What? Calvin, you’re 22 and starting a blog? Get a life pls..

October 17, 2006

Yeah.. That’s what I intend to do.. Get A Life.. And in the process.. I’ve decided to share with you more about my life. You can click on the ‘about me’ button above to find out more about me.

Well firstly, welcome to my blog! And thanks for bothering to read my first post! As this is a welcome message, it is constantly updated.

So what is this blog abt and what can my readers expect? If you’re expecting pictures of beautiful woman.. sorry but this might not be the right place for you (though I’m not ruling out the possibility) haha.. ok maybe on a more serious note..

I’ve decided to start this blog so as to share with ppl abt various life and wealth philosophies that I’ve come across.. Hence, I hope that through this blog I’ll be able to share my insights on personal development, wealth building, entrepreneurship and marketing.

As the tagline says, it is hoped that you’ll be able to achieve your dreams, success, goals and create online income streams at The Insights Of Calvin Woon.

If you happen to come to my site after reading my eBook “7 Ways to Earn Money Online”, this blog will also help you build up on your knowledge in the area of internet marketing. And pls leave a comment after u read my eBook! I’ll love to listen to your comments.

If you have not read the ebook, what are you waiting for? Just opt in at the right hand side and you receive the first eBook free!

Remember, if you want to provide a better life for not only yourself, but your loved ones, you’ve got to take action right now! Every minute that you procrastinate is effectively delaying the time that you get to achieve your goals and dreams..

Learning is indeed a lifelong learning experience. Thus I hope to shall with you my learning experiences and I hope I am able to make a difference in your life.

Yes, this blog is about dreams and goals.. Not about unrealized ones.. but about how to go about realizing them.. Not about my dreams. But YOUR dreams.

I would love to hear your comments. So feel free to leave them before you go & Be sure to check back for updates!

God Bless,



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