How To Unleash The Power of Social Networking Sites

June 28, 2007

We all know the power of social networking websites. I’m sure all would have heard of the more popular ones such as Myspace, Facebook, Friendster… These websites are so popular that one by one, they are being bought over by the big Internet players like Google, Yahoo etc..

Are you aware that social networking websites can also help in one’s internet business?

Hence I hereby announce & unleash to you for the very first time…

‘How To Unleash The Power of Social Networking Sites’

 How To Unleash The Power Of Social Networking Sites

Written By Patricia Lin

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You don’t even have to opt in… And you have full giveaway rights to it.. 

Woohoo!! I’m so proud of Patricia Lin aka my GF aka my biz partner! I just read through the book and it’s really good! :)

If you have not caught on the wave of social networking site, be sure to learn ‘How To Unleash The Power of Social Networking Sites’ and also how social networking websites can not only turbo charge your life but also your income.

Oh yah, not sure if you’re aware, but Kanggie is also a social networking website but built in with many more features designed for internet marketers to promote their businesses and to build vital connections. There are many instant income opportunities provided as well.

And I’ve finally drafted out the final JV proposal which contain more details about what’s in store for Kanggie members and the benefits for our JV Partners/Beta Testers.

The closed beta session is scheduled to start on 11th July. We’re still taking in JV Partners/Beta Testers so do check it out the detailed JV Proposal:



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