Michael Cheney’s Traffic Videos Review

April 3, 2007

Yes Michael’s Traffic Videos are finally launched! I’ve been a fan of Michael Cheney ever since his 11 Days To List Profits launch. His last traffic videos were fabulous, but he certainly has outdone himself this time round.

One of the biggest problems faced by internet marketers is the lack of traffic. Bloggers complain about not having enough traffic to their blogs. Affiliate marketers complain about not having a big enough list to promote to. And product owners also face the problem about not generating enough sales due to the lack of traffic.

What if all these problems could cease to exist?

Most people would surf around aimlessly in a bid to find the one traffic generation technique that would bring them the most amount of traffic to their website.

Ask yourself this question, have you ever stumbled upon a traffic generation technique that was claimed to bring a certain internet marketing guru tons of traffic? But before you were able to master it effectively, another traffic generation technique pops up which is supposedly better than the previous. Hence, you get distracted and follow blindly whichever traffic generation technique that comes along and seems more attractive than the previous.

Do you think by this way you will be able to generate a decent amount of traffic to your website? The answer is NO!

To master a traffic technique you need focus, and you need consistency. To be frank, I’ve been guilty of constantly being in the search for the best traffic generation technique and getting easily distracted.

Hence, when I had the chance to be Michael Cheney’s JV partner and had the opportunity to gain access to his traffic videos, I was ecstatic.

For those who are looking for the best traffic generation techniques, this is simply the best of all traffic methods put together in one place. You don’t just get to learn them by going through long eBooks, you get to see it live how Michael Cheney was able to build such a massive list in such a short period of time!

Due to my heavy school commitments recently, I have not finished viewing all of his videos. (it’s over 8 hours of traffic training!) But I’ve already looked through some of the videos and I’m completely blown away. Having been through a large amount of traffic generation eBooks and videos myself, I’ve never seen such a complete and concise resource put together to detail all the best traffic generation techniques available. Trust me, you’ll be blown away by both the depth and breadth covered.

Coupled with practical action plans which were designed to help marketers get started, Michael’s step-by-step traffic videos makes it easy to understand and apply powerful traffic techniques instantly for any internet marketing newbie or aspiring internet marketer. Even for intermediate or advanced marketers, you’ll will pick up tons of useful tactics ready to be applied to unleash a stream of long term traffic to your website.

Having said so much, just give a brief run through of what is covered inside the Michael’s Traffic Videos: 

There are 49 videos altogether, detailing 16 explosive traffic generation techniques. Each video comes with a fast-track to traffic action plan which you can follow and apply immediately.

Some of my favorite videos include how to unlock the power of offline traffic and how to capture hungry traffic using a press release. These are traffic strategies seldom mentioned by most marketers hence this two sections were really useful.

Another one of my favorite section is the one on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Not sure about you, but I’ve always found having to tweak with the mechanics of SEO both tiring and challenging. However, Michael has dedicated a total of 6 videos outlining how you can dominate the search engines and get ranked no.1 for the keywords you desire. So you can imagine how relieved I felt with such a useful help from Michael’s videos.

Other traffic videos covered areas like social networking traffic, how to get viral and repeated traffic, as well as banking on articles to deliver autopilot traffic. Lastly, bloggers would love the section on how to unleash the traffic power of your blog.

Michael also includes bonus features by Web 2.0 Experts, including:

  1. Video Report “Internet Money Machines” by Online Video expert Frank Sousa
  2. “MySpace Marketing Optimizer” by MySpace expert Simon Leung
  3. “White Hat Blogging Techniques” by blogging expert Rob Benwell
  4. “Black Hat Blogging Techniques” by blogging expert Rob Benwell
  5. “How To Avoid The Top 20 Traffic Disasters” by Michael Cheney himself


Alright, having said so much about Michael’s Traffic Videos, you should have gotten a more detailed analysis of what’s included in his latest videos package. All I can say is, it’s important to invest in yourself when it comes to internet marketing. Not just any form of education, but practical and non-hyped up education. If you are only willing to invest in just one traffic generaiton resource, this has to be the one. You can simply forget about all the other eBooks on traffic generation and just focus on this set of videos. And trust me, you will be able to get tons of targeted traffic to your website,

Lastly, always remember as much as traffic is important, you also need to concentrate on the conversion aspect of your website. Else, regardless of how much traffic you get, it’s useless.

Go check out the videos here now!



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