Beta Testers & JV Partners Wanted For The Launch Of Kanggie!

June 10, 2007

If you have been visiting my blog recently, you should have seen a box at the top which says ‘You’re Invited To Participate As A Beta Tester & JV Partner In The Upcoming Launch Of!’

Not sure if you’ve visited the site.. If you have, you would see that it is basically a JV invite page for, the first big project being developed by IMovators.

But if you realized, the main website at looks like a normal squeeze page. Certainly not fitting for a JV invite page in my opinion. Hence, it was a mistake on my part.

Wonder what was I thinking about…
Hence, I’ve re-written the JV invite page and will be doing some changes to the main pre-launch website.

Anyway, we’re genuinely looking for beta-testers and JV partners. As this is a rather complex membership website, we really need as many beta testers as possible, so we really hope everyone can sign up and help test our website!

Do take note that the list will only be used for the purpose of contacting our JV partners and will never be used for any other promotions.
Now the next question is, what is all about?

Kanggie is a networking portal designed to give internet marketers a whole new experience of being able to build connections, promote their products and services, learn about the various online marketing strategies and also to have fun all at the same time.

It is also designed to help current marketers get themselves known to the entire Internet community and is also a platform for complete beginners to pick up the ropes of internet marketing and expose themselves to the potential of earning money online.

We’re still busy working on the various features and the closed beta stage should be conducted in the first week of July. The benefits to our JV partners and more details on Kanggie can be found on the website too…

So do visit the new JV invite page at and we’ll keep you informed when the closed beta session starts!

Meanwhile, shall leave you with the video which can be viewed at the JV invite page as well.

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