Success Stories of Highly Profitable Online Business Owners

January 6, 2007

I’ve compiled a list of success stories of ordinary individuals who have managed to convert their passions into highly profitable online businesses into an eBook. And it is included in my ‘7 Ways To Earn Money Online’ system. For those who have yet to download it, simply fill in your name and address at the right hand side bar.

For the benefit of those who have yet to download the system, I shall share with you some of the success stories taken from the students of the Internet Marketing Center, whose ‘The Insider Secrets of Marketing Your Business On the Internet’ has been dubbed by many as the no.1 Internet marketing Course in the world.

The purpose of me sharing is because I hope that these success stories can serve as an inspiration to many others. Personally, I feel even more motivated to build on my online business whenever I learnt of how someone with no business degree or marketing expertise were able to do so.

Hence, I hope the following stories will serve to instill in you the belief that it is indeed possible to set up your very own online business and inspire you to pursue your dreams based on your passion!

Bert Ingley makes $187,000 a year playing video games!

Remember how I told you to use your passion as a guide to helping you create your online business? Well, Bert Ingley is the perfect example. He is a huge sports video game player who had the idea to create his own business by writing eBooks about sports video game strategy!

He launched his first strategy guide and developed Now he works less than 14 hours per week! That is a luxury that most people don’t have. And he is still able to generate online sales of over $187,000 last year just by teaching others how to play video games!

With his niche, he created an income stream online and is now able to enjoy family life and provide his family with all that they need.

Jermaine Griggs Earns over $800,000 a year teaching others how to play the piano by ear!

He spent his time growing up in the “rough part” of Los Angeles’ inner city and he was motivated to create his own income, good enough for him to have a better life. He researched online to see if he could teach people to play the piano by ear and true enough, it became his source of income even though he was still studying in college. And he is earning over $800,000 a year!

With his driving factor pushing him to pursue his niche and to create it to become a lucrative income stream for himself, he is able to achieve what he has today.

If he can do it, so can you. Identifying your driving factor is important in motivating you to commit time and effort into your online business.

Check out his website at

Preston Reuther makes over $90,000 a month with an absolutely bizarre business – He doesn’t just sell jewelry, but the tools people use to make jewelry!

A lot of people are into the hobby of jewelry making and creating for themselves intricate and unique jewelry. I know a few people who have taken up this hobby. How about making your hobby into something lucrative? Let Preston Reuther’s story encourage you to think about it.

Preston Reuther was suffering from an illness and had to find a source of income which was not stressful and flexible.  So, he took up wire jewelry making and sold jewelry he made at flea markets. However, he realized he could make money from them and realized it was even more lucrative to do it online instead.

He established his online business not only selling the jewelry he made, but now he expanded selling jewelry online to teaching people how to do so! So, he was earning from on one hand, people who wanted jewelry and on the other, people who wanted to learn how to make their own jewelry.  He started providing tools, supplies, 17 instructional videos, workshops and complete packages for making and even selling wire-sculpted jewelry.

Now, his sales add up to $3 million a year! This is what jewelry making created for him! And if it is your hobby, think about what it can potentially create for you too!

Check out his website at

Chris Elmore Earns Over $200,000 a year with his guitar instructions website!

Are you in a job that you want to come out of or you’re unhappy with what you have to do at work? Well, Chris’ story should prove to you once again, that your passion can help you create the income that you want. He was stuck in a dead-end job which he loafed.

His dream was to be a rock star and his passion was for music. Hence, his love for guitars became the driving factor towards creating an online business. He developed a guitar instruction web site and just last year, he earned over $200,000!

His website is at

Now there are many more such success stories of ordinary people who have managed to build highly profitable online businesses. If you would like to read more and find out the secrets to their success, visit

I will be compiling a list of successful Singaporeans’ online business websites. If you happen to own a online business and would like to be featured, you can drop me an email at

Inside my ‘7 Ways to Earn Money Online’ System, I’ve also laid out exactly how yoou too can build for yourself a successful online business. Meanwhile, if you have not download the system, be sure to do it now! Just fill in your name and email at the right hand side bar to claim your free system and 7 other bonuses!

God Bless You!


2 Responses to “Success Stories of Highly Profitable Online Business Owners”

  1. Sharlene on January 7th, 2007 5:36 am

    Yeah.. It’s amazing how these people have managed to build highly successful online businesses.

    I think most people have always associated online businesses as merely something extra and never really bothered to put in the effort. I will be setting up my online business soon too and really looking forward to it!

    And yes, these stories have really served to inspire me! Thanks Calvin!



  2. Calvin on January 11th, 2007 2:27 pm

    Hi Sharlene,

    Yes it’s true that people always associate online business as something you do as a hobby. Most people associate businesses with huge offices and lots of manpower.

    But I believe that the Internet has changed the way successful businesses can be run. And an online business certainly has many advantages over a traditional offline one, as mentioned in my 7 Ways To Earn Money Online program.

    Thus, be sure to give your online business its deserved attention and effort and I’m confident your online business will prosper!

    All the best!


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