Success Tip #2 & #3 For 2007 – Overcome the Fear Of Failure & Avoid Procrastination

December 30, 2006

Today, we shall look at two more success tips for 2007. The second tip for success in the year 2007 is to overcome the fear of failure.

Anthony Robbins once said ‘I’ve come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I enjoy’.

I believe that most people have the impression that successful people never fail. Hence, most people condemn failure and fail to pick themselves up after they have failed. They simply lose faith in life once they fail and stop fighting.

This is a huge misconception which have ended many people’s dreams and stopped many from driving forward. The truth is, everybody fails at one point or another. In fact, the more successful you are, the more likely you would have failed many times in your life.

There’s a difference between the highly successful individuals and underachievers. Those who have managed to achieve high level of success are able to turn failure into success.

When they fail to achieve their goals or things do not go their way, they do not simply claim that they have failed and give up. Rather, they see it as a learning experience! They will use it as feedback and keep changing their strategies until they eventually succeed.

Similarly, many of the wealthiest individuals have managed to bounce back from failures and even bankruptcy. Donald Trump, the real estate mogul is one of them. Steve Jobs, current CEO of Apple Computers is another example. In 1983, he was sacked from Apple, the company he co-founded. However, he went on to start his own company and was eventually reinstated as CEO of Apple in 1995. After that, everything was history as he spearheaded Apple to their current success today.

There are many examples of people bouncing back from failure and it is this ability that differentiates the rich from the poor. In the past, people shun and condemn those who have failed. Today, people tend to trust and rely more heavily on those who have failed and managed to pick themselves up.

In Singapore, everything is so nicely planned by our government and everything is so organised. Hence, everyone seems to fall in this comfort zone and we are afraid to really venture out of it. Thus, I feel we’re too afraid to pursue our dreams and goals due to the risk of failure. I believe this applies even more to those who holds a secure job. Many graduates are simply afriad to seek their dreams for fear of losing their high paying job.

However, I believe this mentality has to change in order to be successful.

The bottomline is, do not be afraid to fail. See failure as merely feedback that will serve to enrich our learning experience and make us a stronger person in the future.

Success Tip #3 – Avoid Procrastination

Now this is undoubtedly one of the no.1 killer to success. Just ask yourself this question, ‘How much has procrastination cost you over the years? Have you missed out on a great opportunity, only to kick yourself later, watching someone else take advantage of it?’

How many times have you not managed to achieve something you’ve always wanted due to procrastination?

People always procrastinate over things they ought to do but do not procrastinate over things they should not do.

When it comes to watching the lastest movies or tv shows, or buying that branded bag, people do not even think twice about procrastinating. But when it comes to writing the assignment which is due soon or reading that self-improvement book, people always have no qualms about procrastinating.

Hence, in order to be successful, we’ve got to learn the difference between good procrastination and bad procrastination.

We need to show some determintation and committment in our daily tasks in pursuit of our dreams and goals. And the best way is to know exactly why we want to achieve our goals. In my eBook, I mentioned the importance of ‘why’. If you know your ‘why’, your driving force is automatic and you need little reminder or motivation. Hence, know why you want to achieve your goals and let procrastination be history.

Even if it means watching less TV or spending less time shopping with your friends, you’ve got to be willing to put in the sacrifice for success.

This brings us to the concept of good procrastination or better known as delayed gratification. Surely, there’s a time for us to really enjoy and reward ourselves. BUt we got to learn how to procrastinate over these.

Yes, by all means enjoy and have fun, but only after you’ve completed what you need to do. Everytime you want to buy that branded bag, procrastinate over it and wait till you’ve worked hard enough and deserve it before buying it. Similarly, wait after you’ve finished your assignment before watching that TV show.

Do not let procrastination hinder your success. Most importantly, recognize you have the ability to throw procrastination away this very instant and be determined to do so. Practise delayed gratification. It will not only bring about greater success and wealth, it will also make the gratification that comes even more meaningful and sweet.


