Is it True That All Online Business Opportunities Are Scams?

November 15, 2006

First of all, there aren’t as many scams on the internet as the over-hyped “kings of exaggeration” mainline media would have you think. If that’s the case, why do so many people cry scam? Well, I’m not denying that there are indeed some unscrupulous merchants out there intent on cheating your money.

However, many of those who claimed to be scammed are those who never even bother to really take on the opportunities they were presented with. They go into every business opportunity (both online and offline) thinking that they are going to be a millionaire overnight.

And when they do not, they cry scam! They simply expect other people to do the work and bring in the profits for themselves. Now if you belong to this category, here’s the shocker: No one is going to do that for you! You’ve got to take charge of your own success and wealth!

Now it’s perfectly reasonable to be skeptical at first. To be frank, I was extremely skeptical with several business opportunities initially. However, due to my desire to attain financial freedom, I finally decided to try out some home-based business opportunities. I spent three months and a thousand over dollars researching tons of resources I could get hold on the Internet.

So what have I found out? That most ‘so-called gurus’ who teach you how to make money online do deliver. Now, if you’re paranoid that everything that comes into your email inbox is there to rip you off, well, relax! There has to be some basic level of trust for others when you go into business for yourself.

Nonetheless, I will still like to give you some tips on how to spot an online scam. So stay tuned for my next post!


7 Responses to “Is it True That All Online Business Opportunities Are Scams?”

  1. Jason Ong on November 17th, 2006 7:24 am

    There are so many different business opportunities available online these days that it’s so diff to tell who’s truly reliable and who’s not. Can’t blame people for being skeptical. Just look at all those new reports of cheaters/scams out there!

  2. Calvin on November 18th, 2006 10:28 am

    Hi, Jason. Actually there are as many scams taking place in the offline world as in the online world. I feel that those scams are being hyped up. Nonetheless, its gd to be careful but not overly skeptical. be sure to refer to my post on ‘how to spot an online scam’

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