Review of Nuffnang On Sunday Times

July 22, 2007

Nuffnang is on Sunday Times! Recently, online making opportunities seem to have attracted quite a bit of attention in the Singapore’s offline print media. Earlier on, Email Cash Pro was featured on Sunday Times (Singapore’s most popular English Daily) . Ewen Chia followed suit and later was also featured in a Chinese newspaper.  And just earlier this week, a journalist for My Paper wanted to find out more about affiliate marketing and that’s how Patricia and I ended up being on the headlines. Read it here.

And in today’s edition of the Sunday Times, the headlines of an article read:

Thanks to Singapore firm
Nuffnang, bloggers can turn
their popularity into ad dollars.

I shall quote an excerpt of the first two paragraphs:

BLOGS were once the domain of daily musings, inconsequential chatter and random rantings.

But now, a local company wants to change that by bringing in advertising money for bloggers.

It might seem no big deal or anything new to most internet marketers as there are so much more lucrative forms of monetizing your blogs. And to many bloggers out there, blogs are no longer the domain of daily musings and gossip and stuffs. Rather, it has served as a platform of reaching out to a targeted group of audience and also potential customers.

And the more savvy ones have even turned it into a really profitable income stream.

Now personally, I’m not really concerned about monetizing my blog. True, I do have some Adsense ads and also one or two affiliate banners. But I really kept it to the bare minimal.

Cos I want it to use it more as a platform to communicate my thoughts, learnings and experiences and not let the ads serve as a distraction or even turn people off.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve nothing against monetizing your blog. In fact, creating niche blogs with Google Adsense ads can indeed serve as a profitable income stream as I have friends who make at least $5000 a month just using this income stream.

It’s just that for my main blog which is the one you’r reading right now, I do not wish for monetization as my main priority.

And sometimes, pasting those huge Google Adsense ads or any other banners all over can really serve as a distraction and do you more harm than good.

Hence, I would always rather focus on providing good content and the monetization will  kick in through your affiliate recommendations. Affiliate marketing certainly serves as a more lucrative form of monetization than joining any advertising agency.

Nonetheless, Nuffang does seem a good solution for local bloggers who blog occassionally or are new to the idea of internet marketing. It also pays out in Singapore Dollars so that’s a huge advantage. In fact, I just joined it to see what it offers. :)

However, for those who are really serious about making money online or even monetizing your blogs for that case, I would really recommend you start off with affiliate marketing.

Higher commissions and potential. Not to mention it certainly gears you towards building a long term business.

Of course, it also involves lots of had work and determination. Just like any business opportunity (both online and offline), there are also much learning and implementing involved of the latest strategies. So do check out Kanggie for more internet marketing strategies.

And for those who are really into monetizing blogs, Rob Benwell’s Blogging to The Bank serves as a great guide for beginners.


One Response to “Review of Nuffnang On Sunday Times”

  1. Junping on August 5th, 2007 7:08 pm

    Hi Calvin,

    Thanks for the advice. Currently, I am monetizing my blog through a few advertising campaigns. And I must say the returns are indeed pathetic.

    Perhaps I should take a look at how I can integrate affiliate marketing into my blog.

    Generally, do you sell your own digital product or be an affiliate for other people’s product?


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