I’ve Graduated!!

July 22, 2008

Gosh.. Can’t believe it’s been a massive FIVE months since I last blogged. Not surprisingly, my page rank fell from 4 to 3.. And my Alexa ranking has fallen from a once all time high of 120,000 to 1,200,000. :(  LOL!

Oh well.. Now that I’ve graduated and able to fully concentrate on my businesses and IM, I shall work hard to recover all that’s been lost and revive this dying blog!


As stated, I’ve officially gradudated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Business Adminstration (BBA) degree. Gosh, I’ve just ended my status as a student after a long long 18 years. Shucks, no more student discount for haircuts, movies & meals (yeah right, whoever says u need to give up your concession pass. haha)

Anyway, apart from me graduating, there were also several milestones in all areas of my life during these 5 months. There’s simply too many.. but let me try to recall!

Not in order of chronology:

  • Had my biggest and most successful product launch ever (IM Buzz Blowout Sale which did around USD24,000 in sales in less than 6 days)
  • Launched over 15 software and ebooks with Jonathan Teng (Mauritian biz partner and great friend) You can check out most of our products here.
  • Took my last paper in NUS
  • Met up with Jonathan Teng (yup he came to Singapore)
  • Set up IM Buzz LLP
  • Brainstormed like a dozen business proposals
  • Met up with Jonathan Teng (again) and Venkata Ramana (all the way from India!)
  • Set up another company (Zion Marketing)
  • Secretly working on a HUGE project for Singapore… and many more projects in the pipeline for Zion!
  • Celebrated my 2 years anniversary with Patricia
  • Shared countless hugs, kisses and joy with Patricia

And many many more…

Geez.. that’s roughly the bulk of what I can remember..

Now back to my convocation ceremony.. Naturally, the first thing most of my friends asked when they saw me was ‘Have you found a job?’ Naturally I answered ‘no, I run my own business’. So most would ask, ‘oh so what business are you into?’ Like any normal internet marketer, I hesistated and paused a lil while deciding what response should I give.

I believe this is a funny situation which many internet marketers face. I remember listening to Mike Filsaime in the 7 Figure Secrets and he too was narrating this tricky situation which many of them have to go through.

So what business am I exactly into? It may seem really weird to most people. I stay at home and don’t go to work. But yet, I believe I’m currently earning much more than 95% of fresh graduates (or should I say I was already when I was schooling). Oops. Ok I have no intention of boasting about my income and I actually dread those who do.

But anyway, so back to the question. What business am I into? I still remember when I first discovered internet marketing, I was really excited to share with my friends. I mean, hey.. You get to earn money while sleeping and doing the things you enjoy.. Who doesn’t want that?!

The surprising thing is, most people seem to shun away from such topics.. And many seem to prefer the traditional way of entering the workforce and the rat race. Oh well, I don’t blame them. Most ppl simply won’t see the need of creating multiple streams of income until the need arises. And most will only realize how dreadful getting stuck in a job is when they’re actually in one.

Thankfully, I pre-empted.. And I worked hard to ensure that I’m out of it.. even before I graduated. Yes it was a CHOICE that I made real early ago. And I worked REALLY hard for it. Was it worth all the effort? You bet! While most of my fellow graduate friends are complaining badly abt their current jobs, I’m enjoying every single moment I devote to my business. And I thank God for His grace and guidance.

Geez.. I digress again.. So what business exactly am I doing??

Oh well.. Let’s just say I sell information/physical products online. On top of that, I create social networks (think Facebook) .. And plan to venture into consulting and coaching as well.

Yes, more great things to come ahead for Patricia and myself.. Of course, we thank God for placing the right people and right opportunities to us. And our faith lies in Him.

With that, I shall end this post with a couple of my graduation pics and just wanna thank whoever is actually reading this now. God Bless!

Me with Patricia Darling


Me on stage receiving the degree scroll

Balloons attack!


Me with my parents!


3 lovely couples!


Ermm.. Some weird pose we thought of


3 guys!





2 Responses to “I’ve Graduated!!”

  1. Patricia on July 22nd, 2008 12:52 am

    Wee!! Dear dear.. you don’t know how proud I am of you! :D Well, it has certainly been a really eventful half a year considering that it’s only JULY and Jonathan has come to Sg twice already!!

    Certainly I agree that all would not have been possible without God and His favour. Also, I’m soo glad that as we both put our faith in God to lead us, He is certainly leading us to who and where He wants us to be.

    We’ve got a long way to go… and I’m really looking forward to walking (or running) together with you for the rest of my life!

    Lovin’ you loads..

    Luv <3

  2. Joel Chue on July 30th, 2008 10:02 pm

    Geez… what a hectic period…

    But I’m damn sure you’re glad that you’ve graduated!


    Looking forward to seeing more of your products online


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