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December 16, 2006

I guess i shld reveal more abt the book that I’m currently working on. Well, basically it details 7 different income streams that one can create for themselves.

7 different income streams?? Yes, I’m not kidding.

Well, lets take a sneak peek at the 7 income streams:

Income Stream #1: Its got to do with something which you’re checking on the Internet everyday. Personally, its one of the first things i check when i turn on my computer everyday. You have to click to open these things and read them. I’m sure you are getting the idea. Well, in my eBook i’m gonna teach you how you can earn money just by doing that.

Income Stream #2: Its also smth which you do on the Internet everyday. The Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox are some browsers which we use to execute them.

Income Stream #3: Ever been bugged by those peskey su******* at Orchard Rd or Mrt stations. Well, how about getting getting paid for doing those stuffs.

Income Stream #4: It’s associated with something which is owned by many ppl. ppl who have became famous in Singapore through it includes xiaxue, mr brown.

Income Stream #5: where do you go on the internet when you want to buy or sell something online?

Income Stream #6 & #7: Now these two are really highly lucrative income streams that one can set for themselves online. If you’re serious abt achieveing wealth and success, you really got to follow the step by step strategies detailed inside.

Now my intention of writing this book is really to spread the potential of an online income stream. Thus, if you’re serious abt making money online, stay tuned for the eBook!


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