Success Tip #4 For 2007 – Stay Positive Always

January 2, 2007

Happy New Yr to Everyone!

Feels so good to make the first post of the new yr.. Anyway, I shall continue with my success tips series.

Success Tip #4: Stay Positive Always

I believe many people would argue that it is difficult to stay positive always. As we encounter various setbacks in life, I fully understand that it’s normal to feel down and even self-pitying, However, I strongly feel that it by being negative to all that happens to you is definitely not going to help things.

‘It’s not what happens to you that determine how far you will go in life; it is how you handle what happens to you.’ – Zig Ziglar.

Hence, if you want positive things to happen to you, you’ve simply got to think positive all the time.

To illustrate this, i shall use the scenario of two soccer players preparing to take a penalty kick.

Now just imagine if before player A kicks the ball, he keeps thinking that he’s going to miss it. In his mind, images of him not scoring keep flashing and he actually feels the disappointment mentally.

Now what are the chances of him really missing?

On the other hand, what if player B actually visualizes himself scoring and all his team mates embracing him. He actually could feel the happiness mentally even before the kick.

Which player do you think stands a higher chance of scoring a goal?

If you were to ask me, I would say that player A has already missed the goal even before he has even attempted the kick. The battle was already half lost.

There is a simple rule that you should apply to your thinking in everything you do.

Think Positively and you will get positive results.

Think Negatively and you will get negative results.

You know I’ve come acrossed many negative people in life. These people will forever be worrying about almost every single thing they can think of. Before a test, they will worry that it’s going to be hard. When doing projects, they will worry about the deadline. They spend a huge amount of time worrying instead of sitting down and think of solutions to their problems.

You know their mind is constantly clouded with negative thoughts and sometimes it can be really depressing tallking to them.

Not surprisingly, they often achieve minimal success in all the things that they do.

Now I’m not saying that just by being positive you will surely be successful.

But I do know for a matter of fact that:

Successful people in life are always positive people!

Now, everyone is bound to face setbacks in life, successful people included. In fact, I do believe that the more successful you are, the more problems you might face. Because if you run a huge corporation, the problems that your corporation face daily is certainly larger that those faced by a small enterprise.

However, successful and positive minded people tend to face setbacks in a totally different manner.

While positive minded people will look for solutions to their problems, the negative minded ones will lose confidence and panic. They tend to find excuses and blame others and completely give up.

The fact is, everything that you choose to think affects your life. We’ve got to take charge of our mental thoughts and maintain a positive mindset always.

In our mind, we’ve got to keep thinking about positive thoughts. Keep visualizing success coming your way. See yourself achieving the goals that you’ve set. Picture yourself in that dream house you’ve always wanted!

There’s another thing which I’ve noticed among my friends. That positive people also attracts the most friends. Just imagine, would you rather hang out with a friend who constantly complains to you abt his/her life and is highly critical of others. Or would you rather be with someone who’s full of zest and motivation, constantly looking forward to each and every day.

This is one thing that we’ve got to remind ourselves constantly. Worrying will never help things. So instead of wasting your time to worry, why not replace that thought with a optimistic one?

It will not only make your life happier, it will also help you in achieving the success you desire.

So the next time your mind starts to worry or panic, ask yourself this question: ‘Is this going to help?’ If your answer is No, tell yourself you’re not going to allow yourself to be so silly and worry for nothing. Instead, for any problems that you face in life, visualize the most positive outcome that can happen.

And channel all your strength to finding solutions instead.

From today onwards, smile more often! Positive minded people are always happy! And when you’re happy, you’ve already achieved success. Be a source of motivation and joy to the people around you.

Another thing to take note is you should always try to mix with positive minded people. Chances are, your perceptions and beliefs are partly formed by the people around you. Hence, you shld never allow yourself to be negatively affected by your peers.

I’m not saying you should avoid your friends when they face problems. Rather, do not join them in wallowing in self pity or blaming everyone else. You should instead spread your optimism and encourage them to think positively as well.

And do not allow negative thoughts of friends to discourage you. If you remian positve and make sure that you are not susceptible to the negative influences of other people – YOU WILL SUCCEED.

With that, I wish you success!


4 Responses to “Success Tip #4 For 2007 – Stay Positive Always”

  1. Jacob on January 3rd, 2007 3:28 pm

    Hey hey!

    Yes its true that there are many negative ppl and actually I feel that these ppl are dangerous.

    haha.. yes dangerous… bcos they can really be an obstacle to ur success. these ppl will always give negative comments abt ur dreams. and also when u do work wif these ppl, they will always be worrying..

    i think really we shld mix more with positive ppl.

  2. Benson on January 4th, 2007 3:30 pm

    but wat if all our frenz are negative ppl?

    so we shld abandon them all? i feel we cant choose our frenz simply based on how positive or negative they are.

    but i do agree that your mindet can determine the level of success you achieve.

    most importantly, if being negative and worry so much wouldn’t help, why not adopt a positive mindset instead?

    cos i feel it’s certainly much more beneficial than worrying.


  3. Calvin on January 6th, 2007 9:26 am

    Hi Jacob & Benson,

    Now regarding Jacob’s comment on mixing more with positive ppl, I really have to agree on that. Now perhaps dangerous sounds abit too extreme, but I really agree that negative people will only serve to impede your success.

    While I do not suggest abandoning all your negative friends, I feel we should just stand firm and follow our dreams and not let negative people affect our passion and pursuit for success.

    In order to stay motivated always, we should really mix more with positive people as they can keep you motivated at all times. Nonetheless, positive people are naturally more attractive.

    So instead of abandoning negative friends, be a positive influence on them instead and let your optimism and motivation overflow and benefit them!

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