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June 4, 2007

As mentioned in my previous post, I managed to steal a quick chat with a young brilliant marketer by the name of Dylan Loh at the World Internet Summit. Have been communicating with him online recently, so I was certainly pleased to finally meet him in person.

As usual, he was really friendly and humble about his achievements on the Internet. And while most people are falling asleep inside the hall due to the lenghty presentations, there he was lurking outside seeking out JV partners and busy networking.

Did I mention he’s only 21 years old and still serving his national service? Though he will be receiving his freedom soon.. Nonetheless, he has been marketing online since 2003, so unsurprisingly, he has managed to accumulate a ton of experience and expertise.

Hence, when I had a chance to preview his latest product – Secret Article Profits – I was really excited.

Now, article marketing is undoubtedly one of the best traffic generation tools and one method which many marketers use to earn their living. But frankly, there hasn’t been a course on article marketing as comprehensive as Dylan’s Secret Article Profits.

Personally, I’ve also been using article marketing as one of my traffic generation tool. Though I wouldn’t say I’m exactly proficient it due to the lack of in depth knowledge in that area.

But thanks to Dylan, my article marketing efforts will SURELY see a huge improvement.

Here’s why:

Firstly, his guide covers in detail the most vital aspects of article marketing. From finding your market, to keyword research, to churning out articles at a fast pace, to writing resource boxes that will convert well. I must admit Dylan leaves nothing out.

The best thing he makes it so simple to understand and its really step-by-step. Most people may get turned off by the idea of writing huge amount articles to generate profits. But by following Dylan’s guide, it really makes it seem all so simple.

My favourite section is his ‘new age promotion tactics’, whereby he reveals how you can use social bookmarking sites to scale your article marketing efforts and increase your profits substantially. This is really unique and I’ve never seen this mentioned elsewhere.

Furthermore, his course also includes several interviews done with some of the best article marketers whereby more secret strategies are leaked. That alone is priceless!

Hence, I sincerely applaud and thank Dylan for coming up with his latest product – Secret Article Profits.

As for now, I’m going to copy all his secrets and use it for the promotion of my latest membership site. But more on that in my next post!

So do check out my testimonial for Dylan here.


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