An Invite to Will Barden’s Summer Boot Sale

June 24, 2007

Summer Boot Sale

Will Barden’s Summer Boot Sale is launching on July 1st, and it is being dubbed as the ‘Hottest Giveaway Internet Marketing Has Ever Seen’. And right now, it is seeking JV contributors and you can sign up as a JV partner before the site launches over here.

Now for the benefit of those who have never participated in an giveaway event, let me just briefly explain:

Basically it works this way. The host of the Give Away event invites JV partners, who are primarily list owners in the same niche, to contribute a gift. The gifts can be any form of digital products: eBooks, reports, audio/video products, membership passes, or software.

As a JV partner, you will prepare an opt-in page for visitors to sign up to your mailing list in order to download your gift. Hence, giveaway events are really good list building opportunities as anyone who wants to download your gift must opt into your mailing list first.

The host of the event then compiles all the contributed gifts inside the member’s area. This is where the visitors will go to download the gifts of their choice. When they click on a link of a gift, it will bring them to the individual partner’s opt in page.

As you can see, giveaways are certainly very useful towards an internet marketer’s list building efforts. It is responsible for contributing towards hundreds of subscribers to my list.

But of course, most people will tell you that people who opt in to your list through giveaways are merely freebie seekers. Hence, these people are unresponsive and will not earn you any benefits.

Now think again! Brian Edmondson, one of the top 20 JV partners for Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Launch even though he has a list of only 1,286 subscribers would tell you differently. Inside his interview ’15K in 7 Days’, he reveals some of his list building tactics and how he managed to convert his giveaway subscribers into hot paying customers.

Now, it’s really ultimately what you do with your subscribers when they first sign up and also how you maintain the relationship with them that matters.

With that being said, here are 3 simple tips to maximizing your giveaway marketing efforts:

  • An attractive & unique product: Certainly, you do not want to offer something which is already being offered by others or is widely available. Else, there would be no incentive for people to opt in to get your gift if it’s not unique. Furthermore, your product has to offer people a reasonable amount of value.
  • A landing page that converts: Of course, you would want to put up a landing page that converts and make people want to sign up. Your gift might be attractive but if your landing page is ugly, it will leave a bad impression and affect your subscription rate.
  • A download page that stands out from the rest: This is something which Wonder Kid Jason Kwan of Affiliate Formula Exposed advocates. Now, true enough, many freebie seekers will simply opt in and unsubscribe after getting your gifts. However, if your download page is one of a kind and you are able to stand out from the rest and leave a lasting impression, you can bet your subscriber want to remain on your list. Some of the ways you can make your download page stand out includes adding a video or audio clip walking them through the gifts they are receiving or giving a brief intro of yourself and why they should listen to you. I’m sure you can think of many others so be creative!

With that being said, what is so special about Will’s Summer Boot Sale? Apart from what the normal giveaway offers, it has several more features:

  • Advertising #1. Most giveaways concentrate on giving away free stuff. Well, the Summer Boot Sale isn’t called the Summer Boot Sale for nothing.. Inside the site is a special mechanism that allows JV partners (you!) to write a PPC style ad that is rotated inside the site to all members. You’re getting free advertising to potentially thousands of hungry marketers looking to find tools to and products support their business.
  • Insider Buzz Data #2. He also included a search feature, so members can more easily find the gifts they want. The great thing is, he’s making the search data available to you – so you can see exactly what people are looking for and capitalize on that information by targeting your gift to those people for maximum signups. Not only that, but you can also see what’s hot and what’s not right now, and so plan your next product launch accordingly!
  • $$$ Commissions! #3. You can of course earn money by referring members to the site. As a JV partner you will be granted a single advert placement at no cost, but members can upgrade their accounts to be able to place ads for a small fee. Any members that you refer who upgrade will earn you a commission, which will be paid into your PayPal account.

Alright, just go ahead and sign up if you wish to build your list and earn some commissions. But do remember to put the above tips into use!

This is the link you can use to sign up >>

Now you need to sign up through this link as this is a special JV contributor’s link. If you go to the main website now, you can only sign up as a member without having the ability to upload your gifts.

So all the best with your giveaway marketing efforts!


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