Who Is Adam Khoo?

November 3, 2006

If you haven’t heard of Adam Khoo, he’s one of the youngest self-made millionaires in Singapore at the age of 26. Even when he was doing his undergraduate studies at the NUS Business School, he ran his own motivational speaking business and was earning up to $2000 a day. Today at age 32, Adam owns and runs three businesses, with a combined annual turnover of $20 million. Quite impressive if you were to ask me. I also found it coincidental that he’s also an alumni of VJC and NUS Business School.

Now I first picked up the idea of NLP after reading Adam Khoo’s “Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny” quite some time back. NLP refers to Neuro Linguistic Programming and it is “the technology of the mind that teaches you to use the language of the mind in order to program and reprogram your nervous system to consistently achieve a particular desirable result.”

Adam mentioned in his book that when we believe we can do something, we virtually tap into our brain’s resources. And we will summon all our internal resources to find a way to support that belief. But if we believe that something is impossible, we shut out the possibility altogether. Thus, it instilled in me the power of our beliefs and how our limiting beliefs can stifle our potential.

It is also vital that we live out of our comfort zone and take massive action everyday. Regardless of which area of our life you want to improve, we’ve got to lead each day with a clear purpose.

Nonetheless, as my driving force wasn’t strong enough back then, I soon lapsed back into my same unmotivated state. But his second book “Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires” helped pick me up once again.

That was during July’06 and at that point of time, I was working on every weekend and giving tuition 4 times a week while juggling my studies at NUS. I was earning like $1200 a month, which is not bad for a student if you asked me. However, his book made me realize the importance of passive income. In short, passive income refers to income that is not dependent on the number of hours you work. You can see it as earning money even while you’re sleeping.

Hence, I knew I wasn’t leveraging my time effectively. His book also opened my eyes to millionaire’s wealth habits and also detailed several wealth creation strategies. Determined to implement what was taught in his book, I went on a massive research and discovered that it is really possible to create lucrative streams of income online.

His book contains tons of information in the area of wealth building and also lay out step- by- step strategies on how to create wealth. If you’re really committed about achieving wealth for yourself, you simply have to check out what this multi-millionaire has to offer.



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