How We Made $860.50 and Got 2061 Subscribers Part #2

October 27, 2007

Ok first up, I know I’ve mentioned this numerous times, but sorry for the lack of posts. I hate myself for the procrastination too. But this time, there was a genuine reason. Not like I don’t always come up with a makeshift excuse every time. but anw, my laptop was down! And I had to send it for repair…. but it came back with the same prob.. So I had to send it back again!

Argh! But thankfully, it’s back to normal now.. But anw, it’s time to buy a new one! So shall wait for one of the IT Show or PC Fair in Dec.

Ok shall just post a quick follow up to my previous post here.

Some people have been asking me how exactly we promoted the IM Myth and how did we generate our own subscribers from promoting it.

Frankly, there’s no secret.

This method is called Ezine (electronic magazine) advertising.

Basically, you pay for advertising for emails to be sent out to subscribers of a particular ezine. There are a ton of ezines for the various niches, so you just have to search for ‘your niche + ezine’ to get a list of ezines you can advertise in.

Of course, not every ezine will have the same conversion rate, and not neccessarily every ezine ad you purchase will bring in profits.

So what does your success depend on? There are numerous factors, but shall just touch on the main ones.

1. Quality of your email: If you’re purchasing a solo ad (one entire email ad), obviously the quality of the way your email is crafted will affect your success. Just observe how the top marketers write their emails and learn some techniques they use.

2. Quality of your squeeze page: When paying for advertising, it’s best to direct your visitors to a squeeze page. As people may not purchase, if you manage to capture the leads and build your list, at least you won’t lose out. So make sure you design a squeeze page which converts well. In the IM Myth instance, my squeeze page converted at a MASSIVE 30% for one of the ads I did. So that explains why…

3. Quality of the ezine: Yes this affects your conversion and profits and ROI very much. There are a ton of ezines out there, but some are simply trash or not targeted. So you need to find an ezine which has targeted subscribers to your niche and also one which does not bombard their subscribers with ads every single day. Else, the chances of your ad converting well will simply be too low.

4. Quality of the product you’re promoting: Ok, this has got to do with the product you use to monetize your ad. as mentioned, you direct your visitors to a squeeze page. Of course, you will hope to make an instant profit so as to cover back the cost of your advertising. Hence, the product that you promote instantaneously should convert well in order for you to profit. And in the case of IM Myth, it being free and having a two tier affiliate program is lucrative enough. So that explains it’s success.

Alright… That’s all for this post! All that has been mentioned is being covered in greater detail in Kanggie. So check out the tutorials in there!



2 Responses to “How We Made $860.50 and Got 2061 Subscribers Part #2”

  1. Simon Leung on October 29th, 2007 11:02 pm

    Hey Calvin – Good job, bud! Keep up the good work :)

    Simon Leung

  2. Vlad on October 30th, 2007 1:28 am

    Joy and prosperity to you!

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