Claim $6,812 Worth of Free Stuffs With Your Simpleology Book!

May 4, 2007

As mentioned in my last post on Mark Joyner & Simpleology, I’m going to reveal on how you can claim your $6,812 worth of free stuffs delivered right to your doorstep. And you’ll be amazed on this unbelievable opportunity not to be missed.

Firstly, just to ensure that you have signed up for your free Simpleology account. If you have not, you’ve got to do so now! Just click here to sign up. Simpleology has impacted the lives of many and it will literally change your entire life once you know how to apply the ‘Simple Science of Getting What You Want’.

Not surprisingly, Mark Joyner has decided to release a physical copy of his new book, titled ‘Simpleology’. Not that he is new to having books ranked on the best-sellers list, but did you know his new book, Simpleology, debuted on the Wall Street Journal Best-Seller list a few weeks ago?

Well, I’m not surprised because I’ve been a member of Simpleology and I know it is that powerful! 

But that’s not the best part! Mark is giving away a few thousand bucks worth of stuffs shipped right to your door if you order his book online now!

No, this isn’t a bunch of digital downloads.  This is a wheelbarrow full of cool business-building, success-enhancing stuffs shipped right to your doorstep. And yes, he’s going to pay for the shipping too!

I just ordered my copy in fact… but you have to act fast.  The bonuses are going
away on May 7. So better go snag ‘em while they are there!

And be sure to bring the copy of your book to the World Internet Summit for him to autograph it.

Go view the movie trailer and find out more about how you can go about claiming your $6,812 worth of free stuffs by visiting this website!





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