Who Is Rich Schefren?

February 10, 2007

I just read the ‘Internet Business Manifesto’ written by Rich Schefren, who is the ‘secret business consultant’ working behind the scenes with Internet Marketing Gurus and multi million dollar Internet businesses.

It was an extremely insightful read indeed. Rich revealed strategies and perspectives which are different from all the hype that many so called gurus like to emphasize on. He focuses on the business aspects and ways to leverage and scale a business online, which is really what the essence of Internet Marketing should be based on.

Anyway, just to share some interesting points that I picked up from the Internet Business Manifesto.

Firstly, one of the first things he addressed was: The Reason Why Internet Marketers Struggle.

Rich attributes it to the lack of fundamental business building knowledge.

He believes that is the reason why the overwhelming majority of people new to the Internet will fail in achieving their dreams even if they buy lots of products, study them religiuosly and work extremely hard.

Opportunity seekers think opportunistically while entrepreneurs think strategically.

Well said indeed….

I quote from Rich ‘An opportunity seeker is always looking for their big opportunity to make lots of money from the hot opportunity of the moment. Their only criteria is, ‘Can I make money from this?’ So today it’s Adsense, tomorrow is something else, and yesterday it was some other hot concept already forgotten. Opportunity seekers buy lots of products, and they use only a few of hem, and the ones they do use get abandoned when the next so-called ‘easy’ way to make money comes by.’

Very true indeed. I believe every internet marketer who just started out would be guilty of that, myself included. I mean, new products are springing up everyday, and they seem to get better and better. Or should I say the sales copy seems to get better.

Every business model appears to be more lucrative and thus, the cycle continues. I personally bought some products which I do not even have time to read. But yet, when a new product is launched, I still get tempted.

I’m sure most people would have fallen into that trap.

Fortunately, I’ve managed to break out of it and concentrate on the bigger picture.

Which was why my partner and I decided to sit down and come up with our own ‘7 Ways To Earn Money Online’ guide. Now our intention of this guide is to let complete beginners and people who are skeptical about earning money online be exposed to that possibility and potential.

We aim to instil in people the importance of a passive stream of income and we have detailed exactly how the Internet can help us achieve that.Most importantly, we hope to establish the driving factor in people.

Internet marketing requires a great deal of time and effort. Something which only people with the passion, hunger, and drive should pursue.(PHD)

This reminds me of a quote which a friend of mine shared with me recently. You need a PHD to achieve your MBA.

Huh? Why is that so?

Passion, Hunger, Drive… To achieve Massive Bank Account (MBA)

Haha.. You might think it’s lame.. But if you look around, you will realize that in every industry, it’s often those people who display more of the ‘PHD’ that is placed right on top.

You need the passion, the hunger, to continuously seek ways to improve your productivity and add more value. And that is what drives & motivates people to be different and do what other won’t in order to achieve their dreams & goals.

Sorry to digress from Rich’s ‘Internet Business Manifesto’.

Now back to his eBook. Next he compares an opportunist to a true entrepreneur. ‘An entrepreneur has a clear vision of what they want the business to become. Because they have a vision they can analyze their own strengths, their competitor strengths, the marketplace preferences and devise different strategies for achieving their vision. After reviewing the pros and cons of each strategic alternative they pick the one strategy most certain to successfully achieve their vision.

The entrepreneur knows that their biggest opportunity is always inside their business, following their ideal strategy and not the hot product that everyone is mailing for this week’.

So, do you want to be an opportunist or entrepreneur?

Surely the latter…

It’s time for me to rethink my strategy… Meanwhile, I shall re-read the Internet Business Manifesto and share more thoughts as they unravel..

Here’s a video of Rich Schefren which I felt is really good:


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