5 Responses to “Success Tip #2 & #3 For 2007 – Overcome the Fear Of Failure & Avoid Procrastination”

  1. Sharlene on January 1st, 2007 8:02 am

    Yes I think these are two very practical tips. I’m also afriad to fail. But i guess this is smth which can’t really be helped. All i can say is after reading your post, I will be more receptive to failure.

    As for procrastination, it is truly one of the main killers to success. as much as i try not to procrastinate, i always end up doin so. how do you manage to not procrastinate totally?

  2. Jacob on January 1st, 2007 8:06 am


    I just downloaded your book and read it once. The information that you provided is certainly interesting and insightful. I guess I have to read it a few times before i can fully absorb. nonetheless, i’m truly impressed.

    as for your take on procrastination and delayed gratification, i agree too. many of us wld rather sleep or watch tv when we ought to be doing things that are productive. in this new yr, i’m gg to kick procrastination out of my life and set up the online business i’ve always dreamt of.

    thanks & god bless


  3. Calvin on January 1st, 2007 8:22 am

    Hi Sharlene,

    I fully agree that it’s probably one of human’s nature to procrastinate. To be honest, I was a huge procastinator in the past. In fact, procrastination is still a part of my life now.

    However, I’m slowly beginning to avoid it and it’s one of my goals to kick it out completely in this new yr. The price to pay for procrastination is simply to huge to not to kick that habit.

    As mentioned, we’ve got to know why we need to avoid procrastination. Take one moment to visualize how you would feel if you are unable to achieve the success you desire because of procrastination. Imagine the pain and disappointment you would feel.

    On the other hand, think about the extra success and wealth you’re able to achieve if procrastination did not exist in your life. I’m sure you like that feeling!

    Also, knowing why you want to achieve your goals and dreams will also help in avoiding procrastination. Once you have a strong enough ‘why’, you will only think about striving towards your goals and any other unneccessary stuffs will take second priority.

    Anyway, gd luck to your overcoming of procrastination!

  4. kampinky on January 1st, 2007 10:11 am

    I got to know of your eBook through EmailCashPro and initially i was skeptical about what you and your partner Patricia had to offer. But since it was a free eBook and does not require me to sign up for anything, i felt that there was no harm downloading. And i am rather thankful that i did.

    Well, in your eBook you also talked about driving force and even cleared the myths that i used to have. As I realise the potential of online income streams, i do truly want to try. I’ve since established my driving force and goals and already began with the first income stream and recommended friends to PTR programs.

    As I was rather impressed by the work that you have done, I decided to check up your website. I’m thankful that you have taken the relationship that you have established with your readers to a more personal level and I think that the tips that you have shared are indeed useful and does ‘treat’ the common problems that we have, i.e. Procrastination.

    The work that you have started here is indeed something I admire because I’m actually a uni student myself and have always wanted to start out something but never got down to doing so. I hope that with your eBook and that you post regular tips and guides, that I’ll be able to start off something online myself.

    Anyway, I have interest in selling music Cds that i have online.. Do you think i should start my online business thru eBay or set up my own website to do the sales?

    Thanks and wishing you a Happy 2007!


  5. Calvin on January 1st, 2007 10:49 am

    Hi kampinky!

    Thanks for your encouraging comments! I’m happy to hear that you’ve benefitted from the eBook and have established your driving force and goals.

    I’m even happier to hear that you’ve since started on your first income stream and that is what I’m referring to taking massive action.

    Regardless of how much knowledge you have, if you do not apply what you have learnt, it will be useless ultimately. So congrats on taking your first step!

    As for your question with regards to whether you should sell on eBay or set up your own website, it depends on how many CDs you intend to sell. If you’re only intend to sell a few CDs, then it’s better to turn to eBay. Be sure to refer to my eBay listing tips mentioned in my eBook.

    However, if you really intend to profit highly from your CDs and want to set up an online business, the best choice would be to set up your own website.

    If you own your own website, you have the chance to brand yourself and build long lasting relationships with your customers and at the same time be an owner of a highly profitable online business.

    Hence, I really encourage everyone to find the niche that they are highly passionate about and set up their own website so as to create a lucrative stream of income online.

    Be sure to refer to the steps mentioned in my eBook!

    I wish you success in year 2007 and feel free to email me if you have any problems!

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