10 Essential WordPress Plugins Everyone Ought To Have

March 5, 2007

Now we all know that the WordPress blogging platform has numerous advantages, and one of the main ones would be the sheer amount of wordpress plugins it has. Be it for search engine optimization(SEO), monetization, interaction, list building, multimedia purposes etc, it has plugins which serve all kinds of purposes. The question is, are you fully utilizing them?

If you’re not, fret not! As I’ve compiled some of the most essential plugins which I use personally and have benefited me greatly. While it took me some time to figure out which are the useful ones, this is going to cut short your learning curve. Hope it helps!

10 Essential Plugins Everyone Out To Have

1. Optimal Title – Now by default, here’s how WordPress displays your post::

Your Site Name >> Your Post Name

But by installing this plugin, your post will be displayed as:

Your Post Name at Your Site Name.

Hence, by placing your post name which includes your keywords first will increase your chances of getting ranked faster on the search engines. And it will appear more relevant to whoever is searching for that particular keyword.

2. Ultimate Tag Warrior – In simple terms, tags are like keywords which are used to categorize posts in the blogging community. It will help you build incoming links from Technorati, an essential community which you ought to join. Once you install this plugin, you will be able to include tags in your posts. And once you’ve tagged your posts, it will appear on Technorati under the tags you have stated. In other words, traffic!

3. Get Recent Comments – This plugin allows you to place excerpts of the most recent comments that have been placed in your blog. With this feature, it will attract further comments from your readers and hence build interaction.
4. Adsense-Deluxe – Allows you to place Google Adsense ads in your wordpress conveniently. I understand that you can simply copy and paste the code from your Google Adsense account. But for some who chooses to place Google Adsense ads in certain posts, it might be troublesome. So, this plugin enables you to just insert a special code each time you wanna place Adsense ads.
5. Related Posts – This plugin will display other posts which are relevant to your current post. Firstly, this builds inter-links within your blog. More importantly, it displays posts which might be of interest to your reader since it’s related to what he/she is reading. Thus, it will encourage them to stay longer on your blog.

6. aLinks – This wordpress plugin will convert words/phrases into links.

7. Sociable – Automatically add links on your posts to popular social bookmarking sites. hence, makes it easy for readers to bookmark your posts on social bookmarking sites.

8. Subscribe To Comments – This plugin will enable readers to subscribe to your comments. Hence, it encourages interaction and re-visits to your blog.

9. Popularity Contest – This plugin will help you identify and list your most popular posts. hence, it helps in getting an idea what your readers are most interested about and also helps to direct your readers to your most popular posts.

10. Sidebar Widget – And finally the last one! While I personally do not use it as is not supported by my theme, many have found it to be extremely useful. Makes it extremely convenient for anyone to arrange their sidebar by simply using drag-and-drop. Certainly saves beginners lots of hassle of customizing your sidebar.

And there you have it! The 10 Essential Plugins Everyone Ought To Have. Now this list is by no means comprehensive and there are many more plugins which have served many others well.I myself also use many more plugins. To get a more comprehensive list of useful plugins, you can visit Lorelle’s blog

So what about you? Which plugins do u personally like other than those mentioned above? Do share ya!


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