Success Tip #5 For 2007: Read & Listen More Often , And More Effectively

January 3, 2007

Success Tip #5 is rather straightforward. Read & Listen More Often, And More Effectively.

I shall start of with reading. I believe most people read an average of only one book per year. By reading I’m not referring to novels or fiction books. Rather, I’m referring to books that will help you to improve and grow in areas which you desire.

For example, if you’re a businessman, you should read books on marketing perhaps. If you’re a IT specialist, you should read books to increase your IT knowledge. In other words, we should all read books pertaining to the industry we are in.

Also, self-improvement books on time management, leadership etc are all extremely useful to us.

If you really want to be successful, you’ve got to constantly seek ways to increase your knowledge. We’ve got to constantly improve our thinking in order to keep up with the competition around us.

You see, you may be the best in your industry today. However, your competitors will soon improve and leap frog you. Hence, in order to remain competitive, we simply cannot remain  our ground or we will soon lag behind.

In school, we are forced to take several compulsory subjects. But we were never really taught on the life’s most essential skills, such as time management, leadership, presentation skills and interpersonal skills.

Failure to be equipped with such skills will only result in us struggling in our future career. Certainly, your success will depend little on the grades you’ve managed to obtain in school. Rather, it’s these essential life skills that will determine your success.

Hence, we ought to seek to improve in these areas and by reading these related books is one of the best ways to grow.

Importance of Listening

Now I believe most people focus too much on the opposite, that is talking.

We often think that the best speakers are the best communicators. But the truth is, good speakers may not neccessarily be effective communicators. This is because communication  involves both talking and listening.

And most successful people actually do more listening than talking.

And effective listening skills is indeed one asset that will help you in your quest for success.

Another way to appreciate the importance of listening is to consider it’s many benefits. Listening enables you:

  1. To learn. By listening, you can acquire knowledge of others and the world around you. For example, when you listen to your friend narrating his travel experiences, you learn more about a certain country. When you listen to motivational cds, you learn a new skill.
  2. To relate. With effective listening skills, you’re able to gain social acceptance and popularity. Others will increase their liking¬† of you once they see the genuines concern for them that you communicate through attentive and supportive listening.
  3. To influence. When you listen, you have the ability to change the attitudes and behaviours of others. For example, your friends will more likely follow your advice once they feel you’ve really listened to their insights and concerns.
  4. To help. Effective listening enables you to assist others. If you genuinely want to help others, the first thing you need to do is to listen attentively to his/her problems. Only then will you be able to offer viable and useful solutions.

Hence, focus on improving your listening skills and the rewards will be limitless!

There you have it, success tip #5.

Just two more success tips for the year so stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Success Tip #5 For 2007: Read & Listen More Often , And More Effectively”

  1. Benson on January 5th, 2007 3:35 pm

    yeah yeah i agree that reading is important..

    but do you have any good books to recommend?

    another thing is i haf a low concentration span. hence, i always cannot finish a book.

  2. Calvin on January 6th, 2007 9:31 am

    Hi Benson,

    do not worry as most people have low concentration span when it comes to reading. I used to fall asleep whenever I read a book.

    But I believe it was because I wasn’t reading things that I was interested in. I’m sure if you’re reading books on topics which you’re interested in, you will naturally be motivated to finish reading. So as i said, aim your reading towards areas that you are passionate about and will help you grow.

    And so whenever you read a book, first ask yourself why you are reading it and what do you expect to gain from it. If you manage to find a strong reason for you to read it and you’re well aware of the benefits of the book, you will be more inclined to finish it as well.

    Anyway, if you’re looking at the area of wealth building, I suggest you read Robert Allen’s ‘Multiple Streams of Income’. And you can also read Adam Khoo’s ‘Secrets of Self Made Millionaires’. The good thing is it has an online version, also known as an eBook. I personally prefer reading eBooks as I can read it faster and it is more convenient.
    If you’re interested, you can check it out at

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