no further publicity. Rather, there’s one huge huge event that is taking place soon which certainly deserves more exposure as there’s a really worthy cause behind it.

And as mentioned earlier regarding the possibilities which the Internet has opened up, I hereby announce to you Stuart Tan’s Charity Telemarathon, which is taking place on the 12th September.

So what is this all about?

Stuart Tan will be interviewing a group of marketing and personal development experts from all over the world across a non-stop 36 Hour period without sleep and without solid food in a bid to generate awareness for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and raise funds for them.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly.. It’s 36 HOURS! Hence, I really do applaud Stuart for attempting such an awesome feat. Certainly, it’s not for personal glory but towards doing his bid for charity.

Anyway, the stellar class of speakers include Yanik Silver, Michael Cheney, Alex Mandossian, Shawn Casey and much much more…

I’m sure most of you prolly are aware of how the Internet can be used to help generate an income online. But likewise, it can be used to help bless and feed the underprivileged. And this huge project is precisely geared towards such a worthy cause.

I’m sure we all strive hard for our dreams not just for our own sake, but also to be able to make a positive difference in others’ lives. So let’s all show our support not only to Stuart and the group of speakers he’s invited, but rather to the noble cause behind this entire project.

So show your generosity and help spread the word about it! And help bless those who are in need and you’ll be blessed in return I’m sure! This might sound cliche but we can all honestly help make this world a better place to live in! :)

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