Catch Patricia On Channel U This Thurday 8pm!

September 19, 2007

Yes Patricia’s going on TV! On a Singaporean Chinese variety show called Shoot! (chinese name ‘You Hua Jiu Shuo’) which will be aired this coming Thursday 8pm.

Basically it’s a variety show which invites some experts and members of the public to air their views on a highly debatable topic each week.

And this week’s topic is on blogging. And the reason why she’s appearing on it has got to do with our recent feature on MyPaper for the rising trend of affiliate marketing. You can read about the article here.

And thus the editor referred us to come onto the show. At least that was her original intention. UNTIL… the producer decided that the two of us represented sort of the same group and wanted just one of us.

And finally, it’s decided that since Patricia is a Pyschology undergrad whereas I’m a Business undergrad, the producer figured that it’s more refreshing as she felt it’s only natural that I’m doing an online business (ya right… how come I don’t see my peers doing the same thing? Lolz)

But anyway, I soon realized on the day of the recording that my first chance at stardom was taken away by the famous eyebrow plucker AKA STEVEN LIM!! Manz.. It’s like adding insult to injury! Lolz!

For those who are unaware of SG’s most famous celebrity (for the wrong reasons), he’s well known for his weird (and shameless) antics which include stripping during Singapore Idol and making a monkey out of himself on some other shows. Oh well… one thing I have to admit.. he certainly has much more entertainment value then me.. so I’m not complaining.. Lolz

Honestly, I had an equally fun time sitting beside the producer and watch her control the entire show.. And trust me, she’s really good. For an ordinary looking woman in her 40s to control all 4 cameras and directing what the host says, it is really no ordinary feat.

And the funniest thing is, they invited another celebrity blogger Xiaxue (arguably SG’s most famous blogger) who happened to have a feud with Steven Lim. Hence, you can imagine the tension and entertainment the duo produced. And I had to control my laughter when the producer shouted repeatedly to the cameraman, ‘Stop filming Steven’s armpit hair! It’s damn gross!’. Yes, he wore a balck singlet to appear on national TV…

Oops.. realized I’m blabbering.. ok back to the show… Frankly, Patricia blabbered a lil too.. (guess we 2 are alike). But it’s more due to the fact that she can’t really speak Mandarin for nuts. Lolz.. so all those chinese terms that we practised the night before weren’t put to use. and honestly, she couldn’t really put her points across strongly.

But nonetheless, it’s still a valiant attempt for someone who has never made her Chinese teacher proud to appear on national TV for a chinese variety show. So KUDOS to her…

and to all Singaporeans who can understand Chinese and would like to entertain yourself with the drama enacted between Xiaxue and Steven, do tune in this Thurs 8pm! And show some support for Patricia too!

Do leave your comments and thoughts here or over at her blog too!


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