Why I Made The Huge Decision To Major In Marketing Instead Of Finance

January 6, 2007

I’ve always been hugely interested in investing since a very young age. I can still remember when i was a little boy, I will always follow my mum when she observed the stock prices on the tv. I will always ask her about how investing is done and since then, I’ve generated a huge interest in investing.

However, after the Asian Economic crisis which saw the entire stock market crashed and my mum incur heavy losses, she totally washed her hands off the stock market.

Nonetheless, the intense passion in me towards investing did not subside. I always believed that my mum did not master the right techniques and I often hoped that I could find a way to help her recoup her losses.

Hence, my ambition was to become a stock broker. And after being exposed to the investment banking industry, I was even more determined to become an investment banker.

I enrolled in the NUS Busines School intending to major in finance, and I never had second thoughts. Until recently, whereby I chanced upon the field of internet marketing did I harbour second thoughts.

Now do not get me wrong as I will still continue to pursue my passion in investing. However, I realised that I do not have to be an investment banker or major in finance to do so.

As there are some courses out there which teaches you hands on investing techniques, I can simply pick up investing outside my university curriculum. Furthermore, I can easily invest from home, and build up my online businesses at the same time. It is this lure of freedom and ability to work from the comfort of your own home that enticed me to change my major and focus on building my businesses online.

And frankly speaking, I can definitely learn more about investing through the outside courses. One example is Adam Khoo’s Wealth Academy which teaches you wealth building techniques and even offers training on investing in US stocks and options. The best thing is the trainers themselves are savvy investors and have a highly profitable portfolio to boast of. Hence, I feel it certainly is more beneficial than any module you can find in the university.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be building up my online businesses and hence, by majoring in marketing will provide me with the vital knowledege and give me the added advantage in my businesses.

Marketing is truly the heart and soul of any busines in the world today, both offline and online. Regardless of how powerful your products can be, if you’re unable to market it to a huge and targeted market, your business will soon lose out to other competitors.

Hence, that explains my decision to switch my major to marketing.

I’m certainly looking forward to acquiring more knowledge on this area and I’m extremely excited about my online businesses. I’ve got a few business projects coming up and I really relish the challenge.

In ny next post, I shall share with you more on some successful individuals who have managed to turn their passions into highly profitable businesses.


2 Responses to “Why I Made The Huge Decision To Major In Marketing Instead Of Finance”

  1. Jacob on January 7th, 2007 5:33 am

    Honestly speaking, I’m not sure if you made the right choice. I feel that the banking and finance industry is really growing now.

    And I feel that a marketing degree is very general. Difficult to find job you know..

  2. Calvin on January 7th, 2007 5:51 am

    Hi Jacob,

    Yeah I get your point. Firstly, the banking and finance industry is really growing and job opportunities certainly look good. However, one should not choose their industry simply based on the prospects. As I mentioned in my post, it is vital that you choose an industry that you’re absolutely passionate about.

    No doubt, banking and finance is one industry that I’m passionate about. However, I can also choose to be an investor at home while at the same time building my online businesses.

    And a marketing degree is indeed considered to be general. I spoke to the Motorola’s Marketing Manager and he holds a philosophy degree. My friend who works as a marketing manager in a private school majored in communications. Thus, all these shows that you do not need to have a marketing degree to land a marketing post. Competition is thus tough in this industry.

    However, I certainly do not intend to find a traditional job in the future. Hence, I guess it shouldn’t really affect me much. Most importantly, I chose my major because of the marketing knowledge I want to acquire.

    Thanks Jacob for your feedback though! Really appreciated it!

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